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Alla Kliouka

A review and pictures of actress Alla Kliouka naked in "Telo".
Alla Kliouka

Born: 1970   Country: Soviet Union

A healthy-looking Slavic blonde whose roles tended to exploit a rebellious streak.


Idealnaya para: S01E08 I love you

Idealnaya para: S01E09 Igra v poddavki

Idealnaya para: S01E03 Koroleva benzozapravki

Idealnaya para: S01E10 Na belom katere

Idealnaya para: S01E06 Osobennosti jemocional'nyh vyborov

Idealnaya para: S01E05 Otdohnite, magistr

Idealnaya para: S01E02 Proba pera

Idealnaya para: S01E04 Tamozhnja beret dobro

# Telo (Nikita Khubov, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring Alla Kliouka as Sveta Kalmykova aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maksim Belyakov, Andrey Zhigalov, Elena Salikhova, Viktor Makhmutov, Viktor Mamaev, Sergey Murzin, Anna Ovsyannikova, Yuriy Potyomkin, Yuriy Vaksman, Polina Vaneyeva and Bronislava Zakharova

Alla Kliouka in Telo

Typical late decadent period Soviet drama in which Alla plays a Post Office clerk. In the first clip she recreates a scene done with more subtlety and generally much better in the Czech classic Closely Observed Trains. The rest of the film? Just louts and wasters destroying state property, that's all you need to know.

But events take a remarkable upturn right at the end when Alla gets her just deserts and is sentenced to prison. One thing I've noticed about group shower scenes in Communist countries is that, whether they're set in prisons, dormitories, or in the workplace, they are always well attended. Packed-out even (cf. Nadzór, Angi Vera). Either the regular inmates were keen to flesh out the backgrounds as a welcome break from the same old routine, or there were plenty of bored housewives who saw the ad for extras in the paper. Nice thoughts either way.

So a typical crowded Socialist Realist women's prison shower scene it is then. As soon as the first naked figures appear the more hopelessly naïve viewers will be sitting forward anxious to study how communal female ablutions are managed in a rationally ordered society. These people are destined to be cruelly disillusioned, their hastily-pencilled notes torn up and cast on the floor. Old hands know better: as usual, total anarchy reigns. It's almost as if these women enjoy having to explain themselves afterwards dripping and naked in front of uniformed female authority figures. Alla, to her credit, blends in to the background as best she can.

Tags: full-frontal, group, horseplay, office, prisoner, sex, shower, undressed

Clip 1

Telo Telo Telo Telo Telo

Clip 2

Telo Telo Telo Telo Telo

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Evlampiya Romanova. Sledstvie vedet diletant: S01E01 Manikyur dlya pokoynika (Vladimir Morozov, 2003) (as Lampa aged 33)

Evlampiya Romanova. Sledstvie vedet diletant: S01E02 Poker s akuloy (Vladimir Morozov, 2003) (as Lampa aged 33)

Evlampiya Romanova. Sledstvie vedet diletant: S01E03 Svoloch nenaglyadnaya (Vladimir Morozov, 2003) (as Lampa aged 33)

Melyuzga (Vladimir Morozov, Russia, 2005) (as Lipochka aged 35)

Kolya - perekati pole (Nikolay Dostal, Russia, 2005) (as Natalya aged 35)

Adrenalin: Odin protiv vsekh (Vladimir Morozov, Russia, 2008) (as Rita aged 38)

Noch na zakate leta (Bernhard Kammel, Austria, 2011) (as Ruth aged 41)

The Mysteries of Laura: S01E16 The Mystery of the Exsanguinated Ex (Randy Zisk, 2015) (as Olga aged 45)

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