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Sandra Graffi

Reviews and pictures of actress Sandra Graffi naked in "Tensão e Desejo", "O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia", "As Seis Mulheres de Adão", and 5 more titles.
Sandra Graffi

Born: 1962   Country: Brazil

An absolutely ravishing slim blonde bombshell from Brazil. Sadly she had a relatively short career. Her trademark was a magnificent haughtiness.


Anarquia Sexual (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1981) (aged 19)

# O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1981) (featuring Sandra Graffi aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elys Cardoso, Neide Ribeiro, Bentinho, Luiz Carlos Braga, Eudes Carvalho, Tony Cassab, Arlete Montenegro, Márcio Nogueira and Roque Rodrigues

Sandra Graffi in O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia

Sandra plays one of a gang of call-girls in this pornochanchada. She happens to hook up with this chap (Luiz Carlos Braga) without an appointment, bumping into him while out shopping. Anyone familiar with this character can guess that our girl's in for a relatively easy ride: a fussy type, but overall not too demanding. He's just interested in recreating the artwork on the walls of his suite. To perfection. With not a hair out of place. Especially not Sandra's...

Tags: bath, full-frontal, prostitute, sex, soapsuds, undressing


O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia O Sexo Nosso de Cada Dia

Prazeres Permitidos (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1981) (aged 19)

A Primeira Noite de Uma Adolescente (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1982) (aged 20)

# Curral de Mulheres (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Sandra Graffi as Betty aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Márcia Fraga, Shirley Benny, Elizabeth Hartmann, Vanessa Alves, Elys Cardoso, Maurício do Valle, Lígia de Paula, Regina Lopes, Kátia Spencer, Fátima Nunes, Sérgio Hingst and João Paulo Ramalho

Sandra Graffi in Curral de Mulheres

Sandra is imprisoned in the jungle in a squalid wooden stockade. Still, the showering facilities are first class, so why worry? But something seems to be missing: a catfight. And if Sandra has no one in the shower to catfight with, she'll just have to pick a squabble with someone and drag them in.

Tags: catfight, full-frontal, prisoner, shower, soapsuds, violator, washing


Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres Curral de Mulheres

# Mulher Tentação (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Sandra Graffi as Melissa aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Shirley Santos, Danielle Ferrite, Priscila Alves, Luiz Carlos Braga, Renée Casemart, Gunther Grillo, Waldemar Laurentis, Evelize Oliver and Márcio Prado

Sandra Graffi in Mulher Tentação

A masterpiece of a marital comedy from Ody Fraga. Sandra, the daughter of a middle-class household, takes a young lover. Her father meanwhile is an uncompromising voyeur. No peeping through keyholes for him - he has to open the door and stick his whole head through! Enjoy the soft focus, pan pipes, and exquisitely bizarre send-up sex scenes.

Tags: fingering, horseplay, sex, shower, voyeur, washing


Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação Mulher Tentação

Amor Estranho Amor (Walter Hugo Khouri, Brazil, 1982) (aged 20)

# As Safadas (Inácio Araújo, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Sandra Graffi as Nanci aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marliane Gomes, Vanessa Alves, Isa Kopelman, Zilda Mayo, Wilson Sampson, Jonia Freund, Carlos Koppa, Armando Tirabosqui, Cláudio Mamberti, Cássia Godoy, Carlos Milani and Sérgio Hingst

Sandra Graffi in As Safadas

This short story is the middle of three, and could stand alone as a miniature masterpiece. Putting such considerations aside for a moment, let's take a look at the dirty bits. Sandra opens the story with a love scene, closing the curtains of her shabby flat against the naked city of São Paulo. She has taken a traditional latin lover, but one of those insecure types who can't feel butch until he's slapped a woman across the face repeatedly. There must be something better...

The upstairs neighbour is noisy, of ugly countenance, and fat with it, but Sandra takes an unaccountable liking to him ('He's got a glandular complaint' she shrugs - 'Yeah, and that's the nicest thing you could find to say about him' a bitchy flatmate might retort).

Anyway, Sandra makes love with the man. She's at her willowy best here, innocent, with her hair thrown across to one side like a pigtail. She opens the scene blindfolded, crouching on all fours, but it's not kinky. Not yet anyway...

Tags: full-frontal, petting, sex, undressing, window

Clip 1

As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas

Clip 2

As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas

# Vadias Pelo Prazer (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Sandra Graffi aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Vanessa Alves, Elys Cardoso, Luiz Carlos Braga, Carlos Casan, Célia Coutinho, Taya Fatoon, Heitor Gaiotti, Regina Helena, Sérgio Hingst, Carlos Milani and Fábio Vilalonga

Sandra Graffi in Vadias Pelo Prazer

Mostly forgettable pornochanchada starring Sandra and Vanessa Alves as two carefree and well-to-do young sisters.

In the first scene Vanessa joins Sandra in a bathtub that seems scarcely big enough for herself alone. Maybe people from large families can work out how to get away with this sort of thing but I can't. 'But Uncle', the girls will say, 'it's easy! All the spare water just sloshes onto the floor!' Hmm. I bet this is how Archimedes came up with his Principle. When he'd finished with the mop and bucket he noticed that the spillage weighed exactly the same as his youngest niece.

The second clip is a dull sex scene made no better by Sandra's beau having an arse hairier than James Martin's. Things pick up afterwards when Sandra gets off the bed and as is her wont starts bossing the ape around.

