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Ursula Werner

Reviews and pictures of actress Ursula Werner naked in "Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel", "Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu" and "Wolke 9".
Ursula Werner

Born: 1943   Country: East Germany

A popular East German actress of stage, screen and TV.

Ursula Werner is a German actress born September 28, 1943 in Eberswalde, Germany. She grew up in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. After studying at the Staatlichen Schauspielschule Berlin (Berlin State Drama College), she obtained her first roles in the Halle Opera House, and in the Berlin cabaret "Die Distel". From 1974 to 2009 Werner was a permanent member of the Maxim-Gorki-Theater in Berlin. She also makes guest appearances on the Gorki stage. She is particularly remembered for her role of Dr. Unglaube in the 1977 film Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu (A Terrific Scent of Fresh Hay). From 2001 to 2007 she played a permanent secondary character in the Schloss Einstein series. Following several minor roles in film and on TV, she took the leading role for Andreas Dresen's Wolke 9 where she played the part of a woman in her late sixties who leaves her older husband for an even older man. The film attempts to show that even in advanced years, love and sex simply do not just stop. For this unusual role, Werner received the 2009 German Film Award (Lola) for the best female leading role.Werner lives in Berlin. Her next film, Wintervater, where she plays the role of Lene, is in post-production and will be released in 2011.[dated info]  snippet from Wikipedia


Wind von vorn (Helmut Nitzschke, East Germany, 1962) (as Uschi aged 19)

Frau Venus und ihr Teufel (Ralf Kirsten, East Germany, 1967) (as Moritz aged 24)

Seine Hoheit - Genosse Prinz (Werner W. Wallroth, East Germany, 1969) (as Gabi aged 26)

Weil ich dich liebe (East Germany, 1970) (as Eva Thiessen aged 27)

Fiete Stein (Lothar Bellag, East Germany, 1970) (aged 27)

Netzwerk (Ralf Kirsten, East Germany, 1970) (as Krankenschwester aged 27)

Junger Mann (Ralf Kirsten, East Germany, 1971) (as Birgit aged 28)

Zeitgenossen (Christoph Schroth, East Germany, 1971) (aged 28)

Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort S08E01: Alleingang (Norbert Büchner, 1972) (aged 29)

Jule - Julia - Juliane (East Germany, 1972) (as Doris aged 29)

Zement (Manfred Wekwerth, East Germany, 1973) (as Polja Mechowa aged 30)

Der nackte Mann auf dem Sportplatz (Konrad Wolf, East Germany, 1974) (as Angela aged 31)

Broddi S01E01: Der Tischherr (Ulrich Thein, 1975) (aged 32)

Heute ist Freitag (Klaus Gendries, East Germany, 1975) (as Martina aged 32)

Jenny (Jochen Thomas, East Germany, 1975) (as Karla aged 32)

Polizeiruf 110 S05E03: Ein Fall ohne Zeugen (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1975) (as Maria Sander aged 32)

Die Trauerrede und andere heitere Begebenheiten (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1976) (aged 33)

Ein altes Modell (Ulrich Thein, East Germany, 1976) (as Verkäuferin aged 33)

Man nennt mich jetzt Mimi... (Iris Gusner, East Germany, 1976) (as Anna aged 33)

Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu (East Germany, 1977) (as Dr Angelika Unglaube aged 34)

Unterwegs nach Atlantis (Siegfried Kühn, East Germany, 1977) (aged 34)

Dantons Tod (I) (Fritz Bornemann, East Germany, 1977) (as Marion aged 34)

Die Leute aus dem Roten Ross (Jochen Thomas, East Germany, 1978) (aged 35)

# Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel (Hans Kratzert, East Germany, 1978) (featuring Ursula Werner as Gerda aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Frank Schulze, Carl-Hermann Risse, Ellen Rappus, Janek Zalaewski, Lucyna Paschzella, Angela Brunner, Günter Sonnenberg, Susanne Schulze, Dieter Wien, Kurt Böwe, Stefan Grzegorz and Sylva Schüler

Ursula Werner in Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel

A short while ago I made a passing remark about East Germans, inland waterways, and flagrant public nudity, then realised I hadn't posted enough clips to back it up. Here's one starring wholesome family favourite Ursula from a piece of Sunday afternoon telly fare. Here teenage Lotte (or whatever her name is), on a boating holiday with her parents on the German equivalent of the Norfolk Broads, finds out how extra-embarrassing mums and dads can be in a country with a relaxed attitute to costumes-optional bathing.

