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Concha Velasco

Reviews and pictures of actress Concha Velasco naked in "Jaque a la dama", "Esposa y amante" and "Libertad provisional".
Concha Velasco

Born: 1939   Country: Spain

Veteran Spanish actress who trod the path from dancer to supporting actress in 'sixties comedies to star of marital dramas of the 'seventies. By the time restrictions on nudity were relaxed she was almost at the matronly stage but still ready and willing.

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La reina mora (Raúl Alfonso, Spain, 1955) (as Bailaora aged 16)

La fierecilla domada (Antonio Román, Spain, 1956) (as Fregona aged 17)

Mensajeros de paz (José María Elorrieta, Spain, 1957) (as Ana García aged 18)

Los maridos no cenan en casa (Jerónimo Mihura, Spain, 1957) (as Purita aged 18)

Dos novias para un torero (Antonio Román, Spain, 1957) (aged 18)

El bandido generoso (José María Elorrieta, Spain, 1957) (aged 18)

Muchachas en vacaciones (José María Elorrieta, Spain, 1958) (as Carmen Cerezo aged 19)

Las chicas de la Cruz Roja (Rafael J. Salvia, Spain, 1958) (as Paloma aged 19)

El día de los enamorados (Fernando Palacios, Spain, 1959) (as Conchita aged 20)

Los tramposos (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1959) (as Julita aged 20)

Vida sin risas (Rafael J. Salvia, Spain, 1960) (aged 21)

Crimen para recién casados (Pedro Luis Ramírez, Spain, 1960) (as Elisa Sáinz de Menéndez aged 21)

Amor bajo cero (Ricardo Blasco, Spain, 1960) (as Nuria Berenguer aged 21)

La paz empieza nunca (León Klimovsky, Spain, 1960) (as Paula aged 21)

Festival de Benidorm (Spain, 1960) (as Herself - Host aged 21)

Mi noche de bodas (Tulio Demicheli, Spain, 1961) (as Fernanda Jiménez aged 22)

Festival en Benidorm (Rafael J. Salvia, Spain, 1961) (as Lía aged 22)

Julia y el celacanto (Antonio Momplet, Spain, 1961) (as Julia Sánchez aged 22)

El indulto (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1962) (as Antonia aged 23)

Martes y trece (Pedro Lazaga, Portugal, 1962) (as Maria aged 23)

Sabían demasiado (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1962) (as Margarita aged 23)

Trampa para Catalina (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1963) (as Catalina aged 24)

Casi un caballero (José María Forqué, Spain, 1964) (as Susana aged 25)

La verbena de la Paloma (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1964) (as Susana aged 25)

La boda era a las doce (Julio Salvador, Spain, 1964) (as Elisa aged 25)

La frontera de Dios (César Fernández Ardavín, Spain, 1965) (aged 26)

Historias de la televisión (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1965) (as Katy aged 26)

El arte de no casarse (Jorge Feliu, Spain, 1966) (as Lolita - criada aged 27)

Las locas del conventillo (Fernando Ayala, Spain, 1966) (as María aged 27)

El arte de casarse (Jorge Feliu, Spain, 1966) (as Purita aged 27)

Hoy como ayer (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1966) (as Conchita aged 27)

Las que tienen que servir (José María Forqué, Spain, 1967) (as Juana aged 28)

Flash 20 (Félix Martialay, Spain, 1968) (as Herself aged 29)

Los que tocan el piano (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1968) (as Cayetana La Gandula aged 29)

Flash 22 (Félix Martialay, Spain, 1968) (as Herself aged 29)

Susana (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1969) (as Susana aged 30)

Pero... ¿en qué país vivimos? (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1969) (as Balbina González Bárbara aged 30)

Matrimonios separados (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1969) (as Natalia aged 30)

Una vez al año ser hippy no hace daño (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1969) (as Lisarda Flor de Lis aged 30)

Juicio de faldas (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1969) (as Marta aged 30)

Relaciones casi públicas (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1969) (as Marta aged 30)

Cuatro noches de boda (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1969) (as María José Alcaraz Díaz aged 30)

Después de los nueve meses (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1970) (as Nati aged 31)

El alma se serena (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1970) (as Chelín aged 31)

En un lugar de La Manga (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1970) (as Alicia aged 31)

Los gallos de la madrugada (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1971) (as Lola García aged 32)

La red de mi canción (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1971) (as Elena Ballesteros aged 32)

Préstame quince días (Fernando Merino, Spain, 1971) (as Iris aged 32)

La casa de los Martínez (Agustín Navarro, Spain, 1971) (aged 32)

La decente (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1971) (as Nuria aged 32)

