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Svetlana Tormakhova

A review and pictures of actress Svetlana Tormakhova naked in "Vaatleja".
Svetlana Tormakhova

Born: 1947   Country: Ukraine

A handsome actress known for playing the more serious-faced sort of roles in later Soviet cinema.


Yurkiny rassvety (Nikolai Ilyinsky, Soviet Union) (as Zhenya Grinevskaya)

Zloy malchik (Vladimir Grammatikov, Soviet Union, 1974) (as The woman aged 27)

Mednoy gory khozyayka (Oleg Nikolayevsky, Soviet Union, 1975) (aged 28)

Sobstvennoe mnenie (Yuli Karasik, Soviet Union, 1977) (as Vera Kyteyshchikova aged 30)

Khozhdenie po mukam: S01E06 Telegin (Vasili Ordynsky, 1977) (as Anisya aged 30)

Dozhdi po vsey territorii (Vladimir Shmakov, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Mariya aged 31)

Leto v Noane (August Kowalczyk, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Madeleine aged 31)

Togda v Sevilye (Vladimir Shlezinger, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Katerina aged 31)

Zolushka (Svetlana Dzhimbinova, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Anna aged 31)

Krasnoe pole (Vasiliy Ilyashenko, Soviet Union, 1980) (as Mariya aged 33)

Tropininy (Sergey Evlakhishvili, Soviet Union, 1981) (as Galya aged 34)

Velikiy samoed (Arkadi Kordon, Soviet Union, 1981) (aged 34)

Bespokoynoye leto (Yaroslav Lanchak, Soviet Union, 1981) (aged 34)

Den rozhdeniya (Leonid Maryagin, Soviet Union, 1982) (as Tonya aged 35)

Muzhiki! (Iskra Babich, Soviet Union, 1982) (as Inspector aged 35)

Poruchit generalu Nesterovu (Boris Galkin, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 37)

Blagie namereniya (Andrey Benkendorf, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 37)

Osenniye utrenniki (Aleksandr Muratov, Soviet Union, 1985) (as Yelena aged 38)

Ya sdelal vsyo, chto mog (Dmitri Salynsky, Soviet Union, 1986) (aged 39)

S neba na zemlyu (Yakov Segel, Soviet Union, 1986) (aged 39)

Trevogi pervykh ptits (Diamara Nizhnikovskaya, Soviet Union, 1986) (aged 39)

Zina-Zinulya (Pavel Chukhray, Soviet Union, 1986) (as Klava aged 39)

Staraya azbuka (Viktor Prokhorov, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 40)

Zolotaya svadba (Natalya Motuzko, Soviet Union, 1987) (as Paladya aged 40)

Svobodnoye padeniye (Mikhail Tumanishvili, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 40)

Posle voyny - mir (Anatoliy Nikitin, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 41)

Assa (Sergey Solovev, Soviet Union, 1988) (as Marya Antonovna - Bananan s Mother aged 41)

# Vaatleja (Arvo Iho, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring Svetlana Tormakhova as Aleksandra aged 43) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Erik Ruus

Svetlana Tormakhova in Vaatleja

Svetlana plays the gamekeeper of a small Estonian island wildlife reserve in this late Soviet perverse romance. This still being a Communist country you can be sure she's keeping the place in good order. And if by any chance she isn't, and is treating the place as her own private kingdom and wandering hither and thither killing animals to suit her own convenience for instance, well, at least this type of woman is the salt of the earth, and where would we be without them? Driving our own tractors for one thing.

Arriving for a stay on the island is a young man who - much to Svetlana's disgust - sees fit to employ his time as a birdwatcher. Probably gets paid for it as well. He's a handsome enough chap, but with a madman's stare - think the worst bits of Rik Mayall and Graham Fellows. Faced with the prospect of weeks adrift together this pair set about outdoing each other in petty and ill-tempered officiousness. Probably because they fancy each other.

Svetlana, a rugged woman never seen without three pairs of underwear and a woolly hat, has a nightmare: that one day someone will attempt to renovate the sauna hut which she has strategically allowed to fall into a state of extreme dilapidation. Alas today is that day. Chappie has the wood stove back in working order and has invited her to join him for an inaugural steam bath.

If you were to challenge her outright Sveta is the type to defiantly announce she is indifferent to whether she is seen clothed or naked. But then no one likes to be surprised and openly laughed at when taking down their drawers. And in this lady's case she wears so many pairs it's likely to happen with a total stranger purely by co-incidence, let alone with chummy walking in naked without knocking and his penis dangling.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that Svetlana is bashful about being naked in the company of a younger man. She soon gets over it though, all credit to her. Parking her pale matronly bottom on the wooden bench, at first clutching at birch leaves to hide her modesty, she eventually stretches out her body and allows the sprigs of vegetation to be put to their intended use. But no one gets over-excited, and the couple even stroll outside to enjoy the sunset. It's all rather idyllic in fact, and probably our girl is wondering why she never tried it before...

Tags: bashful, domestic, outdoor, sauna, undressing


Vaatleja Vaatleja Vaatleja Vaatleja Vaatleja

Dezertir (Vadim Kostromenko, Soviet Union, 1990) (as Yelena Yuryevna aged 43)

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Lyubov na ostrove smerti (Andrey Malyukov, Soviet Union, 1991) (aged 44)

Khromiye vnidut pervymi (Mikhail Kats, Ukraine, 1993) (aged 46)

2-Assa-2 (Sergey Solovev, Russia, 2008) (aged 61)

Otkuda berutsya deti? (Mariya Makhanko, Russia, 2008) (aged 61)

Anomaliya (Vasiliy Chiginskiy, Russia, 2017) (aged 70)

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