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Irina Yurevich

A review and pictures of actress Irina Yurevich naked in "Bud schastliva, Yuliya".
Irina Yurevich

Born: 1955   Country: Soviet Union

Wholesomely attractive stage and film actress.


Derevenskiye kanikuly (B. Jurakov, Soviet Union, 1969) (as Tanya aged 14)

Izhorskiy batalon (Gennadiy Kazanskiy, Soviet Union, 1972) (as Lena Snegiryova aged 17)

Printsessa na goroshine (Boris Rytsarev, Soviet Union, 1977) (as Second Princess aged 22)

Poyezdka cherez gorod (Soviet Union, 1979) (as Lida i (Poyezdka cherez gorod) aged 24)

Osennyaya istoriya (Inessa Seleznyova, Soviet Union, 1979) (aged 24)

Tolko v myusik-kholle (Nikolai Kovalsky, Soviet Union, 1980) (aged 25)

Neokonchennyy urok (Anatoly Tyutyunnik, Soviet Union, 1980) (as Liza Bragina aged 25)

Megre kolebletsya (Vyacheslav Brovkin, Soviet Union, 1982) (aged 27)

# Bud schastliva, Yuliya (Yacob Burgiu, Soviet Union, 1983) (featuring Irina Yurevich as Vera aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elena Proklova, Mihai Volontir, Eugenia Tudorascu, Victor Ciutak, Pyotr Barakchi, Yefim Lazarev and Vasili Tebyrtse

Irina Yurevich in Bud schastliva, Yuliya

Our hero's wife kindly invited Irina to live with them while she helped out on the family farm, in a nice foreshadowing welcoming her one summer's day on the very sofa in which this piece of minor scandal is to take place.

It's now Christmas time and Irina falls into a frozen pond while skating. This sort of thing happens a lot in cold climates (cf. Svetlana Smekhnova in Tayozhnaya povest) so it's as well to know what to do in the circumstances. The first thing is to shoo away the band of prattish and noisy merrymakers, they being something in the way of a hindrance. Now heft the girl over your shoulder (ignoring any protests) and carry her into the house.

Make her undress in the front parlour (again ignoring any protests) and lie face down on the sofa wrapped in a thick blanket. Vigorously rub warm oil into her limbs and torso, pulling back the blanket to expose the relevant parts as necessary. If you suddenly feel you've crossed a line somewhere and things are getting too intimate, embarrassedly cover up the girl's naked buttocks and hastily set to work massaging some warmth back into her feet instead. With luck she'll have left a lone sock on and you can have a chuckle about it together. A lovely way to break the ice (pun intended).

Tags: domestic, massage


Bud schastliva, Yuliya Bud schastliva, Yuliya Bud schastliva, Yuliya Bud schastliva, Yuliya Bud schastliva, Yuliya

Chelovek iz strany Grin (Tamara Pavlyuchenko, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 28)

Kabala svyatosh (Adolf Shapiro, Soviet Union, 1988) (as Armanda Bejar aged 33)

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