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Dorothee Wider

A review and pictures of actress Dorothee Wider naked in "Playa azul".
Dorothee Wider

Very typical 'eighties blonde starlet with a minimal screen career.


# Playa azul (Jaime Jesús Balcázar, Spain, 1983) (featuring Dorothee Wider as Elke) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Carmen Serret, Juanita Brown, Bord Theed, José Febles, Helga Liné, Joseph Randall, Antonio Molino Rojo, Jürgen Pruschanski, Steve Young, Julia Caballero, Angelino Fons and Marisa Gracia

Dorothee Wider in Playa azul

Sulky teenager Dorothee is on holiday with her ghastly mother Helga Liné, who chose the post-apocalyptic volcanic wasteland of Lanzarote as the most likely place to get a shag. Perhaps by claiming to be the last woman on earth or something. Actually I'm not certain they're mother and daughter; you can pretend they're predatory older lesbian and breathless young ingénue if you like. It makes the scene where Helga paws the girl on the bed a little better at least. Anyway, Dorothee heads directly to the nearest beach bar, 'tanks up', and walks into the sea.

Which ought to have been the end of it, but we've got to have our soft porn film somehow, so up she washes comatose on a lonely rocky island. Where thrillingly she is rescued by its sole inhabitants: a dog, and its clean-limbed and youthful owner. Will Dorothee have her holiday romance after all? The two young people are soon happily partaking in various carefree minimal-IQ activities (fishing, making shark-tooth necklaces, playing the ukulele etc.) in keeping with their humble status as beachcombers and dwellers-in-caves.

At first Dorothee remembers to affect at least a token degree of modesty when it comes to nakedness. 'Turn around' she tells the blandly ogling Crusoe-aspirant as she puts on her frock, and indeed he does so, even remembering to say he's sorry. But soon the shyness melts away and the pair are frolicking starkers in the surf, splashing each other (totally redundantly, but isn't it always?) as the Atlantic breakers crash around them. And yes, the innocents get round to making love as well, but in a wholesome fashion naturally. (Dorothee thinks you can't get pregnant if you walk off into the sunset afterwards.)

Tags: animal, beach, dressing, full-frontal, outdoor, sex, skinny-dip


Playa azul Playa azul Playa azul Playa azul Playa azul

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