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Jessica Dublin

A review and pictures of actress Jessica Dublin naked in "Ta paidia tou Diavolou".
Jessica Dublin

Born: 1918   Country: United States

A glamorous actress, a generation older than the norm, who brought some colour to some of the lowest kind of cinematic trash, mostly Italian.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Jessica - click here for more of her pics & clips!


La caduta degli dei (Götterdämmerung) (Luchino Visconti, Italy, 1969) (aged 51)

Fellini Satyricon (Federico Fellini, Italy, 1969) (aged 51)

Fragment of Fear (Richard C. Sarafian, UK, 1970) (aged 52)

Scacco alla mafia (Warren Kiefer, Italy, 1970) (aged 52)

Cerca di capirmi (Mariano Laurenti, Italy, 1970) (aged 52)

FBI - Francesco Bertolazzi investigatore S01E04: Notte americana (Ugo Tognazzi, 1970) (as Norma Blake aged 52)

The Last Rebel (Denys McCoy, USA, 1971) (as Ruby Pearl s partner aged 53)

Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (Enzo Barboni, Italy, 1971) (as Farrah the Mother aged 53)

Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile (Roberto Bianchi Montero, Italy, 1972) (as Rossella aged 54)

Manhunt in Milan (Fernando Di Leo, Italy, 1972) (as Miss Kenneth aged 54)

Paolo il caldo (Marco Vicario, Italy, 1973) (aged 55)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Io e lui (Luciano Salce, Italy, 1973) (as Trotti s Wife aged 55)

Il sesso della strega (Angelo Pannacciò, Italy, 1973) (as Evelyn Hilton aged 55)

Psyhi kai sarka (Erricos Andreou, Greece, 1974) (aged 56)

The Devil's Men (Kostas Karagiannis, UK, 1976) (as Mrs Zagros aged 58)

Death Has Blue Eyes (Nico Mastorakis, Greece, 1976) (as Geraldine Steinwetz aged 58)

Erotika zevgaria (Pavlos Parashakis, Greece, 1976) (aged 58)

To agistri (Erricos Andreou, Greece, 1976) (as Blonde Lady Friend Of Kostas aged 58)

Zo gia ton erota (Omiros Efstratiadis, Greece, 1976) (aged 58)

# Ta paidia tou Diavolou (Nico Mastorakis, Greece, 1977) (featuring Jessica Dublin as Patricia aged 59) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Jane Lyle, Jannice McConnell, Robert Behling, Gerard Gonalons, Ray Richardson, Marios Tartas, Efi Bani, Clay Half, Jeremy Rousseau, Elizabeth Spader, Nikos Tsachiridis and Mike Murtagh

Jessica Dublin in Ta paidia tou Diavolou

A voyeuristic English couple are raising hell on a quiet Greek holiday island. Jessica, an older lady craving attention from a younger man, falls victim to them. From an aptly categorised video nasty.

Tags: bath, beaten, degradation, soapsuds


Ta paidia tou Diavolou Ta paidia tou Diavolou Ta paidia tou Diavolou Ta paidia tou Diavolou

Passi di morte perduti nel buio (Maurizio Pradeaux, Italy, 1977) (aged 59)

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Griechische Feigen (Sigi Rothemund, West Germany, 1977) (aged 59)

To hamogelo tis Pythias (Greece, 1979) (aged 61)

Turi e i Paladini (Angelo D'Alessandro, Italy, 1979) (as Americana aged 61)

The Savage Hunt (Romano Scavolini, USA, 1980) (as Hotel Manager aged 62)

The Electric Chair (Mark Eisenstein, USA, 1985) (as Mother aged 67)

Troma's War (USA, 1988) (as Dottie aged 70)

Rejuvenatrix (Brian Thomas Jones, USA, 1988) (as Ruth Warren aged 70)

Escape from Safehaven (USA, 1989) (aged 71)

The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (USA, 1989) (as Mrs Junko aged 71)

The Toxic Avenger Part II (USA, 1989) (as Mrs Junko aged 71)

Voodoo Dolls (Andrée Pelletier, Canada, 1991) (as Blanche Trousdale aged 73)

The Adventures of Pete & Pete S02E08: X=WHY (Katherine Dieckmann, 1994) (as Bingo Lady aged 76)

The Tromaville Café (USA, 1997) (as Crazy Lady aged 79)

The Hotel Manor Inn (Wayne Chesler, USA, 1997) (aged 79)

Aphrodisiac (Madeline Schwartzman, USA, 1998) (as Mrs Adler aged 80)

Somewhere in the City (Ramin Niami, USA, 1998) (aged 80)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

A Clown in Babylon (Nick Taylor, USA, 1999) (as Mother aged 81)

God Is on Their Side (Mark Eisenstein, USA, 2002) (as Rabbi s Wife aged 84)

Meet the Pitts (Nick Taylor, USA, 2004) (as Mother aged 86)

King Kaufman: The Passion of Lloyd (Shauna Jaeger, Canada, 2008) (as Herself aged 90)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Jessica - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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