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Yelena Stepanova

A review and pictures of actress Yelena Stepanova naked in "Myshelovka".
Yelena Stepanova

Born: 1960   Country: Poland

A solidly attractive theatre and film actress born in Poland but working in the Soviet Union.


Kafedra (Ivan Kiasashvili, Soviet Union, 1982) (as Mayka Dudarova aged 22)

Molodye lyudi (Konstantin Khudyakov, Soviet Union, 1983) (as Zina aged 23)

Retsept yeyo molodosti (Evgeniy Ginzburg, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 23)

I prekrasnyy mig pobedy (Vyacheslav Vinnik, Soviet Union, 1984) (aged 24)

Tikhaya zastava (Vasile Pascaru, Soviet Union, 1986) (aged 26)

Diktatura sovesti (Mark Zakharov, Soviet Union, 1988) (as Natasha s Classmate aged 28)

Kogda mne budet 54 goda (Sergei Linkov, Soviet Union, 1989) (as Natasha aged 29)

# Myshelovka (Samson Samsonov, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring Yelena Stepanova as Miss Casewell aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elena Popova, Evgeniy Paramonov, Vladimir Soshalsky, Yelena Stepanenko, Nikita Vysotskiy, Boris Khimichev and Anton Kurepov

Yelena Stepanova in Myshelovka

From a strange late Soviet adaptation of Agatha Christie's play The Mousetrap. Yelena plays an androgynous young guest at a snowbound country house.

Yelena's decision to take a shower is rather sudden. She's a hefty young woman and hard to recognise as she enters the bathroom with her hair out of shape. Just as we're wondering if Eddie Izzard might be playing a cameo she drops her bathrobe to the ground. Thus putting our doubts to rest, but as I said it is rather sudden. I hope she'll give us more warning if she needs to take a dump.

Notice the regulation voyeur at the inspection panel (or whatever it is). Luckily Yelena knows how to deal with his sort in no-nonsense fashion. She reminds me of the school shot-putter in Vrat se do hrobu!. I like to think she would have punched through the glass only she knows it would be dangerous where people will be walking in their bare feet.

Tags: disrobing, full-frontal, shower, voyeur


Myshelovka Myshelovka Myshelovka Myshelovka Myshelovka

Taksi-blyuz (Pavel Lungin, Soviet Union, 1990) (as Smart Young Girl aged 30)

Prizrak doma moego (Pavel Lyubimov, Russia, 1994) (aged 34)

Dom (Leonid Kvinikhidze, Russia, 1995) (aged 35)

Terror lyubovyu (Roman Prosvirnin, Russia, 2009) (aged 49)

Neadekvatnye lyudi (Roman Karimov, Russia, 2011) (as Extra aged 51)

Pozdnie tsvety (Igor Kechaev, Russia, 2014) (as Olga Petrovna Kuznetsova aged 54)

The Money: S01E01 (Egor Anashkin, 2016) (aged 56)

Miroporyadok-2018 (Darya Bylinushkina, Russia, 2018) (aged 58)

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