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Angélica Chain

Reviews and pictures of actress Angélica Chain naked in "Chile picante", "El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor" and "41 el hombre perfecto".
Angélica Chain

Born: 1956   Country: Mexico

A full-figured and very outgoing blonde Mexican showgirl who became one of her era's leading stars of lowbrow film and TV.


Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein (Miguel M. Delgado, Mexico, 1974) (as Lilia aged 18)

El padrino... es mi compadre (Raúl de Anda, Mexico, 1975) (aged 19)

Me caiste del cielo (Federico Curiel, Mexico, 1975) (as Gabriela aged 19)

La virgen de Guadalupe (Alfredo Salazar, Mexico, 1976) (as Doña Blanca aged 20)

El alegre divorciado (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1976) (aged 20)

Deseos (Rafael Corkidi, Mexico, 1977) (aged 21)

Lo veo y no lo creo (Alfredo Zacarías, Mexico, 1977) (aged 21)

Pecado de amor (Mexico, 1978) (as Lina aged 22)

El látigo (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Mexico, 1978) (aged 22)

Mataron a Camelia la Texana (Arturo Martínez, Mexico, 1978) (aged 22)

Mil millas al sur (Rodolfo de Anda, Mexico, 1978) (as Diana aged 22)

Cuando tejen las arañas (Roberto Gavaldón, Mexico, 1979) (as Claudia aged 23)

Cadena perpetua (Arturo Ripstein, Mexico, 1979) (as Rosa Martinez aged 23)

El sexo me da risa (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1979) (aged 23)

Matar por matar (Toni Sbert, Mexico, 1979) (aged 23)

Muñecas de medianoche (Rafael Portillo, Mexico, 1979) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ (aged 23)

Al final del arco iris (Mexico, 1980) (as Myriam aged 24)

Burlesque (René Cardona, Mexico, 1980) (aged 24)

Rigo es amor (Felipe Cazals, Mexico, 1980) (as Arcadia aged 24)

Mírame con ojos pornográficos (Luis María Delgado, Mexico, 1980) (as Dra San Roman aged 24)

Para usted jefa (Guillermo Murray, Mexico, 1980) (aged 24)

Como México no hay dos (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1981) (aged 25)

El vecindario (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1981) (aged 25)

Las siete cucas (Felipe Cazals, Mexico, 1981) (as Cuca s Daughter aged 25)

Extraños caminos del amor (Mexico, 1981) (as Olga aged 25)

El sexo de los ricos (Tulio Demicheli, Mexico, 1981) (as Margaret Seton aged 25)

Profesor eróticus (Luis María Delgado, Spain, 1981) (as Helga aged 25)

El ratero de la vecindad (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1982) (aged 26)

La pulquería 2 (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1982) (aged 26)

# 41 el hombre perfecto (Pepe Romay, Mexico, 1982) (featuring Angélica Chain as Sandy aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Anaís de Melo, Julissa, Eduardo de la Peña, Elsa Benn, Carolina Barret, Luis Alarcón, María Prado, Alfonso Munguía, Clarissa Ahuet, Cynthia Riveroll, Maricarmen Resendez and Al Zarzana

Angélica Chain in 41 el hombre perfecto

Typical Mexican comedy foreshadowing The 40 Year-Old Virgin. The nude scenes tend to be refreshingly direct, but the set-ups are on the clumsy and obvious side. Take the first clip for instance. A nightclub mud-wrestling bout goes wrong ruining starlet Angélica's clothes and necessitating she wash her body clean in the sea. You might think her escort (Lalo 'El Mimo', quite popular in Mexico apparently), rich as he may be, is a fool, and you'd be right: he is a naïve old fool. But you don't need a degree in body language to spot that rubbing sand into her tits is a definite come-on.

Later, Angélica drags her new beau along to a meditation class. And what could be more of a drag than a meditation class? Unless it's a nude meditation class! Alas, the hippie-wannabees play a trick (how the roles are reversed!) and everyone laughs at poor Lalo. Not that it's any consolation, but they would probably have laughed at him anyway.

