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Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas (Juan López Moctezuma, Mexico, 1978)
Amor Bandido (Bruno Barreto, Brazil, 1982)
Amor e Traição (Pedro Camargo, 1979)
Amor libre (Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, Mexico, 1979)
Amor Maldito (Adélia Sampaio, Brazil, 1984)
Amor Voraz (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1984)
Amor, Palavra Prostituta (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1982)
Amore libero - Free Love (Pier Ludovico Pavoni, 1974)
Amore mio non farmi male (Vittorio Sindoni, Italy, 1974)
Amori, letti e tradimenti (Alfonso Brescia, Italy, 1975)
Anakan mo ako (Humilde 'Meek' Roxas, Philippines, 1999)
Ang babaeng putik (Rico Maria Ilarde, Philippines, 2000)
Ángel negro (Tulio Demicheli, Mexico, 1978)

Black Angel is a Spanish/Mexican production filmed in Colombia. It has a distinct "tourist board" feel about it. Who would have thought it was such a lovely country, maybe a nice place for a holiday if the cartels promised to stand down the execution gangs for two weeks in July.

Only daughter of a well-to do family Sandra Mozarowsky is having the usual teenage problems, but then her father is murdered at home in mysterious circumstances. It's a revenge thriller basically. You could call it a Latin giallo at a pinch, but it lacks the required atmosphere of paranoia.

The tone seems like a typical teen drama at first. Dubious young men, motorbikes, discotheques and that. But then the first boob pops out. It's an older woman's too, an embarrassing accident while grappling with Sandra on the couch. From then on Sandra herself begins to be discovered unclothed, under showers, in swimming pools, those sorts of places.

Sandra was one of the most captivatingly beautiful young actresses of her era, but the lighting and make-up people often don't do her justice here. It tends to reveal her weak points, such as her figure being neither curvy nor pert. Together with the uninspiring plot this makes the film far from a winner, but for Sandra's fans it's still a must.

Cineymax Spain link

Angi Vera (Pál Gábor, Hungary, 1980)
Anima - Symphonie phantastique (Titus Leber, Austria, 1981)

Anima - Symphonie phantastique is a lavish visual accompaniment to the symphony by Hector Berlioz. The protagonist is a young army officer of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Against him is pitted Anima, the female principle, embodied by the ferociously handsome Charo López at the height of her mature seductive powers.

The imagery is unsubtly Freudian: our hero polishes the barrel of his pistol seated in the lap of a giant stone goddess and wears his mother's wedding dress next to his skin, and that's just for starters. But it's all a little tongue in cheek no doubt. One image is particularly striking and original: bare-breasted Anima as a sphinx-like sewing-machine dominating the city skyline. And it makes perfect sense - if you grew up a lady's white laced boot and foot treadle fetishist.

Overall this is a fascinating and splendidly entertaining work seeped in a powerful erotic atmosphere, and has (along with the director's other works) been unjustly overlooked.

IMDb link

Animales racionales (Eligio Herrero, Spain, 1983)
Anime perse (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 2010)
Anjo Loiro (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1973)
Anjos do Arrabalde (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1987)
Anna Petrovna (Inessa Seleznyova, Soviet Union, 1989)
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