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Claudine Beccarie

Reviews and pictures of actress Claudine Beccarie naked in "Draguse ou le manoir infernal", "Train spécial pour SS" and "Inhibition".
Claudine Beccarie

Born: 1945   Country: France

French porn star with the sort of finely chiselled features that made her not look like a porn star.

Claudine Beccarie (born 14 June 1945 in Créteil, Val-de-Marne, France) was a French pornographic actress of the 1970s. She started her porn career early in 1972 with an 8 mm loop of Lasse Braun, released in the Netherlands. She became famous in 1975 because of the documentary Exhibition about herself, which contained several staged hardcore scenes and gained the title "first French porn star". In 1976 she quit hardcore pornography and until the 1980s appeared in several Nazi exploitation films.  snippet from Wikipedia

Claudine's stills gallery

Claudine in Hitler
Hitler's Last Train (1977)


Réseau secret (Jean Bastia, France, 1967) (aged 22)

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (Yves Robert, France, 1972) (aged 27)

Un ange au paradis (Jean-Pierre Blanc, France, 1973) (aged 28)

Three Into Sex Won't Go (Guy Pérol, France, 1973) (aged 28)

L'héritier (Philippe Labro, France, 1973) (aged 28)

Un homme libre (Roberto Muller, France, 1973) (aged 28)

France société anonyme (Alain Corneau, France, 1974) (aged 29)

Les couples du Bois de Boulogne (Christian Gion, France, 1974) (aged 29)

La fille à l'envers (Serge Roullet, France, 1974) (aged 29)

Cat Dance of Sex (Jeanne Chaix, France, 1974) (aged 29)

La bonzesse (François Jouffa, France, 1974) (aged 29)

Prickly Problems (Jean-François Davy, France, 1974) (aged 29)

Chronical Sex (Patrice Rhomm, Belgium, 1975) (aged 30)

Théâtres érotiques de Paris (Robert de Nesle, France, 1975) (aged 30)

L'amour aux trousses (Jean-Marie Pallardy, France, 1975) (aged 30)

L'important c'est d'aimer (Andrzej Zulawski, France, 1975) (aged 30)

Les joyeuses (Jacques Otmezguine, France, 1975) (as Solange aged 30)

Godefinger ou Certaines chattes n'aiment pas le mou (Jean-Pierre Fougea, France, 1975) (as Prostitute aged 30)

Prostitution clandestine (Alain Payet, France, 1975) (as Claudine aged 30)

# Draguse ou le manoir infernal (Patrice Rhomm, France, 1976) (featuring Claudine Beccarie as Sarah aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Monica Swinn, Olivier Mathot, Sylvia Bourdon, Erika Cool, Gilbert Servien, Danièle Nègre, Martine Fléty, Alain Hardy, Patrice Rhomm, Pierre Quérut, Anne-Dominique and André Stéger

Claudine Beccarie in Draguse ou le manoir infernal

A Partridgesque French author renting a haunted house has engaged Monica Swinn as a secretary. She's a mixed blessing: efficient, but liable to suddenly start spinning a filthy yarn around the most blameless of household objects. When her eye lands upon the old phonograph for instance she comes up with a mucky tale starring nervous housewife Claudine.

Apparently Claudine's new husband is a keen amateur photographer, and has persuaded her to pose for him. 'Just undress and come down to the darkened cellar, it'll be perfectly alright' he reassures her. Shame he didn't tell her about the Nazi uniforms and his bottomless young blonde helper, the being chained to a swastika and raped with a whip handle, and so on. It's all uncannily similar to a rather good scene starring Heather Deeley in the contemporary British portmanteau film Diversions.

