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Marina Gera

A review and pictures of actress Marina Gera naked in "Örök tél".
Marina Gera

Born: 1984   Country: Hungary

Award-winning actress.


Szerafina (Szonja Szabó, Hungary, 2007) (as Szerafina Fátyol aged 23)

Utolsó idök (Áron Mátyássy, Hungary, 2009) (aged 25)

Death is no dream (Jurii Kirnev, Hungary, 2011) (as Sylvia aged 27)

Úsvit (György Kristóf, Czech Republic, 2011) (aged 27)

Prágai hétvége (Szonja Szabó, Hungary, 2013) (as Singer aged 29)

Munkaügyek: S03E16 Csapatépítés (István Márton, 2014) (as Viola aged 30)

Szabadesés (György Pálfi, Hungary, 2014) (as Woman aged 30)

Fehér isten (Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary, 2014) (as Woman at Dog Fight aged 30)

Senki szigete (Ferenc Török, Hungary, 2014) (as Marina aged 30)

In the Same Garden (Ali Asgari, Turkey, 2016) (aged 32)

Aranyélet: S02E01 Összetett célok \u003d tartós siker (Zsombor Dyga, 2016) (as Mari Gemenci aged 32)

Aranyélet: S02E03 Az okos kockázatvállalás biztonságot nyújt (Zsombor Dyga, 2016) (as Gemenci Mari aged 32)

Aranyélet: S02E04 A sikeres üzletben mindkét fél gyoz (Zsombor Dyga, 2016) (as Gemenci Mari aged 32)

The Basement (László Illés, Hungary, 2017) (as Doll-Face aged 33)

Intermezzo (Endre Papp, Hungary, 2017) (aged 33)

L.U.F.I. (Ferenc Pusztai, Hungary, 2017) (as Girl in the cemetery aged 33)

A Hawk \u0026 A Hacksaw: The Magic Spring (Peter Strickland, USA, 2018) (as woman II aged 34)

# Örök tél (Attila Szász, Hungary, 2018) (featuring Marina Gera as Irén aged 34) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sándor Csányi, Laura Döbrösi, Diána Magdolna Kiss, Franciska Farkas, Niké Kurta, Ákos Orosz, Anikó Für, Tibor Gáspár, Nóra Diána Takács, Tímea Magyar, Oleh Melnychuk and Sergej Onopko

Marina Gera in Örök tél

Clichéd WWII drama from Hungary in which Marina is one of a group of women marched on Stalin's orders from their homes to the privations and horrors of the Gulag. No doubt the man had his reasons.

Along the way Marina has the extraordinary good fortune to meet a mute girl. Like anyone else she proceeds to cement a lifetime friendship at the earliest opportunity.

Once at the camp Marina has a pretty decent strip-in-front-of-the-panel-of-medical-experts-before-washing-in-freezing-water scene. In fact that ablutions room seems specially designed to let in as many draughts as possible, and there even appears to be a man in it. Perfect.

The real shocker is when that friendly mute girl is unexpectedly bundled in. This is Laura Döbrösi who despite her skinny pigtailed appearance is a grown woman and perfectly old enough to be doing things like this. But for a moment I thought delectable climate change activist Greta Thunberg was finally getting some pushback.

Tags: full-frontal, group, humiliation, induction, prisoner, stripped


Örök tél Örök tél Örök tél Örök tél Örök tél

The Field Guide to Evil (Ashim Ahluwalia, USA, 2019) (as Nymph aged 35)

Good Morning (Bence Miklauzic, Hungary, 2019) (as Sára aged 35)

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