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Amanda York

A review and pictures of actress Amanda York naked in "Scrubbers".
Amanda York

Country: United Kingdom

An outwardly shy and sweet brunette who reminds one of her fellow countrywoman Jenny Agutter. But like Jenny however she's been involved with some pretty rum stuff.


Life for Christine (John Goldschmidt, UK, 1980) (as Christine Andrews)

Angels S07E03: Episode #7.3 (UK, 1981)

Angels S07E33: Episode #7.33 (Matthew Robinson, UK, 1981) (as Louise Holt)

Angels S07E01: Episode #7.1 (Matthew Robinson, UK, 1981)

Angels S07E21: Episode #7.21 (Matthew Robinson, UK, 1981)

Angels S07E19: Episode #7.19 (Matthew Robinson, UK, 1981)

Angels S07E32: Episode #7.32 (Matthew Robinson, UK, 1981)

Juliet Bravo S02E02: Arlene (Les Chatfield, UK, 1981) (as Arlene Davis)

Noddy (Richard Everitt, UK, 1981) (as Sharon)

# Scrubbers (Mai Zetterling, UK, 1982) (featuring Amanda York as Carol Howden) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Chrissie Cotterill, Elizabeth Edmonds, Kate Ingram, Mandi Symonds, Kathy Burke, Debby Bishop, Eva Mottley, Imogen Bain, Honey Bane, Camille Davis, Rachel Weaver and Dawn Archibald

Amanda York in Scrubbers

Ever wondered what happens to girls who take part in water fights? They get to mop up afterwards that's what. A warning to any budding minxes out there.

Amanda plays the quiet borstal inmate caught up when the more rowdy bunch kick off a riot. And goodness don't they look tough. The highlight of this clip, notwithstanding Amanda's charms, is Kathy Burke getting high on a bumper-sized tin of glue. Truly a star is born.

Tags: hosed, prisoner, undressing, wet-clothes


Scrubbers Scrubbers Scrubbers Scrubbers

The Gentle Touch S04E09: Tough Mrs. Rudge (Nic Phillips, 1982)

Luna S02E04: It Isn't How You Vict ot Flunk But How You Co-Participate (Chris Tookey, 1984) (as Gruzilla)

Fright Show (USA, 1985)

The Practice S02E04: Episode #2.4 (David Richards, UK, 1986)

The Practice S02E05: Episode #2.5 (Pedr James, UK, 1986)

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