Me debes un muerto (José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 1971) (as Irma aged 32)

Viaggio di nozze all'italiana (Mario Amendola, Italy, 1972) (as Rosetta de Curtis aged 33)

El vikingo (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1972) (as Ana aged 33)

Venta por pisos (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1973) (as Margarita aged 34)

El taxi de los conflictos (Antonio Ozores, Spain, 1973) (as La hermana de Catalina aged 34)

Las señoritas de mala compañía (José Antonio Nieves Conde, Spain, 1973) (as Dominga aged 34)

El amor empieza a medianoche (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1974) (as Elena aged 35)

Dormir y ligar: todo es empezar (Mariano Ozores, Spain, 1974) (as Herself aged 35)

Tormento (Pedro Olea, Spain, 1974) (as Rosalía de Bringas aged 35)

No encontré rosas para mi madre (Francisco Rovira Beleta, Spain, 1974) (as África aged 35)

Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego! (Pedro Olea, Spain, 1975) (as Paca aged 36)

Yo creo que... (Antonio Artero, Spain, 1975) (aged 36)

País S.A. (Antonio Fraguas 'Forges', Spain, 1975) (as Actores invitados aged 36)

Yo soy Fulana de Tal (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1975) (as Mapi Sánchez aged 36)

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Un lujo a su alcance (Ramón Fernández, Spain, 1975) (as Marta aged 36)

El love feroz o Cuando los hijos juegan al amor (José Luis García Sánchez, Spain, 1975) (as Marga aged 36)

Mi mujer es muy decente, dentro de lo que cabe (Antonio Drove, Spain, 1975) (as Margarita aged 36)

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Las bodas de Blanca (Francisco Regueiro, Spain, 1975) (as Blanca aged 36)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

# Libertad provisional (Roberto Bodegas, Spain, 1976) (featuring Concha Velasco as Alicia aged 37) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Patxi Andión, Montserrat Salvador, Francisco Jarque, Carlos Lucena, Josep Ballester, Conxita Bardem, Damià Barbany, Alfred Lucchetti, Carmen Liaño, Montserrat García Sagués, Nadala Batiste and Josep Minguell

Concha Velasco in Libertad provisional

Secretary and single mother Concha makes ends meet as a visiting librarian, document courier, and reader of bedtime stories to the comatose (cf. Miou-Miou in La lectrice). Roles which she blends seamlessly with amateur prostitution. Together with her heavy smoking and chewing-gum addiction that might make her a hard woman to respect, but her elegant looks and deportment are evidence of more prosperous earlier days.

When she tries her tricks on a young gent who she probably thinks is Joe from Tragic Ceremony it turns out he's just some robbing geezer trying it on as master of the house. Obvious soul-mates, they're soon in bed together and falling in love.

Despite Concha jumping at every chance to shed her clothes (she's a right one for spur-of-the-moment baths), unfortunately for we the viewers she doesn't manage a single nude scene that rises above cliché and mediocrity. And then there's the 'seventies lifestyle to deal with. Like fellas pouncing on their birds without putting their smokes out first. And the decor! That nighttime phone scene must have been a cry for help: 'Get me out of here, it's the wallpaper!!'. You'll be pleased to know the next scene shows our upwardly-mobile young chap on waste ground with nothing but tramps for company, chucking furniture on a bonfire with melancholy satisfaction.

Tags: bath, petting, phone, seductress, smoking, washing

Gallery 1

Libertad provisional Libertad provisional Libertad provisional Libertad provisional Libertad provisional

Gallery 2

Libertad provisional Libertad provisional Libertad provisional Libertad provisional Libertad provisional

# Esposa y amante (Angelino Fons, Spain, 1977) (featuring Concha Velasco as Luisa aged 38) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ángeles Lamuño, Victoria Abril, Ramiro Oliveros, Ricardo Merino, Erika Wallner, Daniel Martín, Antonio Gamero, Coral Pellicer, Sarita Gil, María Vico, María Elena Flores and Luis Ciges

Concha Velasco in Esposa y amante

In the opening credits of this Spanish marital drama Concha's daughter Victoria Abril is rushed to hospital after slashing her wrists while drugged-up and plastered at a wild party. An act career-blightingly out of character, so basically this is a look back at eighteen years of parenting failure. Sadly without much of the lovely Victoria, though we do see her on the receiving end of some wholesome parental slapping around towards the end (too little too late is what I say).

The first clip features a second-honeymoon style, rather wintry, stay at a hotel. Concha's husband hammers on the bathroom door while she's still naked under the shower. Boorish behaviour, but in the circumstances probably a good sign. A little later the lady has some modest but pleasing scenes turning over beneath the bedsheets.

