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Grazyna Trela

Reviews and pictures of actress Grazyna Trela naked in "Trójkat bermudzki", "To tylko rock" and "Luk Erosa".
Grazyna Trela

Born: 1958   Country: Poland

A Polish actress with a slim dancer's physique, she successfully turned to screenwriting after a patchy career in front of the camera.

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Wielki Szu (Sylwester Checinski, Poland, 1983) (as Dorota Jarek s Wife aged 25)

Seksmisja (Juliusz Machulski, Poland, 1984) (aged 26)

# To tylko rock (Pawel Karpinski, Poland, 1984) (featuring Grazyna Trela as Singer Sylwia aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Krystyna Janda, Malgorzata Pritulak, Marek Bargielowski, Zbigniew Buczkowski, Winicjusz Chróst, Ryszard Dreger, Barbara Dzido-Lelinska, Alfred Freudenheim, Piotr Fronczewski, Teodor Gendera, Jan Jankowski and Mariusz Jelinski

Grazyna Trela in To tylko rock

During the 'eighties there were lots of groovy Polish rock bands that foreigners were simply too chauvinistic to appreciate. You didn't know that did you? Anyway, this film is about Grazyna, once a singer in an indie band but now being groomed for stardom.

This scene is by way of a light interlude, Grazyna reliving her teenage years with her ex-bandmate and boyfriend as humble visitors to the Gradowa festival, the Polish Glastonbury. Returning to their cosy if severely under-lit hotel room (yes she's a sell-out already) she takes a shower while her young man has phone calls to make. The rippled glass shower door may have been designed for modesty but I like the way it makes Grazyna look hairier. After stepping out to dry herself (considerately taking the time to turn round and close the door gently, incidentally ensuring we don't miss out on a bum shot) she realises, perhaps through subtleties in her young man's body language, she's in trouble. I don't know exactly why, probably ruined both their careers or something.

Tags: full-frontal, shower, tearful


To tylko rock To tylko rock To tylko rock To tylko rock To tylko rock

Przeznaczenie (Jacek Koprowicz, Poland, 1985) (as Maria Zajac aged 27)

C.K. dezerterzy (Janusz Majewski, Hungary, 1986) (aged 28)

# Luk Erosa (Jerzy Domaradzki, Poland, 1988) (featuring Grazyna Trela aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maria Probosz, Jerzy Stuhr, Henryk Bista, Olaf Lubaszenko, Janusz Michalowski, Piotr Machalica, Anna Majcher, Ewa Telega, Kazimierz Kaczor, Elzbieta Karkoszka, Zbigniew Józefowicz and Edward Zentara

Grazyna Trela in Luk Erosa

Polish black comedy about a well-to-do lady of Kraków left with a young son to support when her husband goes missing after the outbreak of the Great War. At least I hope it really is a tasteless send-up and not a 'sensitive emotional drama' or something; these things don't have clear labels attached and it's easy to misjudge the tone. But given the burlesque nature of the sex scenes I reckon we're on pretty safe ground.

With no money to pay the rent Grazyna has only superficial qualms about dropping her drawers for interested 'men of means'. Take the professor in the first compilation for instance. There's no doubt about his sincerity, but he seems to have picked up his seduction technique from observations of over-affectionate labradors.

In the second clip Grazyna outs herself as a 'cradle snatcher' - in more than one sense of the term. Another canine eroticist, the young lad curls up naked beside her bed to go to sleep. At least there's no financial interest this time.

Thirdly, and briefly, Grazyna shows the goods to another helpless older gentleman she hopes will set her up in show business.

Tags: flashing, food, full-frontal, oral, petting, seductress

Gallery 1

Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa

Gallery 2

Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa

Gallery 3

Luk Erosa Luk Erosa Luk Erosa

Bohater roku (Feliks Falk, Poland, 1987) (aged 29)

Pay Off (George Tirl, Sweden, 1987) (aged 29)

Nowy Jork, czwarta rano (Krzysztof Krauze, Poland, 1988) (aged 30)

# Trójkat bermudzki (Wojciech Wójcik, Poland, 1988) (featuring Grazyna Trela aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maria Probosz, Marian Kociniak, Jan Peszek, Leonard Pietraszak, Barbara Soltysik, Jan Jankowski, Marek Lewandowski, Jacek Luczak, Dariusz Siatkowski, Slawomir Maciejewski, Piotr Dejmek and Malgorzata Paruzel

Grazyna Trela in Trójkat bermudzki

Complex Polish noir in which high-maintenance Grazyna is obviously up to a massive amount of no good. Always on the telephone, plotting, plotting, plotting. And this in an age when such things didn't come cheap. No man would sleep with her unless she promised to leave the thing off the hook. But the moment he drops his guard, guess where she goes padding off to? Only pausing at the whisky decanter, one expensive habit after another...

Tags: padding


Trójkat bermudzki Trójkat bermudzki Trójkat bermudzki Trójkat bermudzki Trójkat bermudzki

Zaklad (Teresa Kotlarczyk, Poland, 1990) (as Reporter Magda aged 32)

Powrót wilczycy (Marek Piestrak, Poland, 1990) (as Krystyna Orzelska aged 32)

Pozegnanie jesieni (Mariusz Trelinski, Poland, 1990) (as Zofia Oslabedzka aged 32)

Smierc dziecioroba (Wojciech Nowak, Poland, 1992) (as Wiska aged 34)

Zwolnieni z zycia (Waldemar Krzystek, France, 1992) (aged 34)

Dwa ksiezyce (Andrzej Baranski, Poland, 1993) (aged 35)

La Treizième voiture (Alain Bonnot, France, 1993) (as Natalia aged 35)

Pokuszenie (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1995) (aged 37)

Nic smiesznego (Marek Koterski, Poland, 1995) (aged 37)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Dzieje mistrza Twardowskiego (Krzysztof Gradowski, Poland, 1996) (aged 38)

Slawa i chwala (Poland, 1998) (aged 40)

The Parasite (Marcin Wrona, Poland, 2003) (aged 45)

Moja krew (Marcin Wrona, Poland, 2009) (aged 51)

Chrzest (Marcin Wrona, Poland, 2010) (aged 52)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Klajmax (Grazyna Trela, Poland, 2011) (aged 53)

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