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Die liebestollen Baronessen (Alexis Neve, 1970)

Featuring Andrea Rau, Solvi Stubing, Barbara Capell, Marianne Lebeau, Frank Glaubrecht, Knut Reschke, Thomas Danneberg, Ingrid Steeger, Franz-Otto Krüger, Fred Howe, Will Kleg and Harry Riebauer

The Lovestruck Baroness is a summery outdoor comedy featuring the romantic misadventures of three young girls in and out of their bikinis. The budget is pitifully low but the girls themselves are a well-moneyed bunch. A typical "joke" features the butler fetching drinks only for the glasses to rattle on their silver platter when he sees one young lady has taken her top off in the meantime.

It's an old-fashioned and pretty drab affair despite the sunshine and smiles. There's a close approach to an amusing running joke when the titular posh lady gets trapped in a chastity belt. The three naughty girls commissioned it specially from the blacksmith. Topless. Which was the highlight.

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