The second clip begins in a hotel bar. Concha must have been reading her Erica Jong because I've no idea who this bloke is. But yes the lady will have a whisky thank you. Some unappealingly porcine lovemaking is evidently not enough for this total beast: he's still trying to get into Concha's tight pink knickers afterwards.

In the last clip Concha drags home yet another man who is not her husband. Perhaps it's the family solicitor, or her daughter's headmaster, or someone; at least it looks like she wants some important paperwork sorted out late one night. We finally get what we've been waiting for, a clear view of the lady's pale matronly bottom as it makes its way to the bathroom.

Tags: dressing, petting, sex, shower, smoking

Clip 1

Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante

Clip 2

Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante

Clip 3

Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante

Las largas vacaciones del 36 (Jaime Camino, Spain, 1977) (as Mercedes aged 38)

Musical de Mallorca 78 (Spain, 1978) (as Herself - Host aged 39)

# Jaque a la dama (Francisco Rodríguez Fernández, Spain, 1979) (featuring Concha Velasco as Ana aged 40) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ana Belén, María Rey, Pedro Díez del Corral, Heinrich Starhemberg, Eduardo MacGregor, Francisco Casares, Antonio Gamero, Ofelia Angélica, Juanjo Seoane, Olvido Lorente, Miguel Rellán and Carmen Orán

Concha Velasco in Jaque a la dama

In this earnest left-wing melodrama Concha plays a matron of the Spanish intellectual scene. It's framed around the question of why best friend Ana Belén committed suicide, as if that wasn't perfectly obvious. Crashing bores the lot of them.

Concha has a few scenes in which she bares her bust, but they're mostly too drably unflattering to be worth bothering with. But she does at least attend a toga party, one of the few social occasions on which you can guarantee no one will be wearing corduroy trousers or smoking a pipe.

Some of the young mums are dressed as Botticelli graces and are comporting themselves accordingly, with Concha happily joining in. Topless naturally, and as she reaches for another bottle of champagne you can see someone's let their niece get totally squiffy. Ana Belén tries to sober up the older woman as if she herself was the last person on earth to have any truck with shameless exhibitionism, which in this film at least turns out to be entirely true.

Tags: horseplay


Jaque a la dama Jaque a la dama Jaque a la dama Jaque a la dama Jaque a la dama

Ernesto (Salvatore Samperi, Italy, 1979) (as Aunt Regina aged 40)

Cinco tenedores (Fernando Fernán Gómez, Spain, 1980) (as Maruja aged 41)

Le cantique des créature: Pablo Picasso pintor (Frédéric Rossif, France, 1982) (as Narrator aged 43)

Especial Nochevieja 1983: Viva 84 (Fernando Navarrete, Spain, 1983) (as Herself - Greeter aged 44)

La colmena (Mario Camus, Spain, 1983) (as Purita aged 44)

Especial Nochevieja 1984: Viva 85 (Spain, 1984) (as Herself - Host aged 45)

Cinco minutos nada menos (Fernando García de la Vega, Spain, 1984) (as María Rosa aged 45)

Especial Nochevieja 1985: Viva 86 (Fernando Navarrete, Spain, 1985) (as Herself - Host aged 46)

Viva 87 (Fernando Navarrete, Spain, 1986) (as Herself - Host aged 47)

Fum, fum, fum (Xavier Manich, Spain, 1987) (as Herself aged 48)

Yo me bajo en la próxima, ¿y usted? (Adolfo Marsillach, Spain, 1987) (as Concha aged 48)

La hora bruja (Jaime de Armiñán, Spain, 1988) (as Pilar aged 49)

II premios Goya (Spain, 1988) (as Herself - Presenter aged 49)

Esquilache (Josefina Molina, Spain, 1989) (as Pastora aged 50)

¡Mamá, quiero ser artista! (Fernando Navarrete, Spain, 1989) (as Lucrecia aged 50)

Felicidades, Alberti (Rosa León, Spain, 1991) (as Herself aged 52)

Feliz cumpleaños, pantalla amiga (Spain, 1992) (as Herself - Host aged 53)

Yo me bajo en la próxima, ¿y usted? (José Sacristán, Spain, 1992) (as Concha aged 53)

La gala 93 (Spain, 1993) (as Herself aged 54)

Telemaratón (Spain, 1993) (as Herself aged 54)

Fotogramas de Plata 92 (Rafael Galán, Spain, 1993) (as Herself aged 54)

La gran revista. Homenaje a Celia Gámez (Spain, 1994) (as Herself - Host aged 55)

VIII premios Goya (Rafael Galán, Spain, 1994) (as Herself - Presenter aged 55)

