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Patricia Granada

Reviews and pictures of actress Patricia Granada naked in "Más allá del deseo" and "Secretos de alcoba".
Patricia Granada

Country: Spain

A little seen actress with a fine body and typically Spanish looks.


# Más allá del deseo (José Antonio Nieves Conde, Spain, 1976) (featuring Patricia Granada as Mercedes) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with María Luisa San José, Isabel Mestres, Mónica Randall, Ramiro Oliveros, Ricardo Merino, Paco Valladares, Manuel Torremocha, Ricardo Palacios, Remigio Sacristán, Enrique Karrio, Enrique Karrión and Francisco Merino

Patricia Granada in Más allá del deseo

Dull Spanish melodrama in which our playboy artist hero is moping about after the tragic death of mystery lady and romantic fixation María Luisa San José. Dazzling blonde Patricia tries to snap him out of it by almost literally stripping naked and throwing herself at his feet. Well it's the least a man can expect in the circumstances isn't it? If he's rich.

In a dubious move the director employs a PoV shot of Patricia sprawling on the bed, asking us to identify with a man who looks like he's about to cry. Anyway, he seems (despite - or perhaps because of - flashbacks to the old model) to acquit himself tolerably well, and Patricia leaves a polite interval before making her excuses and padding off to the bathroom. Meanwhile our man worships at the shrine to his lost love, unveiling a portrait in oils of the lady as a naked Venus rising. Mawkish, self-pitying, and above all downright tactless if you ask me.

Tags: disrobing, full-frontal, seductress, sex


Más allá del deseo Más allá del deseo Más allá del deseo Más allá del deseo Más allá del deseo

A la legión le gustan las mujeres... y a las mujeres, les gusta la legión (Rafael Gil, Spain, 1976) (as Natacha)

El alijo (Ángel del Pozo, Spain, 1976) (as Gerda)

# Secretos de alcoba (Francisco Lara Polop, Spain, 1977) (featuring Patricia Granada as Remedios) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with María Salerno, Isabel Luque, Víctor Valverde, África Pratt, Carmen Platero, Héctor Alterio, Ricardo Merino, Francisco Algora, Marlene Mark, José Calvo, Alicia González and Juan Miguel Cuesta

Patricia Granada in Secretos de alcoba

Competent melodrama concerning marital infidelities amongst the Spanish bourgeoisie. That's about all I can tell you about it, this being such an obscure title. Its director seems little regarded, unfairly if this and Climax are representative of his work. Patricia seems to be a wife of the too young, too high-maintenance type. Her man needs to be a little more assertive I think. Granted she undresses for him in spectacular style, but any evening that ends with writing a woman a cheque can't be counted an unqualified success.

Tags: full-frontal, undressing


Secretos de alcoba Secretos de alcoba Secretos de alcoba Secretos de alcoba Secretos de alcoba

La visita del vicio (José Ramón Larraz, Spain, 1978) (as Lorna)

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