Becalmed in their hired yacht after a rainstorm the family go for a swim. Horrifyingly, Dad takes off a perfectly good pair of swimming trunks and dives in naked. Imagine Lotte's sense of betrayal when Mum does the same! I'm an idealist and like to believe East German children are well brought-up and do not swear at their parents, but I can imagine some pretty cutting Communist Bloc banter coming from the mouth of this girl: 'What's up mother, your tractor on fire!?' etc. - if only we had subtitles! And in case you're wondering if Lotte ends up jumping in naked too, yes as a matter of curious fact she does. Is it in the clip? No.

Tags: domestic, full-frontal, outdoor, skinny-dip, swimming


Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel Ein Kolumbus auf der Havel

Polizeiruf 110 S08E05: Schuldig (Rolf Römer, East Germany, 1978) (as Inge Sternsdorff aged 35)

# Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu (Piet Drescher, East Germany, 1979) (featuring Ursula Werner as Lydia aged 36) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Hilmar Baumann, Gerd Ehlers, Tim Hoffmann, Monika Lennartz, Christa Löser and Helmut Müller-Lankow

Ursula Werner in Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu

Dr. Ursula is one of those know-it-all modern lasses from the town who cares more about keeping portraits of Karl Marx straight on the wall than making sure she isn't visible stark naked from the cottage window. Uh-oh, she's embarrassed the vicar! Guess who's going to get a mention in his sermon on Sunday.

Tags: dressing, full-frontal, window


Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu Ein irrer Duft von frischem Heu

Glück im Hinterhaus (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1980) (as Fräulein Sawatzki aged 37)

Die lange Ankunft des Alois Fingerlein (East Germany, 1981) (aged 38)

Schöne Ferien (Karl Gassauer, East Germany, 1981) (aged 38)

Wäre die Erde nicht rund... (Iris Gusner, East Germany, 1981) (as Lydia aged 38)

Bürgschaft für ein Jahr (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1981) (as Frau Müller aged 38)

Kein Mann für zwei (Eberhard Schäfer, East Germany, 1982) (as Rezeptionsangestellte aged 39)

Insel der Schwäne (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1983) (as Stefans Mutter aged 40)

Drei Schwestern (Thomas Langhoff, East Germany, 1984) (aged 41)

Ich liebe Victor (Karola Hattop, East Germany, 1984) (as Inas Mutter aged 41)

Männerwirtschaft (Jochen Thomas, East Germany, 1985) (as Gina Krüger aged 42)

Der verzauberte Weihnachtsmann (Margot Schäfer, East Germany, 1985) (as Zauberer aged 42)

Meine Frau Inge und meine Frau Schmidt (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1985) (as Maria aged 42)

Schauspielereien S09E07: Ein ehrlicher Finder (Michael Knof, 1986) (as Evamaria Erdmann aged 43)

Die Herausforderung (Achim Hübner, East Germany, 1986) (as Christa Andersen aged 43)

Schauspielereien S10E04: Die Versuchung und andere Geschichten (Jochen Thomas, 1987) (aged 44)

Jan Oppen (Karola Hattop, East Germany, 1987) (as Mutter aged 44)

Märchenzirkus (Margot Schäfer, East Germany, 1987) (as 13 Fee aged 44)

Einzug ins Paradies S01E03: Der dritte Tag (1987) (as Frau Taube aged 44)

Einzug ins Paradies S01E05: Der fünfte Tag (1987) (aged 44)

Einzug ins Paradies S01E01: Der erste Tag (1987) (as Frau Taube aged 44)

Einzug ins Paradies S01E04: Der vierte Tag (1987) (aged 44)

Einzug ins Paradies S01E06: Der sechste Tag (1987) (aged 44)

Stunde der Wahrheit (Jurij Kramer, East Germany, 1988) (as Frau Kaske aged 45)

Die verzauberten Brüder (Dieter Bellmann, East Germany, 1988) (as Hexe aged 45)

Ich liebe dich - April! April! (Iris Gusner, East Germany, 1988) (as 2 Ärztin aged 45)

Danke für die Blumen (Eberhard Schäfer, East Germany, 1988) (as Meisterin aged 45)

Vater gesucht (Jochen Thomas, East Germany, 1988) (as Frau Berens aged 45)

Grüne Hochzeit (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1989) (as Susannes Mutter aged 46)

Eine Frau für drei (Jochen Thomas, East Germany, 1989) (as Jenny aged 46)

Polizeiruf 110 S19E07: Drei Flaschen Tokajer (Udo Witte, East Germany, 1989) (as Frau Lüders aged 46)

Schauspielereien S13E01: Die Traumrolle (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1990) (aged 47)

Die Übergangsgesellschaft (Thomas Langhoff, Germany, 1990) (as Mascha aged 47)

König Phantasios (Karola Hattop, East Germany, 1990) (aged 47)

Die Generalin seiner Majestät (Eva Sadková, East Germany, 1990) (as Josephine aged 47)

