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Ágata Lys

Reviews and pictures of actress Ágata Lys naked in "Violación fatal", "Deseo carnal" and "La nueva Marilyn".
Ágata Lys

Born: 1953   Country: Spain

Dazzling Spanish dollybird popular as a TV hostess. She had enough screen presence (and blonde hair dye) to star in a good few undistinguished but popular films of the 'seventies.

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De espaldas a la puerta (José María Forqué, Spain, 1959) (as Princesa aged 6)

In nome del padre, del figlio e della Colt (Mario Bianchi, Italy, 1971) (as Antonietta Pickford aged 18)

Il coltello di ghiaccio (Umberto Lenzi, Italy, 1972) (aged 19)

...e così divennero i 3 supermen del West (Italo Martinenghi, Italy, 1973) (as Yolanda aged 20)

Ella (Trágica obsesión) (Tulio Demicheli, Spain, 1973) (aged 20)

El juego del adulterio (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, Spain, 1973) (as Margot aged 20)

Uno, dos, tres... dispara otra vez (Tulio Demicheli, Italy, 1973) (as Ingrid Cogan aged 20)

Me has hecho perder el juicio (Juan de Orduña, Spain, 1973) (as Charo aged 20)

Don Juan (Antonio Mercero, Spain, 1974) (as Doña Inés aged 21)

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Sex o no sex (Julio Diamante, Spain, 1974) (as Chica sexy aged 21)

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Onofre (Luis María Delgado, Spain, 1974) (as Asunción aged 21)

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El último viaje (José Antonio de la Loma, Spain, 1974) (as Cati aged 21)

Pasqualino Cammarata... capitano di fregata (Mario Amendola, Italy, 1974) (as Novella Ferraris aged 21)

Los Kalatrava contra el imperio del karate (Manuel Esteba, Spain, 1974) (as Ágata aged 21)

Vacaciones sangrientas (Juan Jaime Bernos, Spain, 1974) (as Sharon aged 21)

Los fríos senderos del crimen (Carlos Aured, Spain, 1974) (as Helen aged 21)

Strip-tease a la inglesa (José Luis Madrid, Spain, 1975) (aged 22)

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Gran Especial 'Feliz Año Nuevo' (Valerio Lazarov, Spain, 1975) (as Herself - Host aged 22)

El último tango en Madrid (José Luis Madrid, Spain, 1975) (aged 22)

Das Tal der tanzenden Witwen (Volker Vogeler, West Germany, 1975) (as Maria aged 22)

Las alegres vampiras de Vögel (Julio Pérez Tabernero, Spain, 1975) (as Ethel aged 22)

La iniciación en el amor (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1976) (as Licenia aged 23)

La noche de los cien pájaros (Rafael Moreno Alba, Spain, 1976) (as Mónica aged 23)

Las camareras (Joaquín Coll Espona, Spain, 1976) (as Susana aged 23)

El erotismo y la informática (Fernando Merino, Spain, 1976) (as Adela Martínez aged 23)

# La nueva Marilyn (José Antonio de la Loma, Spain, 1976) (featuring Ágata Lys as Teresa aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Verónica Miriel, Eva Robin, Ricardo Merino, Silvia Solar, Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper', Carlos Tristán, Mario Gas, Iván Tubau, Josep Ballester, Jordi Torras, Juan Fernández and Fredy Ripers

Ágata Lys in La nueva Marilyn

Pedestrian Spanish pseudo-biopic about a young starlet following in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe. Poor Ágata has to run the gauntlet from the bright lights of the glamour snapper's studio to shivering naked in the dark beneath the stairs, all without the benefit of an intervening period of global cinematic stardom.

Tags: corpse, posing, see-thru, tearful


La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn La nueva Marilyn

Sábado, chica, motel ¡qué lío aquel! (José Luis Merino, Spain, 1976) (as Elisa aged 23)

Al fin solos, pero... (Antonio Giménez Rico, Spain, 1977) (aged 24)

Fango (Silvio F. Balbuena, Spain, 1977) (as Marion aged 24)

Las marginadas (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1977) (as Cristina aged 24)

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Sexy... amor y fantasía (Juan Xiol, Spain, 1977) (as Ángela aged 24)

Las desarraigadas (Francisco Lara Polop, Spain, 1977) (as Andrea Ray aged 24)

El transexual (José Jara, Spain, 1977) (as Lona aged 24)

El huerto del Francés (Paul Naschy, Spain, 1978) (as Charo aged 25)

# Violación fatal (León Klimovsky, Spain, 1978) (featuring Ágata Lys as Veronica aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Irene Foster, Isabel Pisano, Heinrich Starhemberg, Ricardo Merino, Antonio Mayans, Sandra Alberti, Aparicio Rivero and Tony García Jr.

