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Rena Niehaus

Reviews and pictures of actress Rena Niehaus naked in "Voglia di donna" and "Nero veneziano".
Rena Niehaus

Born: 1954   Country: Germany

Blue-eyed German blonde whose youthful appearance suited her to playing sullen teenagers in the more ambitious sort of Italian exploitation films.

Rena Niehaus (born 18 December 1954) is a German film actress. Born in Oldenburg, Rena Niehaus was a minor star in 1970s Italian genre cinema, also appearing in several important "auteur" films as Alberto Lattuada's Cuore di cane and Eriprando Visconti's La Orca and later, Oedipus Orca.  snippet from Wikipedia

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I baroni (Giampaolo Lomi, Italy, 1975) (as La giovane danese aged 21)

Cuore di cane (Alberto Lattuada, Italy, 1976) (as Zoja aged 22)

Maestro di violino (Giovanni Fago, Italy, 1976) (as Laura di Sansevero aged 22)

Un amore targato Forlì (Riccardo Sesani, Italy, 1976) (aged 22)

La orca (Eriprando Visconti, Italy, 1976) (as Alice aged 22)

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Una donna di seconda mano (Pino Tosini, Italy, 1977) (aged 23)

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Oedipus orca (Eriprando Visconti, Italy, 1977) (as Alice aged 23)

# Nero veneziano (Ugo Liberatore, Italy, 1978) (featuring Rena Niehaus as Christine aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Olga Karlatos, Lorraine De Selle, Renato Cestiè, Yorgo Voyagis, Fabio Gamma, José Quaglio, Ely Galleani, Angela Covello, Florence Barnes, Bettine Milne, Tom Felleghy and Linda Larsen

Rena Niehaus in Nero veneziano

A strange Omen-influenced piece of modern gothic set in a wintry Venice where Rena plays the reluctant guardian to her blind younger brother. The dreary lighting, unhealthy pallor of the rather unappealing cast, and almost off-hand manner in which the shocking events take place are all points that turn out to work in its favour. They help build a uniquely unsettling atmosphere by a mechanism I call Fulcian Dissonance, after the way in which even something like a howler from the props department in The Beyond can add to an aura of crumbling reality and impending doom.

There are a couple of scenes in this short compilation, preceded by a brief taster to introduce the characters (and yes I admit it, because I'm a sucker for the 'evil housekeeper' type). The first sees Rena being seduced in the potting shed by the gardener, clearly an opportunist of the first order with no hint of a conscience. Since we're supposed to be identifying with her helpless little brother this sluttishness on her part bodes no good. And sure enough, by the second scene the girl is carrying the spawn of Satan in her womb. One of the perversely finer points of the film is that everyone looks like there's a plague in the land. I'm in two minds over whether it was a good idea to apply this to the nude scenes too. Rena looks drab and sullen, walking with poor posture. Nevertheless, the scene still has a certain power.

Tags: barn, full-frontal, mirror, petting, window


Nero veneziano Nero veneziano Nero veneziano Nero veneziano Nero veneziano

# Voglia di donna (Franco Bottari, 1978) (featuring Rena Niehaus as Luisa aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Laura Gemser, Ilona Staller, Gianni Cavina, Carlo Giuffrè, Gabriele Tinti, Stefano Amato, Luciano Salce, Armando Brancia, Antonio Di Leo, Mauro Vestri, Alberto Squillante and Mario Squillante

Rena Niehaus in Voglia di donna

Second segment of the Italian comedy. It's especially difficult to untangle the plot of this one. Briefly, Rena has a boyfriend who is much too old, ugly, and loathsome for her. Today she's seeing her lover at his place, and he's pretty much ditto but with a better sense of humour.

Rena takes her knickers down the moment she walks through the door. Or at least she would have done if it hadn't been more practical to take off her cardigan etc. first. It's almost off-putting when a young woman is so businesslike about getting into bed, though chummy doesn't agree; he manages to wrestle her onto her belly and have her on the verge of squealing before she's saved by the telephone bell.

The next bit is a bit weird, but fun and more-or-less harmless. Our man has a weird secretary fetish which involves Rena typing with no knickers on while smoking to the point she reeks of tobacco and has a wracking cough. It should be enough to put any man right off his buggery, but not our hero. Eventually the ham-fisted moron tears off the young lady's knickers by accident and the poor dear has to round off the afternoon with a walk of shame.

Tags: dressing, full-frontal, humiliation, molested, no-knickers, office, padding, phone, sex, undressing


Voglia di donna Voglia di donna Voglia di donna Voglia di donna Voglia di donna

Ciao cialtroni! (Danilo Massi Rossini, Italy, 1979) (as Barbara Norris aged 25)

Arabella l'angelo nero (Stelvio Massi, Italy, 1989) (as Agnese aged 35)

Mafia Docks (Andreas Marfori, Italy, 1993) (as Ute aged 39)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Rena - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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