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Gaijin - Os Caminhos da Liberdade (Tizuka Yamasaki, Brazil, 1983)
Gamiani (Ismael González, 1981)
Gelb ist nicht nur die Farbe der Sonne (Rainer Bär, East Germany, 1979)
Gelobt sei, was hart macht (Rolf Thiele, 1972)

Praise Be to What Makes You Hard is an Ancient Grecian-themed diversion from the golden era of West German sex comedies, directed by Rolf Thiele who specialised in these lightweight historical send-ups.

Rivals Sparta and Athens each select their champions to compete at the Olympic Games. There's a satirical edge for Germans here: Sparta is obviously the Communist East, while Athens stands for the decadent West. Surprisingly the film's sympathies seem to veer a little to the Spartan side, if only because their tough young male and female athletes traditionally trained side by side while completely naked.

It's certainly a better film than it could have been. The nods to the classical era (by way of Leni Riefenstahl, credited as not the director) are relatively restrained and elegant. The German sense of humour is what it is; personally I think it's underrated.

The film's main attraction is going to be the regiment of Spartan ladies. Unfortunately there's really just the one of them, though she has some comrades in the background some of whom really look the part. Margot Wahl has a slim boyish figure coupled with an almost-very pretty face (her mouth is droopy), and she's naked almost continually. She's the fasted athlete in Sparta, scampering ahead through the sand as the boys pursue her with their willies bobbing uselessly. The plot inevitably pivots upon willies, in a prurient way.

It's the Athenian contingent who let things down. Sybil Danning is a perfect classical beauty, but she and her two foolish cohorts don't seem to actually strip off at all. They're topless in publicity shots, but if they can be seen nude in the film itself the moment eluded me. In fact all the best nudity seems to be in the athletic scenes; some other promising set-ups are too dark to properly see. Which is, as they say, a bit of a shame. link

Generalprobe (Christa Mühl, East Germany, 1982)
Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald (Maximilian Schell, West Germany, 1979)
Geschichten vom Kübelkind (Edgar Reitz, West Germany, 1971)
Giallo a Venezia (Mario Landi, Italy, 1979)
Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene (Francesco Degli Espinosa, Italy, 1975)
Glaza (Valentin Khovenko, Russia, 1992)
Glen and Randa (Jim McBride, USA, 1976)
Gli occhi freddi della paura (Enzo G. Castellari, Italy, 1971)
Gloria mundi (Nikos Papatakis, France, 1976)
Gloria, Gloria Labandera (Ed Palmos, Philippines, 1997)
Glück im Hinterhaus (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1980)
Gorzka milosc (Czeslaw Petelski, Poland, 1993)
Gosti iz galaksije (Dusan Vukotic, Yugoslavia, 1981)
Greta - Haus ohne Männer (Jesús Franco, Canada, 1977)
Große Liebe gesucht (Peter Vogel, East Germany, 1989)

True Love Wanted is a made-for-TV drama from East Germany. It stars Annette Gleichmann as a schoolgirl looking for romance, happiness and a sensible career path all at the same time. Events revolve around her love for singing and dressing-up. Should she pursue her dream and go on the stage?

The director Peter Vogel was one of East Germany's more interesting talents, though he only ever worked in television. You can be sure he put in plenty of weighty material to mull over, but the audience needs to be of that time and place to appreciate it. Outsiders are left with routine coming-of-age woes with intermittent bursts of bland westernised ensemble song and dance numbers.

The film is slickly put together and the camera is in love with its star. She's one of those not-quite-ugly little urchins who always looks rather lost; the viewer wants to reach in and lift her out. The dates say she was too old for the role, but doesn't look it. Perhaps it was made a few years earlier and had its first broadcast delayed.

TMDb link

Gu-Ga (Villen Novak, Soviet Union, 1989)
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