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Gillian Bray

Reviews and pictures of actress Gillian Bray naked in "La morte risale a ieri sera" and "Voto di castità".
Gillian Bray

A very appealing actress with leading lady potential who strangely only played a handful of roles in Italian genre films.


# La morte risale a ieri sera (Duccio Tessari, Italy, 1970) (featuring Gillian Bray as Donatella Berzaghi) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Frank Wolff, Raf Vallone, Gabriele Tinti, Eva Renzi, Gigi Rizzi, Beryl Cunningham, Checco Rissone, Wilma Casagrande, Marco Mariani, Nicky Zuccola, Helga Marlo and Riccardo De Stefanis

Gillian Bray in La morte risale a ieri sera

A vignette from a gritty and absorbing Italian police thriller dating from that brief era in the early 'seventies when the cops were always in such a rush they were forever barging in on dishevelled young bimbos before they had a chance to get their tops back on again. A cheap trick, but you could amass quite a nipple count that way.

It's a bleak film. Our hero faces spending his declining years in lonely widowerhood with the burden of a mentally handicapped adult daughter to support. And the last thing a busy man wants trying his patience in the morning is a struggle with recalcitrant bra straps: 'Drat that girl - first it was the toothpaste and now this!'. But as you will see, it's quite a guy we're dealing with here.

Tags: dressed, father, mental-handicap


La morte risale a ieri sera La morte risale a ieri sera La morte risale a ieri sera La morte risale a ieri sera La morte risale a ieri sera

Riuscirà l'avvocato Franco Benenato a sconfiggere il suo acerrimo nemico il pretore Ciccio De Ingras? (Mino Guerrini, Italy, 1971)

Un animale chiamato uomo (Roberto Mauri, Italy, 1972) (as Dr Yvette)

Il colonnello Buttiglione diventa generale (Mino Guerrini, Italy, 1974)

Enter the Seven Virgins (Hong Kong, 1974) (as Brenda)

Il padrone e l'operaio (Steno, Italy, 1975) (as Silvana - lover of Gianluca)

# Voto di castità (Joe D'Amato, 1977) (featuring Gillian Bray as Ileana) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Laura Gemser, Sofia Dionisio, Jacques Dufilho, Enzo Colajacono, Gastone Pescucci, Francesco Mulè, Maria Tedeschi, Piero Santi, Antonia D'Auria, Mara Carisi, Giovanna Chemeri and Rosa Coppolino

Gillian Bray in Voto di castità

Typical Italian comedy screwed up in the manner to which we have become accustomed by old favourite Joe D'Amato. It's about a prosperous family who are waiting for the most venerable of their number to die. Meanwhile the young man of the house, a handsome but timid fellow, is having equivocal feelings about every member of the opposite sex he encounters, the most obviously promising of whom (for a first time at least) is lady's maid Laura Gemser. But it's Gillian who steals the show as a senior member of the household (sorry, can't be more specific) who ought to be setting a good example but alas is not.

In the first clip Gillian demonstrates her mature, sensuous but discerning (virgin-white outfit over the kinky black stockings) appeal to some random bloke who shows his sincere appreciation in time-honoured style (or would have done if this almost-mainstream comedy wasn't quite so tame). Meanwhile another suitor shows his jealous disapproval in time-honoured style with a meat cleaver (he went to get it from the kitchen specially, so better watch out (and did you notice he's the only one to bring her flowers? It would be so heartwarming if this fat-but-thoughtful old lecher was the one to get the girl!)). Gillian shows lovely soft pink boobs and bum as she struggles to get her knickers back on. The scene ends with a Benny Hill-style chase, which seemed a good reason to cut it short.

The second clip is a compilation, beginning with Gillian being helped into her night gown by dusky young maid Laura. These two are becoming delightfully close, I wonder if it'll lead to something very intimate? We merge into a dream sequence from the point of view of the unhappy scion of the family. By now I'm beginning to suspect his weakness for the more mature and bosomly woman is at the root of his problems with the fairer sex as a whole.

Tags: dressed, dressing, petting, undressing

Clip 1

Voto di castità Voto di castità Voto di castità Voto di castità Voto di castità

Clip 2

Voto di castità Voto di castità Voto di castità Voto di castità Voto di castità

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