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Lorraine De Selle

Reviews and pictures of actress Lorraine De Selle naked in "KZ9 - Lager di sterminio", "Una donna di notte" and "Blade Violent - I violenti".
Lorraine De Selle

Born: 1951   Country: France

Lorraine was not an obvious choice for Italian exploitation cinema. Her dark, intelligent, slightly mournful looks brought a touch of class to every part she played.

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Carabinieri S01E12: Buon Natale

Noi siam come le lucciole (Giulio Berruti, Italy, 1976) (aged 25)

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Il ginecologo della mutua (Joe D'Amato, Italy, 1977) (as Lover of Mara aged 26)

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# KZ9 - Lager di sterminio (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1977) (featuring Lorraine De Selle as Maria Black aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ria De Simone, Sonia Viviani, Marina Daunia, Ivano Staccioli, Nello Riviè, Gabriele Carrara, Giovanni Attanasio, Monica Nickel, Titti Benvenuto, Eva Hutzar, Gota Gobert and Miriam Gravina

Lorraine De Selle in KZ9 - Lager di sterminio

Perhaps Lorraine was induced into starring in this memorable piece of concentration camp nastiness with the promise that as a doctor she'd be wearing a white coat most of the time. Anyway, she escapes from the camp but is finally caught by the Nazis seeking shelter behind a tree. Her punishment: Kurt! She gives us a brief glimpse of what has so sadly been lost to the razor in modern times.

Tags: full-frontal, hairy, molested, rape, stripped


KZ9 - Lager di sterminio KZ9 - Lager di sterminio KZ9 - Lager di sterminio KZ9 - Lager di sterminio

Dove vai in vacanza? (Italy, 1978) (as The Naked Girl at telephone i (Sarò tutta per te) aged 27)

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Nero veneziano (Ugo Liberatore, Italy, 1978) (as Christine s Friend aged 27)

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I contrabbandieri di Santa Lucia (Alfonso Brescia, Italy, 1979) (as Lorraine aged 28)

Return of the Saint S01E18: Hot Run (Peter Sasdy, 1979) (as Maria aged 28)

Viaggio con Anita (Mario Monicelli, Italy, 1979) (as Jennifer aged 28)

Gardenia, il giustiziere della mala (Domenico Paolella, Italy, 1979) (as Consuelo aged 28)

La liceale seduce i professori (Mariano Laurenti, Italy, 1979) (as Fedora aged 28)

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Tre sotto il lenzuolo (Italy, 1979) (as Wife of Andrea i (Sabato mattina) aged 28)

# Una donna di notte (Nello Rossati, Italy, 1979) (featuring Lorraine De Selle as Bianca Maria aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Franca Mantelli, Otello Belardi, Daniele Vargas, Gino Cassani, Vanni Materassi, Ajita Wilson, Sandro Ghiani, Fabio Maraschi, Angela Belluzzi, Salvatore Furnari, Francesco Bagagli and Monica Nickel

Lorraine De Selle in Una donna di notte

A not-entirely-typical Italian comedy where a lonely bachelor writer is inspired to meet the deadline for his latest potboiler by penning noir-ish fantasies about his mysterious fur-coated neighbour Lorraine.

The first vignette sees Lorraine as a sophisticated society lady taking the sexual initiative with a distinguised older suitor. 'Pull down my knickers with your teeth!' she demands. 'Best to humour the lady I suppose' muses the gentleman, 'and I was going to do that anyway'. But her domineering character holds sway, leaving our anti-hero grovelling on his knees while his Venus fools around with the valet.

The second clip is practically the same, except it stars a wretched young soldier this time, and takes place in a dilapidated lavatory cubicle. By now you may be thinking that if these are the sort of fantasies an author is going to come up with it would be wiser not to even write them down, let alone try to have them published. And besides, I don't think the role of dominatrix really suits Lorraine; there's a distinct girl-in-her-mother's-clothes feel about these scenes. Her mournful features much better suit a bravely suffering victim.

So our hero is back to hammering on his typewriter again, and for a while at least Lorraine is in her element. There's a sad little piece about a dowdy secretary who masturbates under her office desk with a lilly. But no time for that one now. The third clip features a stolid middle-class couple going through a marital breakdown, Lorraine suddenly fleeing across a windswept Atlantic beach (it's almost like French cinema this). She is stopped panting in her tracks by a burly fisherman. A chance encounter that teaches her a valuable life-lesson: never act out masochistic sexual fantasies, they always turn out worse than you expect. (Bit of a conundrum that one.)

Tags: barn, bottomless, flashing, full-frontal, hammock, lingerie, petting, seductress, sex, undressed

Clip 1

Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte

Clip 2

Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte

Clip 3

Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte Una donna di notte

Vacanze per un massacro (Fernando Di Leo, Italy, 1980) (as Paola - sister of Liliana aged 29)

La casa sperduta nel parco (Ruggero Deodato, Italy, 1980) (as Gloria aged 29)

Sam et Sally S02E03: L'avion (Joël Séria, 1980) (as Laura aged 29)

Storia senza parole (Biagio Proietti, Italy, 1981) (aged 30)

Cannibal ferox (Umberto Lenzi, Italy, 1981) (as Gloria Davis aged 30)

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Violenza in un carcere femminile (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1982) (as Head Warden aged 31)

# Blade Violent - I violenti (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1983) (featuring Lorraine De Selle as Colleen aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Laura Gemser, Franca Stoppi, Maria Romano, Françoise Perrot, Antonella Giacomini, Gabriele Tinti, Ursula Flores, Raul Cabrera, Pierangelo Pozzato, Robert Mura, Michael Laurant and Jacques Stany

Lorraine De Selle in Blade Violent - I violenti

Emanuelle goes back to jail in this sequel to Violence in a Women's Prison. Director Mattei seems to have run out of ideas as he not only rolls out all the WiP clichés but mixes in the crazed-convict-siege genre as well.

