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Maryana Polteva

A review and pictures of actress Maryana Polteva naked in "La clef".
Maryana Polteva

Born: 1967   Country: Soviet Union

Wholesome, freckle-faced, and full-breasted ginger Russian actress. With a background in the Moscow theatre, her later roles in the cinema were sometimes relatively eccentric and daring.


Delo za toboy! (Nikolay Aleksandrovich, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 16)

Den gneva (Sulambek Mamilov, Soviet Union, 1985) (as Tina aged 18)

Khochu tebe skazat... (Vasili Pichul, Soviet Union, 1985) (aged 18)

Nachni snachala (Aleksandr Stefanovich, Soviet Union, 1986) (aged 19)

Vasha doch Aleksandra (Nikita Tyagunov, Soviet Union, 1986) (as Aleksandra aged 19)

Kreslo (Viktor Khramov, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 20)

Strakhovoy agent (Aleksandr Majorov, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 20)

Vsyo normalno (Olegs Rozenbergs, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 21)

Poputchik (Ivan Kiasashvili, Soviet Union, 1989) (as Olya aged 22)

Deti, begushchie ot grozy (Vladimir Makeranets, Soviet Union, 1991) (aged 24)

Kuritsa (Valentin Khovenko, Soviet Union, 1992) (as Nonna Kuroslepova aged 25)

Navazhdeniye (Igor Talpa, Russia, 1994) (as Sonechka aged 27)

# La clef (Pavel Chukhray, Russia, 1996) (featuring Maryana Polteva as Lawyer's Daughter aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Anatoliy Kuznetsov

Maryana Polteva in La clef

Russian drama set on the eve of the revolution. Maryana's family is very much of the ruling class, her father being a particularly well-fed example. It's morning and the homely young sleepy-head is heading for the bathroom. How much longer can it last, this world of lady's maids and sculpted marble baths? Maryana isn't letting such questions worry her and is happy to be pampered for today.

Tags: bath, domestic, full-frontal, undressed, washing


La clef La clef La clef La clef La clef

Prikosnoveniye (Albert S. Mkrtchyan, Russia, 1999) (aged 32)

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