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(Where an actress's age is not known - and many are not - a search specifying an age will not find her.)

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(Scenes are rated mostly according to how much nudity is shown: 1=a token glimpse, 2=good view of breasts or bum, 3=more than just topless, 4=full-frontal, 5=nothing hidden. A single bonus star may be awarded or taken away according to personal preference.)

Tagged with keyword
ANY tag(together with keyword skinny-dip)
accidentalNude by accident.angerClearly angry while nude.animalAn animal is involved in a nude scene.answering-doorAnswering the door nude.
armourNudity in contact with a suit of armour, a spacesuit or nude model posing for an art class.bandageNude with a bandage or plaster cast.barnA nude scene takes place in a barn or similar place unfit for human habitation.
bashfulShyly covering herself with hands, towels, clothes, potted plants etc. without actually dressing.bathWashing in a bath of any kind.beachNudity on a beach.beatenAn actress is slapped, beaten or man-handled while nude or vulnerable.
bed-hoppingJumping from one bed to another for sex, or illicitly visiting a lover in the night.bidetNudity while using a bidet or similar arrangement.big-knickersWearing full-sized underpants.birthNudity in a birth scene, real or fake.
black-and-whiteNudity in a scene filmed in monochrome.blindNudity as a blind girl (or woman).blind-witnessAn actress is 'seen' nude by a blind person.bloodNude while spattered with blood.
boaUsing a feather boa to part cover her nudity.bodyhandlingA nude dead body is carried or otherwise manipulated.bodypaintBodypaint on naked flesh.bondageAn actress submits to being bound or shackled for erotic stimulation.
bootsExposing bare flesh while wearing boots.bottomlessClothed on top but nude below the waist.brideA bride is featured.brothelA scene is set in a brothel.
carriedPhysically carried while nude.catfightTwo women fighting.cavegirlNudity as a cavegirl or similar prehistoric character.chambermaidA chambermaid in uniform undresses.
chasedChased or menaced by some hostile person or thing while nude.chastity-beltAn actress is locked in a chastity belt or similar.classroomNudity in a classroom or lecture theatreclothes-magicked-offClothes are removed by secret powers of magic or science.
clothes-repurposedRemoving clothes to serve another use, such as using a bra to lash together a raft.coffinA nude woman lies in a while being cooked in a pot.corpseA female corpse is naked.
corpsingAn actress nearly breaks into laughter during a nude scene, or plays up to the camera.cuddly-toyNudity while holding a dolly, teddy bear, or other cuddly toy.dancingDancing nude, alone or in a group.decameroticIn the style of Boccaccio's Decameron.
degradationDegraded while undressed.disabledNudity playing a physically disabled character.disrobingRemoving a gown or towel to be naked in one movement.doggySex doggy style.
domesticAllowing someone to see her undressed simply because they are members of the same household.dormitoryNudity on a shared dormitorydownblouseA view of breasts thanks to loose or open clothing. dressedDressed by another person.
dressingNudity seen while putting on clothes.druggedNude while rendered less capable due to being drugged.drying-clothesClothes are removed in order to dry them.eatingEating while nude.
EgyptianNudity in an ancient Egyptian setting.EveNudity playing Eve, as in Adam and Eve.fatNudity by a clearly fat actress.fatherA father sees his daughter nude.
fearNude while clearly afraid or trying to evade some danger.filmedA nude scene is seen being filmed.finger-sniffingSniffs of fingers after sexual contact.fingeringActual contact of her own or someone else's fingers with an actress's vagina.
firesideA nude scene takes place by the fireside.first-timeSex for the first time.flasherA male flasher exposes himself to an actress.flashingFlashing or teasing one or more people.
foodFood or drink is used for erotic pleasure.full-frontalClear full frontal nudity.gardenNude in a private garden.geishaThe actress plays a geisha girl.
glassesNudity while wearing glasses.GoldilocksPlaying at Goldilocks, ie. sleeping nude in someone's bed or other private place as a 'surprise'.groupThree or more women undressed together.hairyNude showing a remarkable amount of body hair.
hammockNudity in a hammock.hangingNude while hanging by the neck.haremA nude scene takes place in a harem.hidingHiding (in a wardrobe say) when in the nude.
hitchhikerNudity from a hitchhiker.horsebackNude riding a horse.horseplayMock wrestling or rough games of chase or slap and tickle.hosedHosed down by a garden hose or (eg. for prison rioters) a fire hose.
hospitalNude scene set in a hospital.houseworkAn actress performs housework or menial domestic tasks while nude.humiliationHumiliated or simply laughed at while nude.inductionUndressed for a search or examination while entering a prison or institution.
injectionEnduring an injection in the buttocks as part of medical treatment.insectAn insect, worm or other creepy-crawly is seen on naked flesh.instrumentNudity while playing a musical instrument.interruptedSomeone spoils her lovemaking or other private affairs by interrupting.
intruderSomeone breaks into a private place and finds an actress nude.jungleNudity in a jungle.kimonoThe actress wears a kimono.lesbianLesbian petting or sex.
