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Marina Kuschel

A review and pictures of actress Marina Kuschel naked in "Die Julia von nebenan".
Marina Kuschel

Born: 1958   Country: East Germany

A fresh-faced starlet, one of those who after just a couple of appearances realise there are better things she could be doing with her life.


# Die Julia von nebenan (Rainer Bär, East Germany, 1977) (featuring Marina Kuschel as Helga aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marina Krogull, Juraj Durdiak, Annegret Siegmund, Werner Tietze, Annekathrin Bürger, Günter Wolf, Harald Halgardt, Egon Geißler, Luise Lunow, Swetlana Schönfeld, Erich Haußmann and Michael Pan

Marina Kuschel in Die Julia von nebenan

Elegant telly-drama about the trials of being a callow youth trying to bring a pretty girl home with you for the first time. That's on top of the trials from the standard dysfunctional family and shabby tenement flat. A Frenchman might have one of those notoriously nosy concierges to deal with, but in East Germany you get a neighbour like Marina. The slightest hint of a knock at the door and she's insinuating herself across the hallway and attempting to make herself a permanent fixture upon your sofa. Politely explaining you already have a girlfriend and anyway would rather be alone can become a bit of a drag. In the workers' paradise she probably came with the lease.

One evening Marina seizes her chance. Young chappy, unlucky in love, staggers back to the flat drunk and alone, vomiting himself to sleep. Marina peels off her tee-shirt and pounces. Which is of course just fine, but only up until the moment his real girlfriend (Marina Krogull) arrives. But don't worry they make it up in the end, jumping naked together into the municipal baths in that wholesome East German fashion.

Tags: dressing, interrupted, seductress, sex, undressing


Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan Die Julia von nebenan

Addio, piccola mia (Lothar Warneke, East Germany, 1979) (aged 21)

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