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Jolanta Bohdal

A review and pictures of actress Jolanta Bohdal naked in "Urodziny Matyldy".
Jolanta Bohdal

Born: 1942   Country: Poland

Appealing Polish actress who left surprisingly little biographical trace given her healthy list of cinema credits.


Drewniany rózaniec (Poland, 1965) (as Helka aged 23)

Zycie raz jeszcze (Janusz Morgenstern, Poland, 1965) (aged 23)

Zbrodniarz, który ukradl zbrodnie (Janusz Majewski, Poland, 1969) (aged 27)

Skok (Kazimierz Kutz, Poland, 1969) (aged 27)

Nowy (Jerzy Ziarnik, Poland, 1970) (aged 28)

Przygody psa Cywila S01E04: Poscig (1970) (as Girl aged 28)

Szkice warszawskie (Henryk Kluba, Poland, 1970) (aged 28)

Akcja 'Brutus' (Jerzy Passendorfer, Poland, 1971) (as Ramuz s daughter aged 29)

Pejzaz z bohaterem (Wlodzimierz Haupe, Poland, 1971) (aged 29)

Ten okrutny, nikczemny chlopak (Janusz Nasfeter, Poland, 1972) (aged 30)

Ocalenie (Edward Zebrowski, Poland, 1972) (aged 30)

Profesor na drodze (Zbigniew Chmielewski, Poland, 1973) (aged 31)

Kopernik (Poland, 1973) (aged 31)

Poszukiwany - poszukiwana (Stanislaw Bareja, Poland, 1973) (as Kasia Rochowicz aged 31)

Motyle (Janusz Nasfeter, Poland, 1973) (aged 31)

Na krawedzi (Waldemar Podgórski, Poland, 1973) (as Krystyna aged 31)

Stawiam na Tolka Banana S01E07: Tolek (1973) (as Dentist s Assistant aged 31)

# Urodziny Matyldy (Jerzy Stefan Stawinski, Poland, 1975) (featuring Jolanta Bohdal as Matylda aged 33) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Miroslawa Krajewska, Jolanta Lothe, Ewa Miller, Józef Duriasz, Miroslaw Gruszczynski, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Halina Buyno-Loza, Katarzyna Laniewska, Marta Lawinska, Bohdana Majda, Maria Mamona and Sabina Wisniewska

Jolanta Bohdal in Urodziny Matyldy

Jolanta faces the daunting prospect of her thirtieth birthday in this uneven Polish romantic comedy. She's a bouncy young thing, but needs to get things together maturity-wise. A frequent visitor to the zoo, she is beginning to spend her time with fiercer and fiercer animals (from baby deers right the way up to tigers!), which perhaps is some sort of an indicator of progress in the right direction.

This short compilation begins with Jolanta somersaulting wearily out of bed. Endearing behaviour in a young niece (say), but in someone who's going to have to get the breakfast ready herself one day in the not-too-distant future? Hmm. Notice the give-away with the time on the radio alarm - 6:32 - not only a massive lie-in by Communist Bloc standards, but she's clearly been edging it forwards minute-by-minute to see just how much she can get away with. But will she shirk her responsibilities to the dads and uncles (say) watching at home and refuse to do a topless love scene? Happily the answer is No. There are two dreamy little vignettes, firstly (and hyper-tastefully) hinting that the left one at least is a perky little number, and continuing later on in a more conventionally frontal and tactile style.

Tags: petting


Urodziny Matyldy Urodziny Matyldy Urodziny Matyldy Urodziny Matyldy Urodziny Matyldy

Obrazki z zycia (Poland, 1976) (as Luba aged 34)

Jesli sie odnajdziemy (Roman Zaluski, Poland, 1983) (as Korbikowa aged 41)

Rajska jablon (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1986) (as Guest aged 44)

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