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Do krwi ostatniej (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 1978)

Featuring Anna Dymna, Marek Lewandowski, Jerzy Trela, Henryk Bista, Tomasz Borkowy, Jerzy Braszka, Lidiya Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Andrzej Gloskowski, Boleslaw Idziak, Eugeniusz Kaminski, Andro Kobaladze and Marek Nowakowski

To the Last Blood is a Polish drama serial also available edited down to feature length. It's a big-budget heavyweight telling of the stories of a small collection of Polish exiles who join an army division to fight the Nazis alongside the Red Army, and of the manoeuverings of the top brass behind the scenes.

Anna Dymna is a nurse and thus chief romantic interest; she can be seen tastefully nude in the third episode of the television version. The younger male leads are too ineffectual for anyone looking for heroes with whom to identify. Perhaps that's the point, who knows. The production is certainly lavish, but very uneven as to focus and pace.

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