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Janete (Chico Botelho, Brazil, 1983)
Jaque a la dama (Francisco Rodríguez Fernández, Spain, 1979)

Check to the Queen is a Spanish melodrama set amongst the arty intellectual theatre types of the immediate post-Franco era. While not strictly speaking incompetent it embodies in its dreary self-importance everything wrong with Spanish cinema of that time. It's actually duller than a Carlos Saura film to give a little perspective.

The IMDb keywords might be inviting - suicide | intellectuals | lesbian | female nudity - but it's not the intellectuals who commit suicide. And it's not the lovely Ana Belén who's the lesbian, not is it she who provides the female nudity. That role falls to Concha Velasco, at her most mannish and unappealing.

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Jarretelles roses sur bas noirs (Gérard Loubeau, 1981)
Je, tu, il, elle (Chantal Akerman, France, 1976)
Jedenaste przykazanie (Janusz Kondratiuk, Poland, 1988)
Jeitosa, Um Assunto Muito Particular (Nello De Rossi, Brazil, 1984)
Jennifer (Brice Mack, USA, 1981)
Jentespranget (Knud Leif Thomsen, Norway, 1973)
Jill (Enrique Guevara, Spain, 1978)
Joanna Francesa (Carlos Diegues, Brazil, 1974)
Jogo Duro (Ugo Giorgetti, Brazil, 1985)
Jóvenes amiguitas buscan placer (Ignacio F. Iquino, 1982)
Juanita la Larga (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1982)
Jubilee (Derek Jarman, UK, 1978)
Jugando a papás (Joaquín Coll Espona, Spain, 1978)
Julchen und Jettchen, die verliebten Apothekerstöchter (Erwin C. Dietrich, Switzerland, 1980)

The Amorous Sisters is a sex comedy in the Franco style directed by his long-term associate Erwin C. Dietrich. It's set in an exclusive Swiss finishing school for girls. The plot therefore consists of a string of the first banal masturbatory fantasies to pop into the head of the average red-blooded male.

As well as the usual superannuated schoolgirls stripping on the dorm there's a string of well-endowed males to add comic relief. A typical episode involves inviting a dirty-raincoated flasher to illustrate a lecture on the anatomy of the penis. The sex scenes are moderately explicit without technically being hardcore.

The bad news is there's no communal shower scene. The good news is there's a splendid nude butterfly chase instead, a beautiful outdoor adventure where the girls don't have to feign their enjoyment.

A couple of the stars lift the film above mediocrity. Barbara Moose makes a surprisingly believable schoolmistress, at least with the help of her English voice actress. She only has to start every utterance with "So you see girls..." and end it with "... do be quiet!" to be one hundred percent convincing. And then there's Brigitte Lahaie, perfect as the chief mischief-maker, the girl who always asks the cheeky questions in class and leads the nude pillow fights after lights out.

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Juventud drogada (José Truchado, Spain, 1977)
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