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Víkendszerelem (Imre Mihályfi, 1982)

Featuring Vera Pap, Teri Tordai, Ferenc Bács, István Dégi, Eszter Kenyeres, József Székhelyi, Mátyás Usztics, Erika Balogh, Ferenc Baracsi, Péter Forgács, Judit Osskó and István Pathó

The Weekend System is a TV drama from Hungary starring Vera Pap as a young provocateuse pouncing on a successful married man in a taxi in the rain, and never letting go.

This chap may be greying, but he's still not the needy type, his wife being the more-than-adequate Teri Tordai. He has a cosy retreat in the country and never has to eat in. You could still live well in a Communist country apparently provided you were prepared to accept a rather lower standard of car and television set.

Vera is the slimmest, prettiest and sexiest number a man of a certain age could hope to be accosted by. Nicely dressed (she prefers figure-hugging denim) and with mannerisms that can be both charmingly provocative and innocent. Her tastes aren't as inexpensive as they might have been (vodka and ice cream as opposed to freshly picked daises for instance) but still there's no obvious reason to brush her aside. So too good to be true then. A psycho. Certainty.

There's more than one sexy lady in this short feature, but never mind those, or indeed the plot, it's just a plain hymn to Vera. link

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