Lord Hansi (Michael Knof, Germany, 1991) (as Christa aged 48)

Scheusal (Bodo Fürneisen, Germany, 1992) (as Christiane aged 49)

Kanzlei Bürger S01E10: Robin Wut (Heiner Carow, 1995) (as Frau Warnke aged 52)

Tatort S01E: Money! Money! (Peter Ristau, Germany, 1998) (as Sandra Wimmer aged 55)

Die Polizistin (Andreas Dresen, Germany, 2000) (as Mutter Schmiedel aged 57)

Liebesau - die andere Heimat (Germany, 2001) (aged 58)

Schloss Einstein S03E44: Folge 160 (Klaus Kemmler, 2001) (aged 58)

Schloss Einstein S03E42: Folge 158 (Klaus Kemmler, 2001) (aged 58)

Schloss Einstein S03E45: Folge 161 (Renata Kaye, 2001) (aged 58)

Hundsköpfe (Karsten Laske, Germany, 2002) (aged 59)

Körner und Köter S01E00: Körner und Köter (Hans Werner, Germany, 2002) (as Richterin aged 59)

Körner und Köter S01E01: Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen (Hans Werner, 2003) (as Richterin aged 60)

Saniyes Lust (Verena S. Freytag, Germany, 2004) (as Frauenärtzin Dr Fabian aged 61)

Land's End (Alex Ross, Germany, 2004) (as Gundula aged 61)

Oegeln (Patrick Lambertz, Germany, 2004) (aged 61)

Willenbrock (Andreas Dresen, Germany, 2005) (as Kommissarin aged 62)

Narrenspiel (Markus F. Adrian, Germany, 2008) (as Marlies aged 65)

Die Anwälte S01E05: Haltlos (Kathrin Feistl, Germany, 2008) (as Frau Krause aged 65)

# Wolke 9 (Andreas Dresen, Germany, 2008) (featuring Ursula Werner as Inge aged 65) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Horst Rehberg, Horst Westphal, Steffi Kühnert, Werner Schmidt, Philine Hammon and Merle Hopf

Ursula Werner in Wolke 9

From one of those "controversial" films. There are some sex scenes with Ursula, but they are just too nasty. Here she is looking in the mirror, just so you can say you've seen it. (lightened)

Tags: full-frontal, mirror, undressing


Wolke 9 Wolke 9 Wolke 9

Über Wasser gehen (Ralf Beyerle, Germany, 2008) (aged 65)

The 2008 European Film Awards (Andreas Morell, Germany, 2008) (aged 65)

Riverboat - Die MDR-Talkshow aus Leipzig S00E00: Episode dated 26 September 2008 (2008) (as Herself aged 65)

Zibb S00E00: Episode dated 11 September 2008 (2008) (as Herself aged 65)

DAS! S00E00: Episode dated 21 June 2009 (2009) (as Herself aged 66)

Am anderen Ende (Philipp Döring, Germany, 2009) (as Marianne aged 66)

Bauer sucht Kultur - Unterwegs mit Dieter Moor S02E03: Episode #2.3 (2009) (as Herself aged 66)

Bloch S01E17: Verfolgt (Jan Schütte, Germany, 2010) (as Svenjas Adoptivmutter aged 67)

Mandy will ans Meer (Tim Trageser, Germany, 2011) (as Olga Schmidt aged 68)

Unten Mitte Kinn (Nicolas Wackerbarth, Germany, 2011) (as Corinna Trampe aged 68)

Wintertochter (Johannes Schmid, Germany, 2011) (as Lene Graumann aged 68)

Halt auf freier Strecke (Andreas Dresen, Germany, 2011) (as Renate Simones Mutter aged 68)

SOKO Leipzig S00E00: Geister (Robert Del Maestro, 2011) (as Miriam Wagner aged 68)

Mädchenabend (Timo Becker, Germany, 2012) (as Eva aged 69)

Nagel zum Sarg (Philipp Döring, Germany, 2012) (as Frau Schmidt aged 69)

Zwei Leben (Germany, 2012) (as Hiltrud Schlömer aged 69)

Sicher ist nichts (Nathalie Schulten, Germany, 2012) (as Anne aged 69)

Hubert und Staller - Die ins Gras beißen (Wilhelm Engelhardt, Germany, 2013) (as Sabine Grimm aged 70)

Der Kriminalist S11E05: Bettelflug (Christian Görlitz, 2013) (aged 70)

Schwestern (Anne Wild, Germany, 2013) (as Usch Kerkhoff aged 70)

Sputnik (Markus Dietrich, Germany, 2013) (as Oma Bode aged 70)

Bornholmer Straße (Christian Schwochow, Germany, 2014) (aged 71)

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