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Vera Glagoleva

A review and pictures of actress Vera Glagoleva naked in "Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana".
Vera Glagoleva

Born: 1956   Country: Soviet Union

Willowy Russian blonde romantic comedy star whose charm and beauty was only slightly marred by a tendency to act a little wet.

Vera's stills gallery

Vera in On Thursday and Never Again
On Thursday and Never Again (1977)
Vera in On Thursday and Never Again
On Thursday and Never Again (1977)
Vera in To Marry a Captain
To Marry a Captain (1985)
Vera in To Marry a Captain
To Marry a Captain (1985)
Vera in About You
About You (1985)
Vera in About You
About You (1985)
Vera in About You
About You (1985)


Takaya korotkaya dolgaya zhizn (Soviet Union)

Samozvantsy (Russia)

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Zal ozhidaniya (Russia) (as Masha)

Zhenshchina zhelayet znat (Russia)

Dni i gody Nikolaya Batygina (Soviet Union)

Na kray sveta (Rodion Nahapetov, Soviet Union, 1975) (aged 19)

V chetverg i bolshe nikogda (Anatoli Efros, Soviet Union, 1977) (as Varya aged 21)

Vragi (Rodion Nahapetov, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Nadya aged 22)

Podozritelnyy (Mihail Badiceanu, Soviet Union, 1979) (aged 23)

Ne strelyayte v belykh lebedey (Rodion Nahapetov, Soviet Union, 1980) (as Nonna Yurievna aged 24)

Zvezdopad (Igor Talankin, Soviet Union, 1981) (as Zhenka aged 25)

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Prosti nas, pervaya lyubov (Mikhail Yakzhen, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 28)

Voskresnyy papa (Naum Birman, Soviet Union, 1985) (aged 29)

Iskrenne vash (Alla Surikova, Soviet Union, 1985) (as Katya aged 29)

# Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana (Vitaliy Melnikov, Soviet Union, 1988) (featuring Vera Glagoleva as Lena Zhuravlyova aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Viktor Proskurin, Vera Vasileva, Nikolay Rybnikov, Yuriy Demich, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Fyodor Odinokov, Tatyana Rudina and Valentina Berezutskaya

Vera Glagoleva in Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana

Vera is a sort of Russian equivalent of Mireille Darc; a blonde with such an enticingly innocent aura even her tendency to comic eccentricity isn't quite the turn-off it ought to be. There's an irresistible temptation to keep watching her films until you find one where she gets her baps out. Hence this typically wistful Russian romantic comedy.

Our hero is a balding army Captain, not exactly past it, but no doubt he feels his chances of romance have all but slipped away by now. Enter scatty photojournalist Vera, in a bathrobe, showing off the bruises on her thighs. I couldn't follow the dialogue but attention seeker that she is I bet she was claiming to have got them fighting Chuck Norris. But can any man honestly say he would have booted this pest out of his life right there and then?

The Captain takes Vera out for a drive in his pride and joy (a GAZ Pobeda!), stopping by a lake. He has brought his bathing trunks, but predictably Vera hasn't planned so far ahead - not even to the extent of learning to swim! I thought our man handled the embarrassing situation in a tolerably chivalrous way, but marks knocked off for the sneaky look over the shoulder disguised as an attempt at the backstroke.

Tags: bashful, outdoor, skinny-dip, swimming


Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana Vyyti zamuzh za kapitana

O tebe (Rodion Nahapetov, Soviet Union, 1985) (as The singing girl aged 29)

Soshedshie s nebes (Natalya Troshchenko, Soviet Union, 1986) (as Masha aged 30)

Snaypery (Bolotbek Shamshiyev, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 31)

Bez solntsa (Yuli Karasik, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 31)

Zontik dlya novobrachnykh (Rodion Nahapetov, Soviet Union, 1987) (as Zoya aged 31)

Eti... tri vernye karty (Aleksandr Orlov, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 32)

Esperanza (Sergio Olhovich, Soviet Union, 1988) (aged 32)

Sofya Petrovna (Arkadi Sirenko, Soviet Union, 1989) (as Natasha Frolenko aged 33)

Ono (Sergei Ovcharov, Soviet Union, 1990) (as Pfeyfersha aged 34)

Korotkaya igra (Akim Salbiyev, Soviet Union, 1990) (as Nadya aged 34)

Slomannyy svet (Vera Glagoleva, Russia, 1991) (as Olga aged 35)

Ustritsy iz Lozanny (Vladimir Shamshurin, Russia, 1992) (aged 36)

Ispolnitel prigovora (Vladimir Shamshurin, Russia, 1992) (aged 36)

Nich pytan (Tetyana Mahar, Ukraine, 1993) (aged 37)

Ya sama (Igor Maksimchuk, Russia, 1993) (as Nadya aged 37)

Bednaya Sasha (Tigran Keosayan, Russia, 1997) (as Sasha s Mother aged 41)

Tango na dva golosa (Konstantin Khudyakov, Russia, 2000) (as Rina aged 44)

Zhenshchin obizhat ne rekomenduyetsya (Valeri Akhadov, Russia, 2000) (as Vera aged 44)

Posledniy geroy S03E03: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 3-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E08: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 8-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E05: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 5-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E11: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 11-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E01: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 1-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E04: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 4-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E09: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 9-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E07: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 7-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Naslednitsy (Russia, 2001) (as Vera aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E06: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 6-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E12: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 12-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E10: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 10-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Posledniy geroy S03E02: Posledniy geroy-3: Vse zvyozdy. 2-ya seriya (2001) (aged 45)

Zakaz (Vera Glagoleva, Russia, 2005) (aged 49)

Odna voyna (Vera Glagoleva, Russia, 2009) (aged 53)

Sluchaynye znakomye (Russia, 2013) (aged 57)

Mesyats v derevne (Vera Glagoleva, Russia, 2014) (aged 58)

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