Tags: beach, full-frontal, group, muddy, ritual, skinny-dip

Clip 1

41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto

Clip 2

41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto 41 el hombre perfecto

Las computadoras (René Cardona, Mexico, 1982) (as Mayté aged 26)

El vecindario II (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1983) (aged 27)

Las vedettes (Miguel M. Delgado, Mexico, 1983) (aged 27)

Buenas, y con... movidas (René Cardona Jr., Mexico, 1983) (aged 27)

# Chile picante (René Cardona Jr., Mexico, 1983) (featuring Angélica Chain as Porfirio's Wife aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lyn May, Blanca Guerra, Princesa Lea, Andrés García, Alfredo Wally Barrón, Alberto Rojas, Norma Lee, Karen Castello, Irene Gallegos, Sybille Young, Lourdes Morales and Sofia Vargas

Angélica Chain in Chile picante

A very Mexican comedy, in that you might say the nudity is both gratuitous and wildly excessive. But that's to judge it harshly. You want realism don't you? A lot of these women have jobs as strippers or artists' models, and those that don't have to keep up their attendance at swimming pools and health spas to stay looking so ravishing.

Angélica is a case in point. The wife of a busy man is bound to be a busy woman herself. Watch as she has to drag herself bodily from the pool to answer the phone. And all just to set up another liaison with some artist or other libertine. A right slimy git she's chosen this time though - time for her to make another phone call I think.

Tags: disrobing, full-frontal, phone, poolside, skinny-dip

Clip 1

Chile picante Chile picante Chile picante Chile picante Chile picante

Clip 2

Chile picante Chile picante Chile picante Chile picante Chile picante

# El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor (Adolfo Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1984) (featuring Angélica Chain as Beatriz aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ana De Sade, Rossy Mendoza, Alfonso Zayas, Luis de Alba, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Maribel Fernández, Joaquín García Vargas, Gerardo Zepeda, Óscar Fentanes, Sebastian Soler, Yahir Martinez Solares and Gonzalo Sánchez

Angélica Chain in El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor

Unsophisticated Mexican comedy about a bricklaying gang in which Angélica has a few nude scenes which are very abrupt. To introduce a bit of context (and show the lady in the best possible light) this montage begins with her cooking the breakfast and serving the drinks on a building site. Is there a more becoming occupation for a woman? Unless she wants to take a few years out to train as a nurse?

Her house may not have a bathroom but when it comes to personal cleanliness Angélica is still a strict 'once a week' woman; the tin-tub in the sitting room has to suffice. It doesn't matter if her grandparents are visiting (no sign of them today) or whose view she obstructs of the television (though this seems to be more of a 'wireless' household). Angélica is a down-to-earth type for whom the idea of 'flagrant' nudity inside her own home is a contradiction in terms.

As for her sex scenes, I think she caught that chap a little off his guard. But by the expression on his face I reckon he still counts it as a 'win' as long as he manages to get on top.

Tags: full-frontal, sex, tin-tub


El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor

Entre ficheras anda el diablo - La pulquería 3 (Miguel M. Delgado, Mexico, 1984) (aged 28)

Escuela de placer (René Cardona Jr., Mexico, 1984) (aged 28)

Macho que ladra no muerde (Mexico, 1984) (aged 28)

Perros salvajes (Edgardo Gazcón, Mexico, 1984) (as Daniela aged 28)

Barrio salvaje (Juan Manuel Soler Palavicini, Mexico, 1985) (aged 29)

El día de los albañiles 2 (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1985) (as Beatriz aged 29)

La buena vida - Paraiso erótico (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Brazil, 1985) (aged 29)

Juana Iris (Mexico, 1985) (aged 29)

El ratero de la vecindad II (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1985) (aged 29)

Seducción (Mexico, 1986) (as Roxana aged 30)

Los verduleros (Adolfo Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1986) (as Soledad aged 30)

Ratas de la ciudad (Valentín Trujillo, Mexico, 1986) (aged 30)

Policía de narcóticos (Gilberto de Anda, Mexico, 1986) (as La Albina aged 30)

Casa de muñecas para adultos (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Mexico, 1987) (aged 31)

El día de los Albañiles III (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1987) (aged 31)

Destrampados en Los Angeles (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1987) (aged 31)

El solitario indomable (José Luis Urquieta, Mexico, 1988) (as Eva aged 32)

El diario íntimo de una cabaretera (Gilberto Martínez Solares, Mexico, 1989) (as Jessica aged 33)

Rumbera, caliente (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Mexico, 1989) (aged 33)

La tentación (Enrique Gómez Vadillo, Mexico, 1991) (as Susana aged 35)

Hembras de tierra caliente (Luis Quintanilla Rico, Mexico, 1991) (as Carmen Pérez aged 35)

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