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Katalin Ladik

A review and pictures of actress Katalin Ladik naked in "Ujed andjela".
Katalin Ladik

Born: 1942   Country: Yugoslavia

Only an occasional actress, Katalin has had a long involvement in experimental theatre and literary work.

Katalin Ladik (Novi Sad, October 25, 1942 – ) is a Hungarian poet, performance artist and actress. She was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia (today Serbia) and in the last 20 years she has lived and worked alternately in Novi Sad, Serbia, in Budapest, Hungary and on the island of Hvar, Croatia. Parallel to her written poems she also creates sound poems and visual poems, performance art, writes and performs experimental music and audio plays. She is also a performer and an experimental artist (happenings, mail art, experimental theatrical plays). She explores language through visual and vocal expressions, as well as movement and gestures. Her work includes collages, photography, records, performances and happenings in both urban and natural environments.   snippet from Wikipedia


Sámán (Hungary, 1977) (aged 35)

Dübörgö csend (Miklos Szijj, Hungary, 1978) (as Eta aged 36)

Szetna, a varázsló (András Rajnai, Hungary, 1980) (as Izisz aged 38)

Gulliver az óriások országában (András Rajnai, Hungary, 1980) (as Lady in attendance aged 38)

# Ujed andjela (Lordan Zafranovic, Yugoslavia, 1984) (featuring Katalin Ladik as Dora aged 42) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marina Nemet, Boris Kralj, Charles Millot, Boris Blazekovic and Vinka Skansi

Katalin Ladik in Ujed andjela

If the stalwart fellow at the centre of Angel Bite thought a job as a lighthouse keeper was the perfect way of escaping the antics of sexually frustrated young women he must be kicking himself at the way things turned out.

The first clip sees him in a boat chasing down his beautiful wife Katalin who has gone for a swim far out to sea, completely naked. Her motivation is obscure, but after being hauled aboard she is left shivering on the boards, so perhaps she was just desperate to cool down.

In the second clip Katalin has just waved her husband off on another boat trip. In her filmy white gown perched on the limestone cliffs high above the azure waters of the Adriatic she seems about to enact a scene from a painting by Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Having more realistic expectations most people will settle for the outdoor shower scene. And I must say she's very thorough about washing the little places that need to be washed. Heading upstairs to the bedroom for something comfortable to slip into she bypasses her underwear drawer completely. You can just imagine her husband hissing at her 'Come away from the window!!', but oh no he went off on a boat trip didn't he?

Remember what happened to Marina Nemet her sister-in-law? The poor girl's been having flashbacks, and Katalin undresses her and puts her safely to bed, following shortly afterwards herself. And what do the two tender young bodies do together in the nude? Why comfort each other of course.

The fourth and final clip sees Katalin naked on her bed in a vigorous love-making session to the accompaniment of stirring choruses from Carmina Burana. Hmm, perhaps Katalin's main problem might be an overactive imagination.

Tags: dressing, full-frontal, lesbian, masturbation, outdoor, petting, sex, shower, skinny-dip, swimming, undressing, washing, window, yacht

Clip 1

Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela

Clip 2

Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela

Clip 3

Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela

Clip 4

Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela Ujed andjela

Ekran snezi (Miljenko Dereta, Yugoslavia, 1985) (aged 43)

Napóleon (András Sólyom, Hungary, 1989) (as Leticia aged 47)

Sex-partijski neprijatelj br. 1 (Dusan Szabo, Yugoslavia, 1990) (as Zuza aged 48)

Granica (Zoran Masirevic, Yugoslavia, 1990) (aged 48)

A nagy fejedelem (Mária Sós, Hungary, 1997) (as A tudós felesége aged 55)

A szivárvány harcosa (Péter Havas, Hungary, 2001) (aged 59)

Csendélet hallal és más tragikus momentumokkal (Natália Jánossy, Hungary, 2005) (as Agáta aged 63)

Grandpa Kovacs (Milica Djenic, Germany, 2011) (as Rozi aged 69)

Berberian Sound Studio (Peter Strickland, UK, 2012) (as Resurrected Witch aged 70)

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