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Valérie Boisgel

Reviews and pictures of actress Valérie Boisgel naked in "Le sexe nu" and "Le rallye des joyeuses".
Valérie Boisgel

Born: 1946   Country: France

A slim busty blonde naturally suited to the French soft porn flicks of the early 'seventies, she soon became disillusioned with the increasing squalour of the genre.


Le chant du monde (Marcel Camus, France, 1965) (aged 19)

Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1965) (as 2nd Seductress Third Class aged 19)

Angélique et le roy (Bernard Borderie, France, 1966) (aged 20)

Illusions perdues (Maurice Cazeneuve, France, 1966) (aged 20)

L'Arlésienne (Pierre Badel, France, 1967) (as La servante aged 21)

Dossier prostitution (Jean-Claude Roy, France, 1970) (as Mariette aged 24)

Hello-Goodbye (Jean Negulesco, UK, 1970) (aged 24)

La rose écorchée (Claude Mulot, France, 1970) (as Catherine aged 24)

Les Charlots font l'Espagne (Jean Girault, France, 1972) (aged 26)

Les chemins de pierre (Joseph Drimal, France, 1972) (aged 26)

Les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret: S06E04 Maigret en meublé (Claude Boissol, 1972) (as L infirmière aged 26)

Le double assassinat de la rue Morgue (Jacques Nahum, France, 1973) (as La fille de joie aged 27)

# Le sexe nu (José Bénazéraf, France, 1973) (featuring Valérie Boisgel as La femme refuge aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Chantal Arondel, Nathalie Zeiger, Gilda Arancio, Dany Daniel, Alain Tissier, Loïc Porzier, Frederica Page, Jerry Brouer, José Bénazéraf, Arlène Fontaine, Patricia Hermenier and Noëlle Louvet

Valérie Boisgel in Le sexe nu

More than typically pretentious French collection in which Valérie is credited as La femme refuge, presumably an idiomatic form of mistress. A more literal translation might suit the early scenes where she baths our hero in such a way as he can't have enjoyed since he was in his nursery.

The action eventually hots up, with many enticing glimpses of Valérie's pale pink flesh, such a welcome change from the tanned bodies that would soon come to dominate the erotic scene. The lovemaking is punctuated by our man's wistful confessional meditations on a life of sexual excess. Including bedding checkout girls, fantasising about lesbians in railway sleeping compartments, and attending at least one orgy. Not much cause for regret there I don't think; countless men are guilty of the same list of sins (except for the bit about the orgy).

The second clip sees Valérie going solo to alienating electronic music.

Tags: bath, full-frontal, horseplay, masturbation, sex, washing

Clip 1

Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu

Clip 2

Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu Le sexe nu

La dévoreuse (André Teisseire, France, 1974) (as Jane aged 28)

Sexuellement vôtre (Max Pécas, France, 1974) (as Alice de Clermont aged 28)

Le polygame (Maurice Jacquin Jr., France, 1974) (as Elizabeth Winter aged 28)

Les faucheurs de marguerites: S01E01 (Marcel Camus, 1974) (aged 28)

Les faucheurs de marguerites: S01E02 (Marcel Camus, 1974) (aged 28)

Les faucheurs de marguerites: S01E03 (Marcel Camus, 1974) (aged 28)

Des filles expertes en jeux clandestins (Guy Maria, France, 1974) (as Rolande Glory aged 28)

Le corps a ses raisons (Eddy Naka, France, 1974) (as Valérie aged 28)

Le tango de la perversion (Pierre-Claude Garnier, France, 1974) (as Loretta aged 28)

# Le rallye des joyeuses (Alain Nauroy, France, 1974) (featuring Valérie Boisgel as Martine aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Annie Belle, Monique Vita, Anne Libert, Pierre Danny, Michel Vocoret, Maurice Illouz, Henri Génès, Serge Davri, Yves Collignon, Joëlle Coeur, Jacqueline Doyen and Albert Begards

Valérie Boisgel in Le rallye des joyeuses

Valérie stands out in this manky French comedy by wearing round steel-rimmed spectacles perched on the end of her nose just like your favourite schoolmistress. Strangely they don't make her look more intelligent, nor act it. In fact she's the stupidest person in the film, and that's against some pretty stiff competition.

Jumping out of the car (she is a 'co-driver' in one of those illegal trans-national rallies popular at the time) to pop into the greengrocer's, instead of making a purchase of légumes, Valérie defies all expectations by 'having it off' with the proprietor, a typical Frenchman. In the process destroying some of the stock and upsetting the man's poor wife.

Tags: food, full-frontal, glasses, sex


Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses Le rallye des joyeuses

Les enjambées (Jeanne Chaix, France, 1974) (as Nicole Degand aged 28)

La villa (Alain Nauroy, France, 1975) (as Helene aged 29)

Les tringleuses (Alphonse Beni, Italy, 1975) (aged 29)

L'hôtel de la plage (Michel Lang, France, 1978) (as La mère de Rose-Annie aged 32)

L'inspecteur mène l'enquête: S01E23 De main de maître (1978) (aged 32)

Une fille seule (René Lucot, France, 1979) (as Nathalie aged 33)

French Love (François Cognard, France, 1998) (as Self aged 52)

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