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Sandra Bréa

Reviews and pictures of actress Sandra Bréa naked in "República dos Assassinos" and "Herança dos Devassos".
Sandra Bréa

Born: 1952   Country: Brazil

A mournful-looking but undeniably sensual actress from Brazil.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Sandra - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Assim na Terra Como no Céu (Brazil, 1970) (aged 18)

Um Uísque Antes, Um Cigarro Depois (Flávio Tambellini, Brazil, 1970) (as i (Um Uísque Antes) aged 18)

Faça Humor, Não Faça Guerra (Brazil, 1970) (aged 18)

Bicho do Mato (Brazil, 1972) (aged 20)

Cassy Jones, o Magnífico Sedutor (Luís Sérgio Person, Brazil, 1972) (as Clara aged 20)

Uau, a Companhia (Brazil, 1972) (aged 20)

Os Ossos do Barão (Brazil, 1973) (aged 21)

O Bem-Amado S00E00: Episode dated 24 January 1973 (Régis Cardoso, 1973) (aged 21)

Sedução (Fauzi Mansur, Brazil, 1974) (as Flametta aged 22)

Mulher (Daniel Filho, Brazil, 1974) (aged 22)

Corrida do Ouro S00E00: Episode dated 3 May 1974 (1974) (as Isadora aged 22)

Escalada (Brazil, 1975) (aged 23)

Sandra & Miele (Brazil, 1976) (as Sandra aged 24)

Os Mansos (Brazil, 1976) (as i (A B de Ouro) aged 24)

A Noite dos Duros (Adriano Stuart, Brazil, 1978) (aged 26)

O Pulo do Gato S00E00: Episode dated 16 January 1978 (1978) (as Noêmia aged 26)

Amada Amante (Cláudio Cunha, Brazil, 1978) (as Fátima aged 26)

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O Prisioneiro do Sexo (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1978) (as Ana aged 26)

# Herança dos Devassos (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1979) (featuring Sandra Bréa aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Claudete Joubert, Elizabeth Hartmann, Francisco Curcio, Ricardo Dias, Edward Freund, Roberto Maya, José Miziara and Mara Prado

Sandra Bréa in Herança dos Devassos

Two scenes from an elegant and strangely gothic family drama from Brazil. Sandra, undressing one evening, finds a snake in the shower. She screams so unconvincingly she's lucky anyone at all came running. The second part is a slow love scene.

Tags: padding, sex, undressed, undressing


Herança dos Devassos Herança dos Devassos Herança dos Devassos Herança dos Devassos

Memórias de Amor S00E00: Episode dated 5 March 1979 (1979) (as Lívia aged 27)

Os Imorais (Geraldo Vietri, Brazil, 1979) (as Glória aged 27)

# República dos Assassinos (Miguel Faria Jr., Brazil, 1979) (featuring Sandra Bréa as Marlene aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tarcísio Meira, Anselmo Vasconcelos, Silvia Bandeira, José Lewgoy, Tonico Pereira, Ítalo Rossi, Flávio São Thiago, Paulo Villaça, Milton Moraes, Vinícius Salvatori, Ivan de Almeida and José Dumont

Sandra Bréa in República dos Assassinos

Sandra is principal love interest to the protagonist in this Brazilian crime drama. The first scene is not a real wedding; it's on a film set, but it would be a shame to waste the costumes wouldn't it?

In the same vein, the second scene is not a real honeymoon, but does it hurt to pretend when you have such a pair of starry-eyed romantics? Sandra's cheerless beau is head of a police death squad by the way, so she's chancing it a bit when she takes him to task about a used handkerchief lying on the floor. Still, he only duffs her up a little bit. Hardly even noticeable when she's determined to weep her way through the whole film looking like Cinzia Monreale in Beyond the Darkness anyway. Yep, just because you're not dead yet doesn't mean you can't play the martyr.

Tags: bride, disrobing, seductress


República dos Assassinos República dos Assassinos República dos Assassinos República dos Assassinos República dos Assassinos

Sábado Alucinante (Cláudio Cunha, Brazil, 1979) (as Laura aged 27)

Sede de Amar (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1979) (as Tânia aged 27)

O Convite ao Prazer (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1980) (as Ana aged 28)

Elas por Elas (Brazil, 1982) (aged 30)

As Aventuras de Mário Fofoca (Adriano Stuart, Brazil, 1982) (aged 30)

Estúdio A... Gildo (Brazil, 1982) (aged 30)

Sabor de Mel (Brazil, 1983) (as Laura aged 31)

Tititi (Brazil, 1985) (aged 33)

Bambolê (Brazil, 1987) (as Glória Muller aged 35)

Grupo Escolacho (Brazil, 1988) (aged 36)

Pacto de Sangue S00E00: Episode dated 8 May 1989 (1989) (aged 37)

Gente Fina S01E01: Episode #1.1 (1990) (as Janete aged 38)

Felicidade (Brazil, 1991) (aged 39)

Zazá (Brazil, 1997) (aged 45)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Sandra - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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