Tags: bondage, boots, fingering, full-frontal, lesbian, molested, posing, sex, stripped


Draguse ou le manoir infernal Draguse ou le manoir infernal Draguse ou le manoir infernal Draguse ou le manoir infernal Draguse ou le manoir infernal

Le pied!.. (Pierre Unia, France, 1975) (aged 30)

Emilienne (Guy Casaril, France, 1975) (aged 30)

Les jouisseuses (Lucien Hustaix, France, 1975) (aged 30)

Lèvres de sang (Jean Rollin, France, 1975) (as Claudine aged 30)

Change pas de main (Paul Vecchiali, France, 1975) (aged 30)

Hard Love (Serge Korber, Belgium, 1975) (aged 30)

Couche-moi dans le sable et fais jaillir ton pétrole... (Norbert Terry, France, 1975) (as La partouzeuse aged 30)

L'hippopotamours (Christian Fuin, France, 1976) (as Miss Cui-Cui aged 31)

Et si tu n'en veux pas (Jacques Besnard, France, 1976) (aged 31)

# Inhibition (Paolo Poeti, 1976) (featuring Claudine Beccarie as Carol Levis aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ilona Staller, Patrizia Gori, Dirce Funari, Ivan Rassimov, Cesare Barro, Mattia Machiavelli, Adolfo Caruso, Bruno Bertocci and Zaira Zoccheddu

Claudine Beccarie in Inhibition

Tedious North African-set hokum with some nicely filmed set-pieces. Claudine stars as a bored playgirl inclined to take out her romantic frustrations on her curvaceously angelic blonde secretary (Ilona Staller). It's not an original sexual dynamic (cf. Raquel Evans and Mireia Ros in Jill), but it's a good one.

The first clip stars Claudine in a solo masturbation scene. It's elegantly done, and quite explicit too. The second clip is set in the sort of up-market bathroom familiar to Jess Franco fans. The carryings-on will be familiar to those who have ever had young nieces to stay, and coincidentally also to Jess Franco fans. Actually it's a little excessive even by those standards; holding the poor girl's head under water with your foot, shame on you Claudine.

Tags: bath, fingering, full-frontal, masturbation, two-women, violator

Clip 1

Inhibition Inhibition Inhibition Inhibition Inhibition

Clip 2

Inhibition Inhibition Inhibition Inhibition Inhibition

Les pornocrates (Jean-François Davy, France, 1976) (as Herself aged 31)

Calmos (Bertrand Blier, France, 1976) (as La cliente cossue aged 31)

Elsa Fräulein SS (Patrice Rhomm, France, 1977) (aged 32)

Erotiki yperentasi (Ilias Mylonakos, Greece, 1977) (as Mona aged 32)

# Train spécial pour SS (Alain Payet, France, 1977) (featuring Claudine Beccarie as Rita aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Pamela Stanford, Monica Swinn, Sandra Mozarowsky, Christine Aurel, Yolanda Ríos, Bob Asklöf, Frank Braña, Erik Muller, Rudy Lenoir, Tony Rödel, Jacques Couderc and Miguel Ángel Godó

Claudine Beccarie in Train spécial pour SS

Something of a career low for Claudine in this comically inept Nazploiter as she takes the role of a high-born young woman pressganged onto a train loaded with whores under the command of power-crazed sadist Monica Swinn.

You know things are going to go badly for Claudine in the first clip when commanding officer Swinn is down to her bra and pants before the unsuspecting girl even enters her presence. I detect a hint of insolent swagger as she walks in, so perhaps she deserves the dressing down she's about to get. Namely, an SS officer riding her about the carriage in her see-thru black underwear while gleefully chanting a Nazi 'brothel-horsey' song. I imagine it was incidents like this that gave the SS a reputation for lacking empathy. Can't he see the girl's not really enjoying it?

There's more ill-treatment in the offing in the second clip, this time at the hands of a raiding party of Polish partisans. The guy in the wooly sweater is a classic. When invited to treat the captive girls 'like whores' he looks around vaguely as if in search of some sort of hint, then takes Claudine into a corner and spanks her. For a long time. Her squeals even continue in the background as the other girls are getting abused. And in an advance on the first clip this time she gets her bottom properly bared.

Moving on, the Germans recapture the train but need someone to shovel coal on the footplate to replace one of the casualties. Claudine (a countess remember) is the surprise volunteer: 'My father was in charge of the Hungarian railway system' she exposits helpfully. So you see, they don't just throw these scripts together. Before you can have a scene of a quick bunk-up in a coal tender you need the right characters, the right background stories, the right music, the right everything.

Tags: beaten, humiliation, spanking, tortured, undressed

Clip 1

Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS

Clip 2

Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS Train spécial pour SS

Nathalie rescapée de l'enfer (Alain Payet, France, 1978) (as Ingrid aged 33)

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