Telemaratón (Spain, 1994) (as Herself aged 55)

Especial Los del Río: Treinta aniversario (Spain, 1994) (as Herself aged 55)

Nos vamos de vacaciones (Spain, 1994) (as Herself aged 55)

Gala TP de Oro 1993 (Spain, 1994) (as Herself aged 55)

La gran revista (Spain, 1995) (as Herself - Host aged 56)

Telemaratón (Jesús Hermida, Spain, 1995) (as Herself aged 56)

Un sueño de cine. Homenaje a Ana Belén (Patricia Ferreira, Spain, 1995) (as Herself aged 56)

Fotogramas de Plata 95 (Rafael Galán, Spain, 1996) (as Herself - Audience Member aged 57)

X premios Goya (Manuel Gómez Pereira, Spain, 1996) (as Herself - Presenter aged 57)

Más allá del jardín (Pedro Olea, Spain, 1996) (as Palmira aged 57)

La noche de los magníficos (Spain, 1996) (as Herself aged 57)

Sombras y luces: Cien años de cine español (Antonio Giménez Rico, Spain, 1996) (aged 57)

XI premios Goya (Pilar Miró, Spain, 1997) (as Herself - Nominee aged 58)

Unidos por la paz y la libertad (Susana Uribarri, Spain, 1997) (as Herself - Host aged 58)

El sueño de una noche... vieja (Irene Domínguez, Spain, 1997) (as Various Characters aged 58)

Especial campanadas (Spain, 1997) (as Herself - Host aged 58)

Telemaratón 1998 (Jesús Hermida, Spain, 1998) (as Herself aged 59)

Ricardo Franco: reencuentro (Manuel Palacios, Spain, 1998) (as Herself aged 59)

XIII premios Goya (Rosa Maria Sardà, Spain, 1999) (as Herself - Presenter aged 60)

Una noche alegre, Miguel Gila, 50 años en el escenario (Spain, 1999) (as Herself aged 60)

I premios ATV (Pedro Erquicia, Spain, 1999) (as Herself aged 60)

Tesoro (Miguel Ángel Vivas, Spain, 1999) (as Sor Lucía aged 60)

París Tombuctú (Luis García Berlanga, Spain, 1999) (as Trini aged 60)

III Gala de los Premios Anuales de la Academia de Televisión (Spain, 2000) (as Herself - Host aged 61)

II premios ATV (Spain, 2000) (as Herself - Host aged 61)

Diez años juntos. Gala del décimo aniversario (Spain, 2000) (as Herself aged 61)

Km. 0 (Yolanda García Serrano, Spain, 2000) (as Marga aged 61)

Gala de presentación de la programación 2001 (Pilar Tabares, Spain, 2001) (as Herself aged 62)

III premios ATV (Hugo Stuven, Spain, 2001) (as Herself aged 62)

XV premios Goya (Yolanda García Serrano, Spain, 2001) (as Herself - Host aged 62)

Los pasos perdidos (Manane Rodríguez, Argentina, 2001) (as Inés Laroche aged 62)

El sueño de la maestra (Luis García Berlanga, Spain, 2002) (aged 63)

Todos somos Galicia (Spain, 2002) (as Herself aged 63)

Fernando Fernán Gómez, retrato de un cómico (Rafael Galán, Spain, 2002) (as Herself - Host aged 63)

Los niños del jardín (Manuel M. Velasco, Spain, 2003) (as Isabel aged 64)

El oro de Moscú (Jesús Bonilla, Spain, 2003) (as Pastora Bernal aged 64)

Nuestra mejor canción (Esperanza Martín, Spain, 2004) (as Herself aged 65)

Concha Velasco, vida de artista (Spain, 2004) (as Herself aged 65)

Geniales: Concha Velasco (Valerio Lazarov, Spain, 2004) (as Herself - Honoree aged 65)

Nuestra mejor canción. La gran final (Esperanza Martín, Spain, 2004) (as Herself aged 65)

Concha Velasco, Medalla de Oro de la Academia de Cine (Spain, 2004) (as Herself - Honoree aged 65)

El cine en las venas (José Luis López-Linares, Spain, 2005) (as Herself aged 66)

XIX premios Goya (Juan Luis Iborra, Spain, 2005) (as Herself - Presenter aged 66)

El disco del año (Santiago Alcanda, Spain, 2005) (as Herself aged 66)

Las cerezas del cementerio (Juan Luis Iborra, Spain, 2005) (as Beatriz aged 66)

50 y más (Lisardo García, Spain, 2005) (as Herself aged 66)

Geraldine en España (Arantxa Aguirre, Spain, 2006) (as Herself aged 67)