lingerieNudity after removing elaborate lingerie.Little-Red-Riding-HoodNudity from a character inspired by the fairy tale.massageNudity while receiving a massage.masturbationReal or simulated female masturbation.
mediaevalTorture and squalour set between classical times and the enlightenment.mental-handicapA mentally handicapped character is nude.mirrorAn actress undresses while looking at herself in the mirror.mistaken-identityNude in front of a person only because she thought it was someone else.
molestedGroped or otherwise sexually assaulted against her will.mortuaryNudity lying on a slab in a mortuary.motherNudity as a mother in front of her child.motorbikeNude on a motorbike.
muddyNude while partly covered with mud, soil, or sand.musicMusical accompaniment adds to the enjoyment of a nude scene.nature-spiritNudity as a wood or water nymph, or similar mythical actress is evidently wearing no knickers.
nurseA prominent character is a nurse.objectifiedThe actress is treated as if she had the same feelings as a lump of meat.officeNudity in an office or private study.oralReal or simulated oral sex of any kind.
outdoorNudity out of doors, not necessarily with people watching.paddingWalking quietly so as not to disturb someone.pant-sniffingSniffing of her underpants by herself or another.parents-interruptHaving to hide or dress hurriedly due to the unexpected arrival of a parent or older relative.
patientThe actress is a patient of a doctor or nurse, or home practitioner.peeingAn actress is seen apparently urinating.pettingPhysical affection short of sex.phoneNude while talking on the telephone.
poolsideA nude scene takes place by the side of a swimming pool, indoors or out.posingPosing nude for an artist or photographer.possessionThe actress is possessed by demons.pregnantNude while visibly pregnant.
prisonerThe actress is held in a prison or reformatory.prostituteNudity while playing a prostitute.pubic-trimPubic hair trimmed or shaved by herself or another.publicNudity in (or visible from) a public place.
rainNudity in the rain.rapeNude in a rape scene.ritualA magical, tribal or religious ritual is featured.RomanNudity set in Rome or Greece during the classical era.
runningA nude actress is seen running.SatanismNudity in the context of Satanic practices.saunaA scene set in a sauna or bathhouse.scarredExposed flesh is scarred by injury or disease.
seductressThe actress takes the lead in seducing a man.see-thruAn actress shows bare flesh through her clothes.seizureHaving some sort of fit or seizure while nude.self-harmThe actress inflicts pain upon or damages herself while nude.
sexReal or simulated sex of any kind.sharkingDragging down or removing the victim's clothes in a public place.shavedThe actress's pubic hair is entirely shaved.shirtWearing a man's shirt and little or nothing else.
showerNudity under the shower or in a shower room.sitting-on-floorSitting with her bare buttocks on the floor.sixty-nineSex in the sixty nine position.skinny-dipNude swimming for fun in a place where it is not encouraged.
sleepingShowing some nudity while asleep.sleepwalkSleepwalking in the nude.smokingAn actress smokes while nude.snowNudity in snowy or icy conditions.
soap-sudssoapsudsNude flesh partially draped in soapsuds.socksWearing little or nothing else but socks.spaA nude scene takes place in a health spa or sauna.
spankingAn actress is spanked while undressed.sportA nude scene with a sporting theme.stablesA scene takes place in a stable for horses.stageNude during a play-within-the-film.
strippedAn actress is forcibly stripped by others or forced to undress herself against her will.stripteaseStripping in a fun or erotic way for a private or public audience of one or more.sucklingFeeding a baby or other actor at her breast.sunbathingTopless or nude sunbathing.
swimmingNude while swimming (not just wading or splashing).swingNudity on a garden swing, rope or similar.tearfulShedding tears, or being on the verge of it, while nude.threesomeSex involving three people.
tin-tubTaking a bath in a simple tub made of tin or wood.toe-suckerShe sucks someone's toe while nude.torturedSuffering some sort of torture while nude.trainNudity on a train.
treeNudity up a tree.tubbyA nude actress has a body that is a little fat and shapeless.two-womenTwo women seen undressed where they can see each other.undeadNude as a vampire, lich or zombie.
underwaterA nude scene with the camera and subject underwater.undressedA woman is undressed by another person.undressingA woman seen removing most or all of her clothes.uniformHer police or other official uniform is removed.
vehicleNudity inside a vehicle.veilNudity with her face partly hidden by a veil.violatorA nude woman attacks or molests another person.violenceA woman suffers severe violence or is murdered while undressed.
vomitNudity while vomiting, explicit or implied.voodooNudity mixed with voodoo practices.voyeurA woman spies upon sex or nudity, or is spied upon herself.washingAn actress exposes flesh while washing herself or being washed by another.
waterfallA nude scene takes place by a waterfall.weaponNude while holding a knife, gun or other lethal weapon.wet-clothesWearing clothes that are wet, clingy and maybe see-through.windowNudity at a window where it may be witnessed by others.
witchNude as a suspected (or real) witch.workoutNudity while performing exercises or physical labour at home or in the gym.yachtNudity on a yacht or small sailing or rowing boat.

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