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Marianne Mardi

A review and pictures of actress Marianne Mardi naked in "Sensuela".
Marianne Mardi

Country: Finland

A girl from Finland who sadly only ever played one part of note. She looks like she just might be from Lapland as that role suggested.


Hellyys (Jörn Donner, Finland, 1972) (as Naked Musician)

# Sensuela (Teuvo Tulio, Finland, 1973) (featuring Marianne Mardi as Laila Walk) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ossi Elstelä, Mauritz Åkerman, Ismo Saario, Maria Pertamo, Armas Ek, Marjatta Happonen, Eila Hartikainen, Julius Heikkilä, Heikki Huopainen, Matias Ikävalko, Markku Jokio and Jukka Kankaantähti

Marianne Mardi in Sensuela

Marianne plays Laila the innocent Lap girl come to the big city of Helsinki in this heartwarmingly insane piece of soft porn. It's the age old story but with a twist; her father's a reindeer herder who castrates the young bulls with his teeth as part of his job, so there's no telling what he might do if you ever give him something to be angry about.

Meanwhile Laila's taking a sauna with a bloke she's picked up. The pictures speak for themselves really: basically something like 'If you're invited to one you should definitely go.'

Tags: full-frontal, massage, outdoor, skinny-dip, soapsuds, spa, swimming, undressing, washing


Sensuela Sensuela Sensuela Sensuela Sensuela Sensuela

Lovelier Than Love (UK, 1978) (as Naked woman)

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