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Films with clips: titles beginning with Z

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Zakat (Aleksandr Zeldovich, Soviet Union, 1991)
Zateryannyy v Sibiri (Aleksandr Mitta, Soviet Union, 1992)

Lost in Siberia is a would-be harrowing historical drama made by Russians with the help of British funding. It tells of an English archaeologist arrested by the KGB while on a dig in Iran, and how he ended up in Stalin's wintry Gulag.

It's a typical example of the end of the Soviet era. Traditional Russian prudishness gives way to an excess of nudity and violence ( cf. Fiofaniya, risuyushchaya smert).

Part of the mess can be understood by considering the motivations of its producer and star Anthony Andrews. He seemed set for a career in stuffy costume drama (eg. Brideshead Revisited) but never quite made the A-list. The script sets out to make him look the tortured hero to a ridiculous degree. Outlandish rescue fantasies abound: bringing people back from the dead he does before breakfast. He might even have worked in saving the Titanic from hitting that iceberg if it hadn't been an anachronism.

As the camp nurse Elena Mayorova adds a certain weight and an elegant masculine beauty. But overall the film can't be saved from being a clichéd and thoroughly disagreeable experience, notable for some questionable nakedness and ugly hatchet-in-the-head violence.

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Zazdrosc i medycyna (Janusz Majewski, Poland, 1973)
Zdjecia próbne (Jerzy Domaradzki, Poland, 1977)
Zelazna reka (Ryszard Ber, Poland, 1989)
Zelená vlna (Václav Vorlícek, Czechoslovakia, 1982)
Zero zycia (Roland Rowinski, Poland, 1988)
Zerschlagene Liebe (Dagmar Wittmers, East Germany, 1988)
Zhena kerosinshchika (Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy, Soviet Union, 1991)
Zoeken naar Eileen (Rudolf van den Berg, Netherlands, 1987)
Zorn (Gunnar Hellström, Sweden, 1994)
Zünd an, es kommt die Feuerwehr (Rainer Simon, East Germany, 1978)
Zweite Folge (Günter Stahnke, 1990)
Zycie wewnetrzne (Marek Koterski, Poland, 1987)
Zygfryd (Andrzej Domalik, Poland, 1987)
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