Tags: bath, full-frontal, mirror, sex, soapsuds, two-women

Clip 1

Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer

Clip 2

Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer Vadias Pelo Prazer

Brisas do Amor (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1982) (aged 20)

# As Seis Mulheres de Adão (David Cardoso, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Sandra Graffi as Amanda aged 20) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Fátima Celebrini, Shirley Benny, Elys Cardoso, Marli Mendes, Cristina Labronici, Tânia Cristina, Luiz Carlos Braga, Lu Martan, David Cardoso, Dayse Duraes, Roberto Fedegozo and Paulo Gil

Sandra Graffi in As Seis Mulheres de Adão

Only five years earlier David Cardoso had been dealing with nineteen women at once, including Helena Ramos, but we all slow down as we get older, and the total is drastically reduced as he sends himself up in this well-produced pornochanchada. Bringing the tally to six is Sandra, unlike the others distinctly virginal, not really her style but I'm not complaining, especially if it means her showing off her exquisitely slim figure in such an elegant pink leotard.

The first compilation begins at ballet school when Sandra is called away from her exercises at the barre to speak with Marli Mendes on the phone. I don't exactly know what this scheming woman has in mind for Sandra, but I'm betting it means No Good for the girl. And sure enough, Cardoso turns up in her dressing room uninvited. Virginal she may be, but Sandra turns out to be not entirely unwilling.

The second longer clip is an assignation that begins and ends to the dramatic strains of Mussorgsky. Cardoso has obviously made an effort because uncharacteristically his underpants while not exactly new are at least clean. Oddly enough the archetypal lover boy doesn't acquit himself terribly well; Sandra isn't the only one with a hint of the virginal about their performance. The sex scene ends as all good farces ought to with the rascal fleeing the house bare-arsed and the damsel an unconscious naked heap on the floor.

Tags: bashful, dressing, full-frontal, mirror, sex, undressed, voyeur

Clip 1

As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão

Clip 2

As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão As Seis Mulheres de Adão

# Tudo na Cama (Antonio Meliande, Brazil, 1983) (featuring Sandra Graffi aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Matilde Mastrangi, Monique Lafond, Zilda Mayo, Célia Coutinho, Liana Duval, Walter Forster, Ênio Gonçalves, Lu, Arlete Montenegro and Railda Nonato

Sandra Graffi in Tudo na Cama

A long and deliciously carnal scene starring the lovely Sandra from a late-period pornochanchada written by Ody Fraga and directed in his inexplicably crapfest style by acclaimed cinematographer Antonio Meliande. It's the tale of a young Romeo who is to be married on the morrow (to Matilde Mastrangi no less) but is still struggling to shake off a string of old girlfriends. How easily such storylines flow from the pens of the conceited!

Sandra, one such ex, turns up on the wedding's eve unannounced, wanders up to our hero's bedroom, strips herself naked, then acts like it ought to be some sort of pleasant surprise. Which it might well have been if the Aunts hadn't needed that bedroom to store the wedding presents! To make matters worse the slighted Sandra is refusing to either put some clothes on or open the door. Perhaps chappie's mother (Liana Duval, a fine matronly lady whose natural tolerance is often imposed upon by antics like this, cf. Pornô! (1981)) will know what to do? On the other hand, maybe he can sort it out himself with a ladder, an open window, and a well-aimed smack to the bottom.

Tags: full-frontal, horseplay, sex, undressing, workout


Tudo na Cama Tudo na Cama Tudo na Cama Tudo na Cama Tudo na Cama

Põe Devagar... Bem Devagarinho (Tony Rabatoni, Brazil, 1983) (aged 21)

O Escândalo na Sociedade (Arlindo Barreto, Brazil, 1983) (aged 21)

# Tensão e Desejo (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1983) (featuring Sandra Graffi aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Zélia Diniz, Meiry Vieira, Zilda Mayo, Luiz Carlos Braga, Lígia de Paula, Léo Magalhães, Márcio Nogueira, Rubens Pignatari, Roque Rodrigues and Armando Tirabosqui

Sandra Graffi in Tensão e Desejo

Humorous melodrama starring Sandra as a new schoolteacher in a sleepy Brazilian town. Her headmistress is Zélia Diniz, a marginally desperate housewife type for whom meeting a junior colleague for the first time is every bit as exciting as bringing home a new puppy. It's a real 'win-win' situation: young schoolteachers (and secretaries etc.) are easier to bath than puppies, if you're a glamorous woman at any rate.

The uninhibited Sandra goes down a storm with just about everybody in town, including Luiz Carlos Braga who is (we are led to believe) a very important man. He's also the sort to bungle his own fantasies. Sandra strips naked and ravishes him to a stirring Beethoven symphony, only to start knocking him about really badly.

Sandra may have been putting it about in unprecedented fashion but Zélia has not forgotten her. In fact she's fallen madly, passionately in love with the girl. Only to be rejected. So brandy and sleeping pills it is then, and one final fantasy of the two women running free and naked together. A classic scene from a generally murky (especially visually) offering.

Tags: dancing, full-frontal, lesbian, music, outdoor, running, seductress, sex, shower, undressing, violator, washing, weapon

Clip 1

Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo

Clip 2

Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo

Clip 3

Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo Tensão e Desejo

S.O.S. Sex-Shop (Alberto Salvá, Brazil, 1984) (as Sueli aged 22)

Extremos do Prazer (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1984) (as Ruth aged 22)

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