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La mujer de la tierra caliente (José María Forqué, 1978)

Featuring Laura Gemser, Sara Mora, Amel Amor, Paola Senatore, Stuart Whitman, Pilar Velázquez, Francisco Algora, Antonio Gamero, Enrique Alzugaray, Gabriele Tinti, Javier Loyola and Carlos Muñoz

Woman from a Torrid Land is a Spanish production set in the wilds of Venezuela. A rugged prospector type rather implausibly joins Laura Gemser upriver for some heart-to-hearts about their respective love lives. It's an unusually muddled affair, partly due to being structured around flashbacks, but mainly because decisions in the editing suite have predictably centred around highlighting the nude scenes.

Pilar Velázquez is handsome and sometimes vulnerable, but never exactly alluring. Laura is her usual charming self, dressing down in a poncho and gaucho hat - worth noting if you collect her outfits à la Barbie doll. But fans of her traditional Javanese style (flower in the hair etc.) will enjoy a memorable humorous vignette with an old chap with a wooden leg. This is the only scene that really inspires. Paola Senatore and Amel Amor flesh out the nudity with one-off full-frontal strips.

Overall a tolerably well photographed but dull and confusing erotic adventure.

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