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Szerokiej drogi, kochanie (Andrzej Jerzy Piotrowski, Poland, 1972)

Featuring Malgorzata Niemirska, Anna Dymna, Wienczyslaw Glinski, Leon Niemczyk, Witold Pyrkosz, Jerzy Janeczek, Halina Miller, Zbigniew Dobrzynski, Stanislaw Wojciech Malec and Jan Peszek

Nice Journey, Darling is a perversely amusing psychological drama in the grungey Polish style which against all odds turns out to be a slow-burning erotic masterpiece.

We open with a middle-aged man and (presumably) his secretary driving off on a sunny day for a dirty weekend together. Their appalling roadcraft represents the forces of anarchy, with ineffectual authority personified by a roadside policeman eating an ice cream. It's much in the style of the subversive Western cinema of the time, or rather a year or two before; the lively and provocative Malgorzata Niemirska models herself on the typical Italian trollop.

After a token roll in a summer meadow events take a downturn into a characteristically dark and shambolic Polish state of affairs when the car breaks down. It has to be drawn to the repair shop by horse to give an idea of the isolation and rusty ramshackleness of the place. So the illicit lovers have to spend the night amongst strangers, where the sleeping arrangements make erotic dalliances massively inconvenient.

The production is slick with unobtrusively mobile camerawork building an absorbing atmosphere. Malgorzata is a sexy number indeed, with just the right degree of the common touch. But the garage owner has a teenage niece, played by the entrancing Anna Dymna. She has such an extraordinarily alluring aura of witchery about her she can be almost horrifying to watch. It's hard to think of a performance from anyone anywhere to match it.

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