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Esther Mellinger

A review and pictures of actress Esther Mellinger naked in "O Homem do Corpo Fechado".
Esther Mellinger

Born: 1938   Country: Brazil

She added a dash of carnivalesque colour to a handful of Brazilian productions, as well as featuring in the occasional genre piece or telenovela.


Aí Vêm os Cadetes (Luiz de Barros, Brazil, 1959) (aged 21)

Orfeu Negro (Marcel Camus, Brazil, 1959) (aged 21)

Esse Rio Que Eu Amo (Carlos Hugo Christensen, Brazil, 1962) (aged 24)

Quiero morir en carnaval (Fernando Cortés, Mexico, 1962) (aged 24)

Interpol llamando a Río (Leo Fleider, Brazil, 1964) (aged 26)

Seara Vermelha (Alberto D'Aversa, Brazil, 1964) (aged 26)

A Lei do Cão (Jece Valadão, Brazil, 1967) (as Alice aged 29)

Vereda de Salvação (Anselmo Duarte, Brazil, 1971) (as Artuliana aged 33)

# O Homem do Corpo Fechado (Schubert Magalhães, Brazil, 1973) (featuring Esther Mellinger as Dinorah aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Roberto Bonfim, Angelito Mello, Milton Ribeiro, Lorival Pariz, Jorge Karan, Ruy Polanah, Emmanuel Cavalcanti, Renato Andrade, Antônio Araújo, Alvaro Cordeiro, Jota D'Ângelo and Ivan De Souza

Esther Mellinger in O Homem do Corpo Fechado

A skinny-dip scene from a minor Brazilian western, clichéd but still a very good example. Esther looks idyllically dusky and youthful as she steps out of the water, and she gets plenty of sand stuck to her bottom which is exactly where the stuff ought to be.

Details of the storyline are a little hazy, but Esther definitely 'eloped' with her young cowboy to get here, so there's an extra sense of freedom and illicit spice to the lovemaking. Chummy is a bit of an odd case by the way; he tends to associate killing something/someone with hanky-panky. Pouncing on Esther while she's plucking a pigeon he's just shot for instance. Right before Esther went swimming he'd sent a blood-sodden bad guy floating down the river with a contemptuous flick of his foot. Not my idea of an entrée to a romantic scene so I've substituted something more comfortably generic.

Tags: outdoor, petting, skinny-dip, swimming


O Homem do Corpo Fechado O Homem do Corpo Fechado O Homem do Corpo Fechado O Homem do Corpo Fechado O Homem do Corpo Fechado

O Grito (Walter Avancini, Brazil, 1975) (aged 37)

Os Gigantes (Régis Cardoso, Brazil, 1979) (aged 41)

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