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Paradis pour tous (Alain Jessua, France, 1982)

Featuring Muriel Montossé, Fanny Cottençon, Caroline Berg, Jeanne Goupil, Patrick Dewaere, Jacques Dutronc, Stéphane Audran, Patrice Kerbrat, Pierre Hatet, Stéphane Bouy, Francis Lemaire and Thalie Frugès

Paradise for All is an easy-going French satire in the mould of the director's other lightly dystopian sci-fi works. Essentially a comedy of manners, it's the story of a new psychological treatment called 'flashage', and its success (or otherwise) on its first subject, an insurance salesman just about due for a mid-life crisis.

Flashage means happiness through the end of anxiety and an extreme live-and-let-live attitude, an equanimity that comes to border on callous indifference. When people shed their inhibitions, naturally their clothes soon follow, as is evident amongst the growing circle of thirty-something fellow patients.

There's plenty of nudity right from the start, but toned down to the point of insipidness. The pool party here is a shadow of the notorious 'seaweed sauna' in the same director's Shock Treatment. It's an interesting scene though, as you get to see which of the ladies in the ensemble are shy and which are not (spoiler: most of them keep on their bras and pants).

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