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Velluto nero (Brunello Rondi, 1976)

Featuring Laura Gemser, Annie Belle, Ziggy Zanger, Al Cliver, Gabriele Tinti, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., Nieves Navarro and Tarek El Nahry

Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle is an Italian production set in Eqypt in the mildly pretentious travelogue vein. It seems to be about a mother (Nieves Navarro) and her two lovely but wayward daughters. There's a mysterious older geezer of the "guru" type, though perhaps he's just the closest they could find to a responsible family member to lumber with keeping the girls out of bother.

The black half of the title is represented by Laura Gemser, the white by the tomboyish Annie Belle. Both are very pretty and thoroughly charming young ladies and you dearly hope they hit it off together, hold hands and giggle, that sort of thing. And indeed they do: behind the closing titles they do something so girlishly delightful you'd gladly have foregone the previous hour and a half just for that half minute.

That's a hint at what's wrong with the film: overall too dull and insipid with little but slow formulaic sexual encounters and no development of character. Which is hardly a surprise.

Laura is paired with a fanatically boorish photographer type who likes to photograph her naked next to the rotting dead bodies of animals and even people. It's a shame this transgressive angle wasn't pushed harder; there's a rather good moment at a "seance" (or whatever) where Laura is covered with blood and threatens to go completely bonkers, but doesn't.

Annie has a sister of the "taunting nympho" variety played by Ziggy Zanger who has a memorable scene playfully lifting her skirt in the desert but contributes little else. There's also some third-party nudity of a predictable kind.

The location photography is decent but suffers from being widescreen, keeping the action static with acres of empty space in the frame. The mellow soundtrack, though not A-grade by Italian standards, fits the theme nicely.

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