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Pad Italije (Lordan Zafranovic, Yugoslavia, 1981)
Pafnucio Santo (Rafael Corkidi, Mexico, 1977)
Palac (Tadeusz Junak, Poland, 1980)
Palácio de Vênus (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1980)
Pane, burro e marmellata (Giorgio Capitani, Italy, 1977)
Papaya dei Caraibi (Joe D'Amato, Italy, 1978)

Papaya of the Caribbean is typical D'Amato hackwork in which Sirpa Lane and her rugged male companion get into hot water with literal femme fatale Papaya (Melissa Chimenti) over their plans to build a nuclear power plant on her tiny island.

People take their clothes off a lot, especially the younger women. Indoors. On the beach. You name it. Not very explicitly, though there is a little blood and guts. Some editions of the film have "Cannibals" in the title, a theme that is barely touched upon. You see a couple of pig carcasses butchered, though this motif is more sinisterly used when searching for a young female character gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

Sadly D'Amato fails to exploit the other lurid but predictable situations as well. The photography is as pretty as you'd expect but lacks intimacy, with the human figures looking distant and lonely in the frame. So the viewer does not engage with the actresses, especially since they never do anything startlingly lustful and kinky. Well except for Papaya and certain "unpleasant" stuff with her knife (and teeth). Overall then this film is a bit of a wash-out.

MYmovies Italy link

Paperitähti (Mika Kaurismäki, Finland, 1989)
Parad planet (Vadim Abdrashitov, Soviet Union, 1986)

Parade of the Planets is a slow-moving philosophical drama from the Soviet Union. The synopsis says it's about male bonding, which is believable, if vague. Veteran Russian soldiers battle a tank across a river with a field gun. So well that they are given leave as a reward. They find themselves in a town full of young women, then in a forest of old women.

That's about it really. It seems on the shallow and pretentious side, though some of the set-pieces are moderately haunting. The highlight is the midnight scene where the old soldiers swim through a lake full of naked lovelies only to camp on an island without them. Darkly humorous, and a sign we're not to take things too seriously.

Kino Teatr Russia link

Paradis pour tous (Alain Jessua, France, 1982)

Paradise for All is an easy-going French satire in the mould of the director's other lightly dystopian sci-fi works. Essentially a comedy of manners, it's the story of a new psychological treatment called 'flashage', and its success (or otherwise) on its first subject, an insurance salesman just about due for a mid-life crisis.

Flashage means happiness through the end of anxiety and an extreme live-and-let-live attitude, an equanimity that comes to border on callous indifference. When people shed their inhibitions, naturally their clothes soon follow, as is evident amongst the growing circle of thirty-something fellow patients.

There's plenty of nudity right from the start, but toned down to the point of insipidness. The pool party here is a shadow of the notorious 'seaweed sauna' in the same director's Shock Treatment. It's an interesting scene though, as you get to see which of the ladies in the ensemble are shy and which are not (spoiler: most of them keep on their bras and pants).

Cinema Francais link

Paradiso Blu (Joe D'Amato, Italy, 1980)
Paranóia (Antônio Calmon, Brazil, 1976)
Parapsycho - Spektrum der Angst (Peter Patzak, West Germany, 1975)
Parranda (Gonzalo Suárez, Spain, 1977)
Pasión prohibida (Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1982)
Patty, a Mulher Proibida (Luiz Gonzaga dos Santos, Brazil, 1979)
Peccati a Venezia (Amasi Damiani, Italy, 1980)
Pedro Canhoto, o Vingador Erótico (Raffaele Rossi, Brazil, 1973)
Pengene eller livet (Henning Carlsen, Denmark, 1982)
Pensione Amore - SerVizio completo (Luigi Russo, Italy, 1979)
Pensione paura (Francesco Barilli, Italy, 1978)
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