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Fátima Antunes

A review and pictures of actress Fátima Antunes naked in "Caçada Sangrenta".
Fátima Antunes

Country: Brazil

A former beauty queen, this dusky tropical maiden had a brief career shedding her clothes in genre cinema.


Caingangue (Carlos Hugo Christensen, Brazil, 1973)

Trindade... é Meu Nome (Edward Freund, Brazil, 1973)

# Caçada Sangrenta (Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias, Brazil, 1974) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Carmem Angélica, Leon Cakoff, Horácio Camargo, David Cardoso, Teresa Cristina, Marlene França, Heitor Gaiotti, Walter Mansur, Evelize Oliver, Renato Petri, Walter Portela and Munir Razuk

Fátima Antunes in Caçada Sangrenta

A starring vehicle for David Cardoso when he was still dreaming of being Clint Eastwood, this pretentious Brazilian trash does a commendable job of shoehorning in masses of pointless nudity and unwarranted sadistic violence.

Our gun-toting hero is pursued into the heart of Mato Grosso, meeting an endless supply of shapely young women along the way. Most of these don't last long, usually sliced or garroted by the bad guys, but sometimes just shot out of hand by Cardoso. And nobody knows why.

Fátima is my favourite of the bunch. She turns up out of nowhere, pulls her dress over her head, and steps gingerly along the riverbank in search of her man. Censorship was pretty strict in Brazil at that time meaning she had to make at least a token effort of hiding her pubic hair while doing so.

When she finally catches up with Cardoso you can't help feeling sorry for the guy. Maybe it's time he stopped putting off having 'that talk' about how her behaviour has become increasingly exasperating of late, and how important it is that Daddy isn't disturbed when he's spending all day panning for gold. Anyway, he drags the girl squealing back to their shack taking every opportunity to punish her by rubbing her bare bottom in the sand along the way (no spanking, but this film is pleasantly 'bum heavy', which is alright by me).

It's here that things nearly go horribly wrong. Ever lost a play-wrestling match to a young niece? Now imagine you'd been a psychopath: what would you have done? Naïve and untutored she may be, Fátima like any girl can sense that frosty atmosphere that says it's time to get the dinner ready...

Tags: bashful, disrobing, full-frontal, hammock, horseplay, muddy, no-knickers, outdoor, skinny-dip


Caçada Sangrenta Caçada Sangrenta Caçada Sangrenta Caçada Sangrenta Caçada Sangrenta

A Ilha do Desejo (Jean Garret, Brazil, 1975)

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