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Ma mère (Christophe Honoré, France, 2004)
Maa on syntinen laulu (Rauni Mollberg, Finland, 1973)
Madame Claude 2 (François Mimet, France, 1981)

French soft erotica based on the simple premise of a high-class Madame sending her girls out on one last round of business. We follow the assignation of each girl in turn basically.

Nothing wrong with the set-up, it's just very dull. The costumes and sets look expensive but in a tacky 'eighties way. The photography is bland, and the girls lack personality. And the situations are just kinky enough to be questionable without being perverse enough to be stimulating. Example: a millionaire on his private jet smacks up a lingerie model with a riding crop without taking her pants down first.

AlloCine France link

Madame X - Eine absolute Herrscherin (Tabea Blumenschein, West Germany, 1978)
Magnat (Filip Bajon, Poland, 1987)
Malabestia (Leonida Leoncini, Italy, 1978)

Malabestia is an Italian comedy following the mishaps of various visitors to Rome.

Haughty and frigid Inga Alexandrova is trapped in an unhappy marriage marked by bitter rows of such monotonous regularity her young teenage daughter is driven from the hotel to fend for herself in the big city. She takes up with a "holy fool" type who shows her the sights, including a macabre tour of the catacombs. Still, I suppose she's in safe enough hands, and it keeps her out of mischief while her mum and dad are at the divorce lawyers. A disappointingly clothed Femi Benussi is another of the "colourful" Roman characters she meets.

Meanwhile, in an entirely separate part of the city - effectively another world entirely - an almost perpetually naked Sirpa Lane is moving from bathroom to bedroom and back again to the consternation of a callow young man who never knows which way to look.

This seems not so much an episodic comedy as two separate failed films spliced together and marketed as a Confessions-style sex romp - in desperation.

IMDb link

Malombra (Bruno Gaburro, Italy, 1984)
Man at the Top (Mike Vardy, UK, 1973)
Mania (Giorgos Panousopoulos, Greece, 1985)
Mann gegen Mann (Kurt Maetzig, East Germany, 1976)
Más allá del deseo (José Antonio Nieves Conde, Spain, 1976)

From the immediate post-Franco years in Spain, Beyond Desire is one of those unhappy hybrids that flourished briefly before erotic filmmakers were comfortable in letting it all hang out: a storyline that could only appeal to women is used as an excuse for nude scenes that could only appeal to men.

María Luisa San José dies tragically in a car accident, and her artist lover is left to piece together the mystery behind her. That's about it really. Very dull and predictable, but there are four lovely ladies to look at. All with overly-waxed complexions that make them hard to tell apart at first. It turns out there's more than one who wears glasses for instance (Isabel Mestres has a lovely pair but she exists solely to slip away in a freezing garret it seems).

María Luisa gets to rub her naked crotch up and down a sofa cushion while pretending she's just making herself comfy, and Patricia Granada also contributes some playfully erotic undressing scenes. Both are attractive but a little lacking in passion. You can also see some 'Spanish nudity' - a legacy from the censorship era when actresses would slip into bed naked while managing not to show a single nipple. A bit of an annoyance after you've already seen more revealing scenes.

Cineymax Spain link

ICAA Cinespanol link

Más fina que las gallinas (Jesús Yagüe, Spain, 1977)
Massagem for Men (José Adalto Cardoso, Brazil, 1983)
Mazepa (Gustaw Holoubek, 1976)

Mazepa is an adaptation of a play set in the Polish court of the 17th Century. Somewhat old-fashioned in tone, it's lavish with the traditional genre trappings: swashbuckling, royal balls, princesses in towers and the like. Often it takes a good thing too far: honest folk being walled up, thrown into dungeons etc.; it's absurdly over-melodramatic to be blunt.

Magdalena Zawadzka plays the young married noblewoman whose pursuit by three suitors leads to tragedy. Each one's a cliché: an ineffectual Prince Charming type, a Cossack (the eponymous Mazepa, who at least sounds like something along the right lines), and an ageing dandy. This last pathetic creature, a bust-nuzzler par excellence, provides some comic relief. He takes a frilly from the noblewoman's 'pants drawer' and pretends to think it's a cover for the budgie cage. So for anyone looking for tips on how to amuse and divert a young lady in her bedchamber: look elsewhere.

Film Polski link

Me siento extraña (Enrique Martí Maqueda, Spain, 1977)
Meine Frau Inge und meine Frau Schmidt (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1985)

My Wife Inge and My Mistress Schmidt is a ménage à trois comedy from East Germany. It's a twist on the old joke that under Communism even wives were rationed. True: the cream of the proletariat were issued with two. And the barmaids looked like Ursula Werner and would even put you up when you were in the doghouse. They didn't call it the Workers' Paradise for nothing.

Our hero is still tolerably young, rugged, and capable. His wife is Viola Schweizer, a handsome, brisk and self-possessed woman who becomes increasingly scatty as events unfold. The unlikely mistress is Katrin Saß, a colleague who wears glasses and works in stores. In turn she grows in confidence and allure as she reluctantly becomes an object of desire.

The comedy is mostly typical of the down-to-earth sanity of the era, the stoic resignation to the (rather minor) woes life throws at one. Unusually there are frequent fantasy sequences picturing the protagonist's hopes and fears. They are mostly about fathering huge numbers of babies. Don't hope for "threesomes" or any unwholesome things like that.

East German films tended to go easy on the sex scenes. Actresses were happily (even frequently) nude if it only meant stepping under the shower. Or preferably going outdoors to jump into a body of standing water. Viola has an uncharacteristically seductive disrobing scene which falls a little short of a full-frontal romp, and Katrin is coyly nude in a quirky outdoor scene.

Overall this is one of the better comedies from a solid if unpretentious genre. link

Memoirs of a Survivor (David Gladwell, UK, 1984)
Mírame con ojos pornográficos (Luis María Delgado, Mexico, 1980)
Mit Leib und Seele (Bernhard Stephan, East Germany, 1988)
Mleczna droga (Andrzej Kondratiuk, Poland, 1991)
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