The result is a bad-on-purpose anti-classic where the most banal dubbed dialogue is a cue for hilarity. Take this comeback from Emanuelle to cellblock hard-nut Ursula Flores: 'I dictate all that goes on, and you'll obey me, hear?!' - 'Give me one good reason.' Good on the girl, trying to talk her way out of a knife in the back at ablutions time. And who's to bet against her succeeding?

Lorraine is back as the Governess, but without her glasses. She's still a very nice lady though. For anyone in doubt, the clip begins with her helping out Emanuelle with a hankie for her nosebleed. I'm going to send her a fan letter: 'You wouldn't mind putting some of this on a cut for us would you luv?' (enclosing a tube of Savlon). And I bet she writes back.

The real point of the clip is the forced-to-strip scene. You don't have to be told this man has just escaped from death row to know he has psycho-sexual problems. You can pick it up from subtle clues in his behaviour. When will he learn that hitting people to achieve short-term goals does nothing but harm to his long-term prospects? The scene tails off mystifyingly abruptly. Probably due to vagueness in the editing suite, but I like to think this is the point Lorraine finally mustered the last of her dignity and walked off the set.

Tags: lingerie, stripped, uniform


Blade Violent - I violenti Blade Violent - I violenti Blade Violent - I violenti Blade Violent - I violenti Blade Violent - I violenti

Ophiria (Italy, 1983) (aged 32)

Wild beasts - Belve feroci (Franco Prosperi, Italy, 1984) (as Laura Schwarz aged 33)

Il santo (Italy, 1984) (aged 33)

Caccia al ladro d'autore S01E02: Il ratto di Proserpina (Duccio Tessari, 1985) (aged 34)

Nessuno torna indietro S01E03: Episode #1.3 (1987) (aged 36)

Nessuno torna indietro S01E02: Episode #1.2 (1987) (aged 36)

Un'australiana a Roma (Sergio Martino, Italy, 1987) (aged 36)

Rally (Italy, 1988) (aged 37)

In punta di cuore (Francesco Massaro, Italy, 1999) (aged 48)

Carabinieri S01E15: Sospetti (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E10: Questione di fiducia (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E01: Due tipi speciali (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E16: Padri (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E11: Adolescenti in fuga (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E23: Emergenza (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E17: Quando c'è l'amore (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E09: Per troppo amore (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E02: Una figlia in arrivo (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E18: Arriva la cicogna (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E21: Le tre sorelle (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E08: Turni di assistenza (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E13: Fuochi (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E19: Giorni di visita (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E22: Linea privata (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E14: Derby (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E07: Golden Goal (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S01E03: Una cinese di nome Gioia (Raffaele Mertes, 2002) (aged 51)

Carabinieri S02E01: La donna scomparsa (2003) (aged 52)

Carabinieri S02E02: Senza ricetta (2003) (aged 52)

Carabinieri S02E16: L'arresto (2003) (aged 52)

Carabinieri S03E12: Furto in biblioteca (2004) (aged 53)

Carabinieri: Sotto copertura (Raffaele Mertes, Italy, 2005) (aged 54)

Carabinieri S04E07: Matrimoni (2005) (aged 54)

La sacra famiglia (Raffaele Mertes, Italy, 2006) (aged 55)

Carabinieri S05E01: Per un'amica (2006) (aged 55)

Carabinieri S05E04: Senza Movente (2006) (aged 55)

Un dottore quasi perfetto (Raffaele Mertes, Italy, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E01: Meglio sole... (Raffaele Mertes, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E13: La minaccia (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E19: Affari di famiglia (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E16: Rubino (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E20: Il viaggio di Ulisse (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E21: Pericolo di vita (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E18: Uno strano furto (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E14: Esclusi gli assenti (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E25: Un affare di cuore (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E24: Una bella sorpresa (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E17: Laura (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E22: Una morte sospetta (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E15: La pista sbagliata (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E26: Pericolo in caserma (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S06E23: La ragazza con il cagnolino (Sergio Martino, 2007) (aged 56)

Carabinieri S07E10: Una presenza inquietante (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E23: Fantasmi del passato (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E28: Pericolo a scuola (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E19: Caccia all'uomo (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E24: Questione di karma (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E22: Non torno a casa (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E26: Luci rosse (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E18: La donna in viola (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E11: Salto nel vuoto (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E17: In vino veritas (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E08: Donne e veleni (Giandomenico Trillo, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E09: Uno strano incidente (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E03: Intimi segreti (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E02: Uno strano sospetto (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E14: Ventiquattro ore (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E13: Missione speciale (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E15: Scomparso (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E25: Furto in sacrestia (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E07: Rapine in villa (Giandomenico Trillo, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E06: Un ring per Giacomo (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E04: Lo sparo (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E20: Il cameriere (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E27: Il caso di Chiara (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E05: Terapie alternative (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E12: La migliore terapia (2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E16: La forza della tradizione (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

Carabinieri S07E01: L'erede (Raffaele Mertes, 2008) (aged 57)

L'oro di Cuba (Giuliano Montaldo, Italy, 2009) (aged 58)

Al di là del lago S01E01: Pilot (Stefano Reali, 2009) (aged 58)

Angeli & diamanti (Italy, 2011) (aged 60)

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