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Juliet Berto

A review and pictures of actress Juliet Berto naked in "Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris".
Juliet Berto

Born: 1947   Country: France

Pretty and slightly built French actress popular with new-wavers such as Godard and Rivette.

Juliet Berto (16 January 1947 – 10 January 1990) was a French actress, director and screenwriter. A member of the same loose group of student radicals as Anne Wiazemsky, she first appeared in Jean-Luc Godard's Two or Three Things I Know About Her, and would go on to appear in many of Godard's subsequent films, including La Chinoise, Week End, Le Gai Savoir, and Vladimir et Rosa. She later became a muse for the French New Wave director Jacques Rivette, starring in Out 1 and Celine and Julie Go Boating. In the 1980s she also became a screenwriter and film director. Her film Cap Canaille (1983) was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival. In 1987, she was a member of the jury at the 37th Berlin International Film Festival. She died of cancer.  snippet from Wikipedia

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Two or Three Things I Know About Her... (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) (as Girl talking to Robert aged 20)

Homeo (Etienne O'Leary, France, 1967) (aged 20)

La Chinoise (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) (as Yvonne aged 20)

Juliet dans Paris (II) (Claude Miller, France, 1967) (aged 20)

Week End (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) (aged 20)

Juliet dans Paris (I) (Claude Miller, France, 1967) (aged 20)

Les compagnons de Baal S01E05: La Nuit du huit de trèfle (Pierre Prévert, France, 1968) (aged 21)

Détruisez-vous (Serge Bard, France, 1969) (aged 22)

Slogan (Pierre Grimblat, France, 1969) (as L assistante de Serge aged 22)

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Wheel of Ashes (Peter Emmanuel Goldman, USA, 1969) (aged 22)

Le gai savoir (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1969) (as Patricia Lumumba aged 22)

Un été sauvage (Marcel Camus, Italy, 1970) (as Sylvie aged 23)

L'escadron Volapük (René Gilson, France, 1970) (as Marguerite la serveuse aged 23)

Camarades (Marin Karmitz, France, 1970) (as Juliette aged 23)

Une si simple histoire (Abdellatif Ben Ammar, Tunisia, 1970) (aged 23)

Prière pour Éléna (Abder Isker, France, 1971) (as Clémentine aged 24)

Camille ou La comédie catastrophique (Claude Miller, France, 1971) (as Camille aged 24)

Out 1, noli me tangere (France, 1971) (as Frédérique aged 24)

Ciné-girl (Francis Leroi, France, 1971) (as Régine aged 24)

L'araignée d'eau (Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe, France, 1971) (aged 24)

Vladimir et Rosa (France, 1971) (as Juliet aged 24)

La cavale (Michel Mitrani, France, 1971) (as Annick Damien aged 24)

Schick After Shave (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1971) (as La femme aged 24)

Les petits enfants d'Attila (Jean-Pierre Bastid, France, 1972) (aged 25)

The Hell Below (Robert Enrico, France, 1972) (as Célia Murelli aged 25)

Je, tu, elles... (Peter Foldes, France, 1972) (aged 25)

François Gaillard S01E08: Madeleine (Jacques Ertaud, 1972) (as Madeleine Dirol aged 25)

Sex-shop (Claude Berri, France, 1972) (as Isabelle aged 25)

Défense de savoir (Nadine Trintignant, France, 1973) (as Juliette Cristiani aged 26)

Le retour d'Afrique (Alain Tanner, Switzerland, 1973) (as Juliet la postière aged 26)

Erica Minor (Bertrand Van Effenterre, Switzerland, 1974) (as Claude aged 27)

Le protecteur (Roger Hanin, Spain, 1974) (as Nathalie Malakian aged 27)

Histoires insolites S01E06: Parcelle brillante (Christian de Chalonge, 1974) (as La jeune femme aged 27)

# Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris (Jacques Rivette, France, 1974) (featuring Juliet Berto as Celine aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Dominique Labourier, Bulle Ogier, Marie-France Pisier, Barbet Schroeder, Nathalie Asnar, Marie-Thérèse Saussure, Philippe Clévenot, Anne Zamire, Jean Douchet, Adèle Taffetas, Monique Clément and Jérôme Richard

Juliet Berto in Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris

'Celine and Julie Go Boating' is the literal translation of the title, though 'Two French Bints Go Soft in the Head' is closer to the spirit of Jacques Rivette's excessively long and inexplicably popular piece of Rohmerian whimsy. In this clip Juliet takes a shower in her friend's flat, unselfconsciously adopting various poses and facial expressions as she does so.

Tags: shower


Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris Céline et Julie vont en bateau: Phantom Ladies Over Paris

Out 1: Spectre (Jacques Rivette, France, 1974) (as Frederique aged 27)

Le milieu du monde (Alain Tanner, France, 1974) (as Juliette aged 27)

Summer Run (Leon Capetanos, USA, 1974) (aged 27)

Claro (Glauber Rocha, Italy, 1975) (aged 28)

Le mâle du siècle (Claude Berri, France, 1975) (as Isabelle aged 28)

Duelle (une quarantaine) (Jacques Rivette, France, 1976) (as Leni aged 29)

Mr. Klein (Joseph Losey, France, 1976) (as Jeanine aged 29)

El cine soy yo (Luis Armando Roche, Venezuela, 1977) (aged 30)

L'argent des autres (Christian de Chalonge, France, 1978) (as Arlette Rivière aged 31)

Les héritiers S00E00: Le quincailler de Meaux (Pierre Lary, 1978) (as Nathalie aged 31)

Madame le juge S01E03: Un innocent (Nadine Trintignant, 1978) (as Monique aged 31)

Bastien, Bastienne (Michel Andrieu, France, 1979) (as Catherine aged 32)

Destins parallèles (Jean-Yves Carrée, France, 1979) (aged 32)

Roberte (Pierre Zucca, France, 1979) (as Petit F aged 32)

Guns (Robert Kramer, France, 1980) (as Margot aged 33)

Mona und Marilyn (Sven Severin, West Germany, 1980) (aged 33)

Sois belle et tais-toi (Delphine Seyrig, France, 1981) (as Herself aged 34)

Ciné regards S00E00: Episode dated 30 May 1981 (1981) (as Herself aged 34)

Mur murs (Agnès Varda, France, 1981) (as La visiteuse aged 34)

Conversa Acabada (João Botelho, Portugal, 1981) (as Helena aged 34)

Caméra une première S00E00: L'étouffe grand-mère (Jean-Pierre Bastid, France, 1981) (as Carole aged 34)

Neige (France, 1981) (as Anita aged 34)

Portrait de Jean-Louis Trintignant (Pierre Laforêt, France, 1982) (as Herself aged 35)

Cap Canaille (France, 1983) (as Paula Baretto aged 36)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Le cimetière des voitures (Fernando Arrabal, France, 1983) (as Dila aged 36)

Cinématon (Gérard Courant, France, 1984) (aged 37)

Adolescente, sucre d'amour (Jocelyn Saab, Lebanon, 1985) (as Juliette aged 38)

La vie de famille (Jacques Doillon, France, 1985) (as Mara aged 38)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Havre (Juliet Berto, France, 1986) (aged 39)

Hôtel du Paradis (Jana Bokova, France, 1986) (aged 39)

L'heure Simenon S01E01: Le temps d'Anaïs (France, 1987) (as Fernande aged 40)

Papillon du vertige (Jean-Yves Carrée, France, 1987) (aged 40)

Un amour à Paris (Merzak Allouache, France, 1987) (as Mona aged 40)

Haute sécurité (Jean-Pierre Bastid, France, 1988) (as Fabienne aged 41)

Damia - Concert en velours noir (Juliet Berto, France, 1989) (as Herself aged 42)

Les ministères de l'art (Philippe Garrel, France, 1989) (aged 42)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Juliet - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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