Ágata Lys in Violación fatal

Ágata stars as the landlady of a country guest house in this rickety Spanish giallo. An absolute angel of a woman, a joy to watch just bustling about her kitchen getting the luncheon ready for her treasured guests. It's a shame she outs herself as a positive nutcase within the first few minutes, but these things like to keep you guessing so I'm not going to accuse her of any razor-slashing murders just on the strength of her abusing a cat or two. And anyway, who cares about the nasty beasts when she looks so radiant afterwards?

The trigger for this little episode here is the arrival of a new guest, a passably handsome Paul Eddington sort who looks (and sometimes even acts) like a dissipated scoutmaster lying low until the fuss about the court case blows over. So it's time for Ágata to dig up the memories of her standard issue 'wedding night from hell', forced to strip off her clothes in front of the unseen and silent occupant of a moth-eaten old armchair. All of which, of course, bodes ill.

Ágata has a very strong screen presence in this film, but she's never been much of an actress. Hack director Klimovsky is not the man to bring out any latent abilities in this regard. Hence the leading lady rubbing the tears out of her eyes with all the subtlety of Alan Partridge consoling a widow at a funeral. And the ill-chosen music fails to add gravitas to the scene. But still, as the saying goes, 'nice tits'.

Tags: humiliation, stripped, tearful


Violación fatal Violación fatal Violación fatal Violación fatal Violación fatal

Avisa a Curro Jiménez (Rafael Romero Marchent, Spain, 1978) (as Henriette aged 25)

Pasión inconfesable (Ramón Torrado, Spain, 1978) (as Adela aged 25)

# Deseo carnal (Manuel Iglesias, 1978) (featuring Ágata Lys as Margot aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Verónica Miriel, Tony Fuentes, José Riesgo, Carmen Martínez Sierra, Ramón Centenero, Ángela Reyno, Diana Salcedo, Antonio Almorós, Mari Carmen Alvarado, Antonio Gimbel, Isidro Luengo and Lorenza Martín

Ágata Lys in Deseo carnal

Ridiculous Spanish melodrama about a young man in search of the mother who abandoned him as a baby. His quest has landed him at a nightclub in Amsterdam. One of the rummer ones too. Ágata is in charge of the place, also getting up on stage to sing the odd number.

Treacherous Ágata has our man drugged, carried to her bedroom, and stripped by her burly henchman. Said loyal sidekick drops a word that the lady's fresh morsel is ready as she's naked under the shower, polishing her buttocks into the perfect sheen. The helpless young fellow duly undergoes emission under the grinding of Ágata's hips, triumph shining through her eyes.

The next morning our man has a sore head, and to his dismay cannot find a stitch to wear. Ágata returns burdened with parcels, clothes for him no doubt (hopefully including a less egregiously unfashionable style of underpants, last night was pretty mortifying). Even if he can't remember the rape, when Ágata pecks him on the lips as he showers I bet the fellow can't help lamenting he's fumbled the initiative on this one.

Tags: seductress, sex, shower, violator


Deseo carnal Deseo carnal Deseo carnal Deseo carnal Deseo carnal

Una mujer de cabaret (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1979) (as Laura aged 26)

Una mujer y un cobarde (Silvio F. Balbuena, Spain, 1979) (aged 26)

Especial Nochevieja 1979 (José María Morales, Spain, 1980) (as Herself - Performer aged 27)

Los santos inocentes (Mario Camus, Spain, 1984) (as Doña Pura aged 31)

The Return of the Musketeers (Richard Lester, UK, 1989) (as Duchesse de Longueville aged 36)

Taxi (Carlos Saura, Spain, 1996) (as Reme aged 43)

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Asunto interno (Carles Balagué, Spain, 1997) (as Viuda Anglada aged 44)

Pintadas (Juan Estelrich Jr., Spain, 1997) (as Tania aged 44)

Familia (Fernando León de Aranoa, Spain, 1997) (as Sole aged 44)

Corazón de bombón (Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia, Spain, 2001) (as Marga aged 48)

Cómo afrontar con éxito una entrevista de trabajo (Marcel Montealegre, Spain, 2003) (as Entrevistadora aged 50)

Haz conmigo lo que quieras (Ramón De España, Spain, 2004) (as Pastora aged 51)

Mala uva (Javier Domingo, Spain, 2004) (as Puri aged 51)

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