Las 50 imágenes de nuestra vida (Jesús Hermida, Spain, 2006) (as Herself aged 67)

Hécuba, un sueño de pasión (Arantxa Aguirre, Spain, 2006) (as Herself aged 67)

XX premios Goya (Fernando Méndez-Leite, Spain, 2006) (as Herself - Host aged 67)

Bienvenido a casa (David Trueba, Spain, 2006) (as Madre Samuel aged 67)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Cámara negra. Teatro Victoria Eugenia (Carlos Rodríguez, Spain, 2007) (as Herself aged 68)

Chuecatown (Juan Flahn, Spain, 2007) (as Antonia aged 68)

El festival (Isaias Jiménez, Spain, 2007) (aged 68)

La extraña pareja: Pajares y Esteso (Roberto Butragueño, Spain, 2008) (as Herself aged 69)

Enloquecidas (Juan Luis Iborra, Spain, 2008) (as Nuria aged 69)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Gala TP de Oro 2007 (Spain, 2008) (as Herself aged 69)

Europasión (Spain, 2008) (as Herself aged 69)

XI Gala de los Premios Anuales de la Academia de Televisión (Simón Stern, Spain, 2009) (as Herself aged 70)

Regreso a la Luna (Jesús Hermida, Spain, 2009) (as Herself aged 70)

En la ciudad perdida (Luis Deltell, Spain, 2009) (as Herself aged 70)

País soñado (Luis Deltell, Spain, 2009) (as Herself aged 70)

23 premios Goya (Manel Iglesias, Spain, 2009) (as Herself - Presenter aged 70)

Por la gracia de Luis (José Luis García Sánchez, Spain, 2009) (as Herself aged 70)

¡Porque yo lo valgo! (Francisco Quintanar, Spain, 2009) (as Narradora aged 70)

Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2009 (Spain, 2010) (as Herself - Winner aged 71)

La copla popular: Isabel Pantoja y Manolo Escobar (Manuel Palacios, Spain, 2010) (as Herself aged 71)

Gala 20 aniversario (Gloria Galiano, Spain, 2010) (as Herself - Video aged 71)

Rabia (Sebastián Cordero, Mexico, 2010) (as Sra Torres aged 71)

Los Goya 25 años (Andreu Buenafuente, Spain, 2011) (as Herself - Audience Member aged 72)

La España de la copla (Emilio Ruiz Barrachina, Spain, 2011) (as Herself aged 72)

59 Festival de Cine de San Sebastián - Gala de inauguración (Manuel Palacios, Spain, 2011) (as Herself aged 72)

Espectadores (Pablo Peris, Spain, 2012) (as Herself aged 73)

Premios Ondas 2012 (Spain, 2012) (as Herself - Winner aged 73)

La noche del rey (Jenaro Castro, Spain, 2013) (as Herself aged 74)

Cómo se hizo 'España en serie' (Spain, 2013) (as Herself aged 74)

Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2012 (Spain, 2013) (as Herself - Nominee aged 74)

Los Goya 27 edición (Luis Campoy, Spain, 2013) (as Herself - Winner aged 74)

XV Premios Iris de la Academia de Televisión (Spain, 2013) (as Herself - Presenter aged 74)

Siete días entre costuras (Spain, 2014) (as Herself aged 75)

El culo del mundo (Andreu Buenafuente, Spain, 2014) (as Herself aged 75)

Premios Ceres de teatro 2014 (Manuel Palacios, Spain, 2014) (as Herself - Winner aged 75)

Flow (David Martínez, Spain, 2014) (as Madre de Walter aged 75)

Parte de tu vida (Ricardo A. Solla, Spain, 2014) (as Consejera aged 75)

Premios Ceres de Teatro 2015 (Manuel Palacios, Spain, 2015) (as Herself - Presenter aged 76)

XX Premio Cinematográfico José María Forqué (Spain, 2015) (as Herself - Presenter aged 76)

Fashionlins: Devota \u0026 Lomba (Manuel M. Velasco, Spain, 2017) (as Herself aged 78)

Muñeca Vudú (Inés de León, Spain, 2017) (aged 78)

Tramoyistas. La magia del teatro (David Calvo, Spain, 2017) (as Herself aged 78)

Premios Goya 32 edición (Luis Campoy, Spain, 2018) (as Herself - Presenter aged 79)

Querido Fotogramas (Sergio Oksman, Spain, 2018) (as Herself aged 79)

Mañana y siempre (Manuel M. Velasco, Spain, 2018) (aged 79)

Asesinato en el Hormiguero Express (Spain, 2018) (as Concha Velasco aged 79)

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