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Me Me Lai

Reviews and pictures of actress Me Me Lai naked in "Au Pair Girls" and "Ultimo mondo cannibale".
Me Me Lai

Born: 1952   Country: Burma

A fairly undistinguished starlet who was called in whenever someone of vaguely oriental heritage was needed, usually to be beaten and abused.

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The Golden Shot: S02E83 (UK, 1970) (as Self - Guest Golden Girl aged 18)

Paul Temple: S02E11 Murder in Munich: Part 1 (Michael Ferguson, 1970) (as Masseuse aged 18)

Hine: S01E08 The Little White Lady (Henri Safran, 1971) (as Miss Mini aged 19)

Jason King: S01E09 All That Glisters...: Part 1 (Cyril Frankel, 1971) (as Xanthe aged 19)

Jason King: S01E10 All That Glisters...: Part 2 (Cyril Frankel, 1971) (as Xanthe aged 19)

Crucible of Terror (Ted Hooker, UK, 1971) (as Chi-San aged 19)

Il paese del sesso selvaggio (Umberto Lenzi, Italy, 1972) (as Marayå aged 20)

# Au Pair Girls (Val Guest, UK, 1973) (featuring Me Me Lai as Nan Lee aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Gabrielle Drake, Astrid Frank, Johnny Briggs, Nancie Wait, Joyce Heron, Daphne Anderson, Geoffrey Bayldon, Roger Avon, Rosalie Crutchley, Harold Bennett, Julian Barnes and John Le Mesurier

Me Me Lai in Au Pair Girls

Me Me has just landed in England and is chauffeured off to her first job as an au pair in this relatively straight-laced sex comedy. She is ushered into a cobwebbed gothic pile and introduced to the genius pianist and badly arrested-in-development young son of the house to whom she is to be companion and playmate. This is not a valid duty of an au pair by the way, worth pointing out before anyone gets into trouble with the agency, or even the immigration people.

The dusky Oriental maid gets on remarkably well with the shy English lad, despite a few comical misunderstandings due to cultural differences. (Foreign girls: if a boy tries to 'loop the loop' you on a garden swing it's just his way of saying he fancies you, so screaming is just plain rude.)

Me Me, hard though it is to admit to herself, is feeling love-struck. Her evenings are an aching void that no amount of listening to recitals on a concert grand can fill. So she takes the initiative, knocking on the lad's bedroom door in a nightdress so inappropriately see-thru that at first you don't even notice. Shedding this so-called 'garment' she resumes the game the pair had been practising in the summer house that afternoon, and plays it to the full just this once. It's a sad way to end, but poor Me Me couldn't quite face up to the boy's plan for tomorrow...

Tags: disrobing, full-frontal, see-thru


Au Pair Girls Au Pair Girls Au Pair Girls Au Pair Girls Au Pair Girls

She'll Follow You Anywhere (David C. Rea, UK, 1973) (as Bride aged 21)

# Ultimo mondo cannibale (Ruggero Deodato, Italy, 1977) (featuring Me Me Lai as Pulan aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Massimo Foschi, Ivan Rassimov, Sheik Razak Shikur, Judy Rosly, Suleiman and Shamsi

Me Me Lai in Ultimo mondo cannibale

The average standard of cannibal films is, if we're honest, pretty low. Sometimes I even catch myself thinking that if I don't find a good one soon I'm going to give up watching them altogether. Happily this first of Deodato's efforts is that film. After a slow start parts of it are magnificent, as lost-in-the-jungle oil prospector Massimo Foschi slowly regresses from civilisation back to the mean (pun intended).

Disappointingly the cannibals are almost exclusively male, Me Me being the notable exception. Today our hero, under the malign influence of his surroundings, and in the middle of an especially bad day, is testing the theory that women would be less sullenly uncooperative if they were kept on leashes when they're not being beaten and raped. Ugh! Ugh! BIFF!! result!

When our man wakes from his debauch he finds Me Me has prepared him a delicious meal. And she's prioritised this over repairing her loincloth and will be full-frontal for the foreseeable future. It's just about the most romantic thing I've ever seen. Maybe the sexual politics wouldn't pass muster nowadays, but the idea of eating nothing but creepy-crawlies certainly would. You just have to learn the technique for spitting out the bits that stick in your teeth.

Later on the filmic device of accompanying mouth-watering banquets with florid musical scores will bite back on the viewer. For we are near the end of our party's long struggle through the jungle with cannibals in pursuit, and alas Me Me has not made it. This is her big death scene. A classic which speaks for itself.

Tags: beaten, bodyhandling, carried, cavegirl, chased, corpse, fear, full-frontal, jungle, muddy, music, rape, running, scarred, stripped, violence

Clip 1

Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale

Clip 2

Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale Ultimo mondo cannibale

Revenge of the Pink Panther (Blake Edwards, UK, 1978) (as Chinese Lady of Easy Virtue aged 26)

Licensed to Love and Kill (Lindsay Shonteff, UK, 1979) (as Female Madam Wang aged 27)

Mangiati vivi! (Umberto Lenzi, Italy, 1980) (as Mowara aged 28)

Spearhead: S03E03 Another Happy Day (James Ormerod, UK, 1981) (as Mimi aged 29)

Spearhead: S03E02 Have a Happy Day (James Ormerod, UK, 1981) (as Mimi aged 29)

On the Line: S01E04 (1982) (as Interpreter aged 30)

The Optimist: S01E04 Healthy Body, Unhealthy Mind (Peter Ellis, 1983) (as Karate Girl aged 31)

Forbrydelsens element (Lars von Trier, Denmark, 1984) (as Kim aged 32)

Ennenstadt Europa - Om Lars von Trier og 'Forbrydelsens element' (Kris Kolodziejski, Denmark, 1984) (as Self - Actress aged 32)

Eaten Alive! The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film (Calum Waddell, USA, 2015) (aged 63)

The Man with My Name (Simon O'Neill, Ireland, 2017) (as Self aged 65)

Me Me Lai Bites Back (Naomi Holwill, USA, 2018) (as Self aged 66)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Me - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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